6060 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Regardless of being religious or not, spiritual or genuinely scientific, all of us experience things and phenomena that we are unable to explain.

Sometimes bad, sometimes good things happen to us.

Of course, much of what we experience, in fact, almost all of it, is simply the consequence of our own doing.

However, there are times we feel as we were guided by some other, higher forces. Today we explore the world of angels, namely, guardian angels. Belief in good, heavenly spirits is widespread around the world.

Angelic beings and spirits similar to angels we find in Abrahamic religions are present in various other belief systems.

Angels are present in beliefs that are not related to religious paths as well. For example, we could talk about angelic reiki, angelic numerology and else. Belief in guardian angels is a comforting thought, regardless of how you imagine angelic entities.

Some people think of those as pure manifestation of cosmic energies on an abstract level, others think of them as entities that could use material form if they like.

It is commonly believed angels were ethereal spirits that could choose any shape they like, in order to achieve their purposes.

Nature of Angels

Angels are believed to be good and pure. We often use the term ‘angel’ or ‘angelic’ in order to describe something that is innocent, pure, beautiful, something that reminds us of what we imagine being divine.

Someone’s pleasing voice could be described as ‘angelic’, someone’s gentle, elegant and beautiful appearance, as well.

People whom we consider good, caring, philanthropic, kind, merciful and loving, selfless are often referred to as ‘angelic’. One might ask here if all angels are good.

Well, those we think of are believed to be good and to follow and serve the deity that is considered ultimately good.

However, things get interesting if we think of angelic free will.

Many people tell angels do not have free will, since their mission is, indeed, to do the work of heavens, of God. They do serve the deity, but they have chosen to do so.

Their free choice is what makes their divine work meaningful and more beautiful.

Angels have never been forced to do so, to care about us, watch over our destinies, support, and guide us.

They breed pure love within their angelic hearts, to speak figuratively, but that is a conscious love.

There were angels who decided they want to pursue another path and they are referred as fallen angels, as they have strayed from the path of God.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are God’s angels who care about individual human beings. They are not an angelic order, but simply angels who have a mission of guiding a particular human being.

It is believed each person has guardian angels, although not all interpretations agree on that.

However, that is the most common belief, so we take it as our starting point. Guardian angels care about you and guide you throughout your life journey.

Most of the time, we are unaware of angelic presence. They do not act directly, but through specifically chosen channels and mediums. One of these are angel numbers.

As numbers resonate with energies of universe, thus in nature very close to angels and powerful, angels choose them as perfect ‘material’ for divine messages.

Each number has special vibration and specific meaning.

Guardian angels would always choose them in order to help us. You would recognize an angel number by its repetitive appearance.

Those numbers look as any other ones, but they are repeating themselves in various occasions.

If you start seeing the same number in various places, over a period, it is very likely an angelic message.

Let us find out the meaning behind a specific one, angel number 6060.

Angel Number 6060 – Interesting Information

Angel number 6060 is a complex one and your guardians have perfect reasons to send you this number.

What you need to know is that angelic messages, despite of how odd it sometimes seems to see one number all over the place, ultimately positive and well intended. Angels want to send you love, support and guidance.

No angelic message is meant to harm you. Even if you miss it out and fail to understand it, it is not harmful per se.

Now that we know this, let us see some interesting information about 6060.

This angel number consists of digits 6 and 0.

Zero works as an amplifier of the vibration of numbers it stands along, while it also represent eternity, infinity, alpha and omega, beginning and the endings, the circle of life, emptiness and fullness.

Six is the number of harmony, peace, care, nurture, diplomacy, tolerance, family values and protection.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 6060 sends a message of the importance of family value and good relations.

This angel number comes as a reminder of these values.

It wants you to focus on your family and relationships you have with people. It happens we take such things for granted and neglecting such bonds.

This is a message that wants to make you re-think these things. Your loved ones need your love, support and protection.

On the other hand, it might be you craving for their love and support, but, for some reason, you refuse to ask for it. Think about it.

Maybe your loved ones cannot reach you, because you do not allow them. This is a message of responsibility, teaching, simplicity and reliability.

Do not be afraid to rely on others and be there for others. This is a message of mature connections, relationships and peace.

Angel number 6060 is about protection, justice and firmness. It inspires one to fight for justice, to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

Angel number 6060 inspires you to stand for those weak and mistreated.

It inspires altruism and values of humanitarianism in a person. It inspires your most humane nature.

This angel number emphasizes the importance of support, mercy, protection and honesty.

Number 6060 in Love

The same applies to love life. You should think about the needs of your partner, emotional needs, in the first place. Be kind and understanding towards them.

People, even if in a long relationship, sometimes still kind of keep to themselves, being afraid of losing their personal integrity or becoming emotionally dependent of another one.

Well, such thinking is what actually leads towards the outcome you want to avoid.

Let your partner be your comforting shoulder and support. Be the same for them.

This angel number emphasizes the importance of family love, in the first place.

It speaks about the strength of unity, of sharing, of mutual support. It inspires the joys of parenthood, domestic love, harmony in love and family life. It definitely brings in good vibrations, especially in terms of the domestic realm.

Facts About Number 6060

Angel number 6060 also resonates with energies of number 3, as the sum of digits is 12 and 1 and 2 sum up as 3.

Number 3 is a number of youth, inspiration liberty, creativity, imagination and adventurous spirit.

This number’s vibration would help you keep up your individuality and uniqueness, while at the same time, finding the place you belong to, namely, your family.

It is also about accepting your loved ones as they are and vice versa.


Angel number 6060 inspires the humane in a person. It is about being kind, loving and understanding.

It is also about being yourself and not being afraid to share it with your loved ones.

This angels number reminds us not to take for granted our family, our friendships, and our romantic life.

These aspects of life are something that everyone should find peace and balance within. However, things are not always as we believe they should be.

This is the reason to value what we have, to be grateful for what we have.

Guardian angels always inspire love in human hearts. They want to help us find our ways to feel it, in the first place, to express and to spread it around.

This message focuses on domestic and family love, for family should always be something that inspires positive feelings.

Family should be something to rely on and it should be one’s safe haven. Your angelic friends would make sure you realize that.