5959 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you ever thought about mysterious realms of cosmic forces? Well, even if you did not spend an eternity wandering about it, the thing has certainly passed through your mind at some point.

There are times we ask ourselves about how this universe work and if there were some other forces that influence our lives.

Some people turn to religious explanations, others are spiritual, but not necessarily religious, some are focused on pure reason and science.

There are, of course, people with very wide perspective, those who consider all these paths.

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, spiritualistic tendencies or lack of it, there certainly have been moments in your life when you felt as if some other force affects your life.

Sometimes it is a negative outcome that comes despite of all our good intentions and careful work; at other times, there are unexpectedly beautiful and positive ones that make us feel blessed.

Today we are going to talk about those good energies people think of as guardian angels. First, let us see into what or who angels are.

Angels are spiritual entities we could find in different religious and spiritual systems around the world. People usually relate them to Abrahamic religions.

Angels are believed to be powerful spirits who care about humankind, who love and serve God and do the deity’s good work.

Angels are commonly said not to have free will, since their ‘job’ is, indeed, solely to carry out God’s plan.

However, that is not true. Angels are never told not to have will of their own, in the Bible, for instance. They chose to follow God, their Creator and to the heavenly work.

We know this from the interpretation of the biblical text that considers angels’ rebellion and fall from heaven.

Guardian Angels

That story could be used as a proof of angelic free will, since it would be impossible to stray from God’s path if it were not true.

This observation is very useful in understanding nature of angels and our guardian angels.

They are good spirits that willingly serve the deity and act as divine messengers. The term ‘angel’ means exactly ‘’a messenger’.

Guardian angels come out of ranks of these good angels. Angels have hierarchy and ranks; we know, for example, of cherubim, seraphim and archangels.

Some angels are known by their names and specific offices.

Guardian angels are not a separate rank or order; the terms guardian also refers to angelic office. Guardian angels are believed to be personal guardians, as angels all care about humankind in totality.

It is not exactly clear whether each person has his or her personal guardian angel all the time, but the most widespread belief is that each individual actually has more than one guardian angel.

In addition, it is not important how religious one is or what religious path he or she follows, if any.

You could believe in guardian angels without being a part of an organized religious system.

Angelic Guidance

Guardian angels love us and care about ‘their’ individuals, but a curious thing is that they never help us directly.

Their help manifests through seemingly strange phenomena and angelic signs that could come to us as some objects, even living beings, letters, numbers, concrete symbols and more.

Angels carefully choose what to send us. They know us and they know how to help us.

Angelic support does not have to be only a help in a disastrous situation; it could be simply a message of celestial love and care.

Angels would choose whatever medium they find suitable.

The reason why they do not materialize and help us directly is that they want us to figure out things for ourselves and, thus, grow, develop our qualities, improve our flows, realize there is much of strength and goodness in our own being.

This way we learn who we are and develop positive attitude towards life.

A miraculous message from angelic realms encourages us and makes us feel loved by some higher force.

It gives us hope that we are much better than we think we are, but it does not breed arrogance, selfishness, vanity. It helps us grow pure, content and strong in the most positive way.

Our angels are always happy to see we value ourselves, people around us, life and humanity as a whole.

Angel Number 5959 – Interesting Information

Angels would often choose to send us numbers. We think and live in numbers, to say.

Angel numbers are numbers as any other numbers, since all are powerful and all resonate with specific energies.

However, when a number is intended as an angelic message, it would keep popping up all around.

It is unlikely you would miss it out, if it appears everywhere in your life. Say angels have sent you angel number 5959.

What does this complex number suggest? It contains two repeated digits, number 5 and 9.

Number 5 symbolizes individualism, personal integrity and freedom, sensuality, adventurousness, vivacity, vitality, visionary spirit, cleverness and curiosity.

It also represents values of friendship, companionship, openness and generally an optimistic view on life.

Number 9 represent karma, spiritual journey and awakening.

It stands for universal love, unconditional love, humanitarianism, selflessness, destiny and soul purpose, forgiveness, calling and duty, divine wisdom, intuitive thinking, strength of character.

Both these numbers are strong in their vibrations associated with love and passion.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 5959 carries the meaning of love on different levels.

We could say it speaks about love on a minor and a major plan, considering the types of vibrations of its constitutive numbers.

It speaks about the importance of self-love and love and care about people close to us, while, at the same time, it emphasizes the importance of nurturing a, to say, higher level of love such as philanthropic attitude, humanitarianism, love for animals, nature, love for our planet and our world.

It starts from within; each of us is magnificent but one small human being.

We could change the vibrations of the world by starting from our minor plan. We should value and love ourselves as human beings.

That way we would become open to love those around and so on.

This message is about the magical power of spreading love, without losing oneself within this positive process.

It is not about neglecting your own needs for the sake of others, but to value both.

Number 5959 in Love

Angel number 5959 is ultimately about love. As a message, it will help you open your heart to love and also to share your love with others.

This is a message that would help you realize the true power of love is divine in its essence.

Love is universal force. You should let yourself love without asking love in return. Love recognizes love; it is the most powerful attraction and binding force.

People tend to set limits, to scale their involvement in a relationship. You should never do so.

Facts About Number 5959

Angel number 5959 has a tiny piece of another type of energy.

It is the energy of number 1, as numerology calculation leads to this number, once you sum up the digits to one-digit number.

Number 1 represents ambition, success, force, energy, achievement, start, being the first, the best, being determined and self-confident.

It is essential to this message as a whole, since it is the agent that helps one maintains their personal integrity.


Angel number 5959 is a message about the power of love and of the importance of love on all aspects of human being.

It is both about self-love and that of love towards other people, including much bigger plan, love for humanity.

The power of this force is extreme and one could easily get lost in it, being too inclined towards only one of the aspects, usually the one that is directed towards others, in this particular case.

That is the reason why guardian angels have chosen exactly number 5959.

This angelic message encourages one to share and spread love, but never to do so at the cost of their own well-being. Self-sacrifice is, at times, something one would and should do.

However, it is a thing you should be deeply aware of and intuitive about. In short, you should highly respect yourself and care about your own needs, while caring about others.