6464 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angelic spirits are believed to be positive energies, ethereal beings that do the Divine work and watch over humanity.

Angels could be found in various religions, in different spiritual systems, beliefs, fairytales and folktales. They are a common motif in poetry, art and literature as a whole.

We have been fascinated by the idea of angels since long time ago.

Even if they were not specifically mentioned by that name or term, similar guiding spirits could be found in different religious and belief concepts.

We usually refer to angels as these spirits are seen in Abrahamic religions.

They are present in variety of others, such as Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, they are also found in mystical paths, such as Kabbalah. They are an artist’s inspiration and a common human’s hope.

Angels are considered created beings, the creation of the Divine Principle, usually understood as God, the Creator, the Deity.

These spirits are angels by their office, since the term actually means ‘a messenger’.

What we call angelic nature is actually what should be called spiritual nature. They are immaterial and immortal by nature, though capable of taking up whatever shape they please.

Perhaps in very old times humans have been in closer touch with these celestial spirits. An interesting take on this idea could be found in the magnificent and highly significant poem “Paradise Lost”.

The narrator claims that human could never converse with angels in such a friendly and lovely manner as they once did in Eden. A solemn, though very interesting and inspiring verse.

Heavenly Spirits

Angels are spirits of Heaven, though not all of them remained to be.

The poem we have mentioned illustrates the story of both angels’ and humans’ fall from grace, to say.

Of course, it is based on religious sources.

Why should we mention this particular part of interpretations of the Bible? It is because it could shed some light on what angels are and what is their character.

Although people commonly refer to angels as Ego-less and without any free will, a closer look on the very same religious source would prove it wrong.

We also have to say that the very interpretation of the bible, according to which an angel rebelled and fallen from heaven is questionable. However, that is the most widely accepted story.

Now, the story of the fall simply proves angels are very conscious beings with free will to choose whether they would stray from the Divine or not.

Those of the Heavenly Host remained loyal, realizing God is the ultimate goodness, while those rebellious had different ideas on what they like and what they do not like. They have lost the vain battle and fallen.

However, what is important is that they were free to do so, just as we were free to choose the same path.

Angels of god, however, are on a mission to help us restore our happiness, according to this story.

In any case, they love us, as the Divine Principle cares about us and want us to return to the path of righteousness.

Guardian Angels

Regardless of if you believe this version or have some other convictions, you are here because you want to know something about guardian angels and their guidance.

One does not have to be a part of any organized and systematized religion in order to believe in guardian angels.

In fact, guardian angels are frequently mentioned in concepts that have not much to do with any conventional religious beliefs.

In the widest perspective, they are positive, guiding energy of the universe. You could think of angels as of actual celestial entities or not; the point with angelic guidance remains the same.

Guardian angels love humanity. Guardian angels protect and guide each individual human being, according to most widespread belief.

They do not interfere directly. Guardian angels stand by your side in times of need and in times of happiness they send their blessings. However, you will not see them.

Nor will they jump in to resolve a bad situation in your name.

Angels help us indirectly, by sending us messages. Sometimes they only announce their presence through mysterious phenomena.

At other times, they send us symbolic messages we should decode and find meaning within.

Your guardians always carefully choose these symbolic messages and they apply to a concrete situation and a context. Such messages could come through different mediums and channels.

One of such channels are angel numbers. Let us see what this type of messages is about and how could it be of use.

Angel Numbers

Angel numbers are amazing, because they always carry very specific meaning. These messages are deeply symbolical and also very applicable.

You will recognize an angel number by its frequent occurrence in your life. It could be a simple number or a more complex multi-digit one.

You could see it, for example, on your cinema ticket, then on your phone, on your computer, in a book you read.

It will start popping up out of nowhere and you will see it literally everywhere. Well, if you ignore it, it would not do you any harm.

However, your angels would be the most pleased if you try to understand it. They do not actually want you to please them, but to please yourself by learning something out of it and finding divine goodness within your own being.

Angel numbers are always a positive message. Angelic guardians would never ever send something bad or negative.

The whole point of such messages is to become a better human, the better version of yourself.

It help one realize all the qualities he or she possesses. It helps us accept both our weaknesses and good sides; the first in order to improve them, the latter in order to nurture them.

Angel Number 6464 – Interesting Information

Angel number 6464 consists of number 6 and 4.

Number 6 resonates with energies of peace, harmony, balance in life, unconditional love, domestic environment, family, parenthood, protection, care, nurture, self-sacrifice, self-integrity, as well.

This number represents humanitarianism, teaching, growth, honesty, justice and problem solving skills.

Number 4 represents tradition, convention, fixed mind, seriousness, organization, responsibility, practicality, loyalty, discipline and control.

It also stands for determination, hard work, dedication, focus, realistic point of view, stability, trustworthiness, service, patience and progress.

Let us see how these two create your angelic message meaning.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 6464 is mostly associated with the importance of sticking together and family, community values.

This number should make you realize how important are bonds within family or any group you find yourself part of, though with a strong emphasis on maintaining your self-integrity and self confidence.

This is a number that puts you in the place of the one who cares, who protects, who teaches and guides.

Perhaps you are unaware of being a role model to others, especially younger ones in your environment. You are a person with qualities of a reasonable leader or, better, a guide, a tutor.

You are a responsible person, very stable, systematic and organized. The number suggest you should awaken your more gentle side, that of nurture and emotional depth.

People who take up a role of the one who protects others are brave, but they often seem to, paradoxically, shut themselves up emotionally.

Number 6464 in Love

This is exactly why angel number 6464 is important as a message in love area. It awakens your heart and soul in a different manner.

You do much for your loved ones, being essentially humanitarian, a person with need to protect those who are helpless and weaker.

You are a type of a person who would do much for higher causes, for the love and happiness of people who cannot defend themselves. However, this, in contrary, makes you lack being pampered by others.

They simply see you as someone so strong and so independent, even if you are deeply connected with others on another level.

Even your romantic partner could start thinking that you do not need much gentleness. Well, we are sure you do. Just let your soft side take up its part.

You could not save the humanity by just helping others; you will do so by opening yourself for the love of others.

Facts About Number 6464

Angel number 6464 is also interesting since it carries the energy of number 2 within. This is that element you really need to flourish.

If you sum up all the digits, you will get 20; in further digit calculation, it is 2.

Number two is like a bridge between 6 and 4 or more like the middle of the scales.

It possesses vibrations of both. It is about connections, relationships, partnership, companionship, love, sharing, kindness, gratitude, compassion, empathy, closeness.


Angel number 6464 is, as a whole, a message on stability, love, mutual understanding, care, tutorship, protection and provision.

These energies would go in both directions, from you towards others and vice versa.

This is what many caring and humanitarian people tend to forget.

While it is essentially good not to expect things in return, in terms of not doing something solely because of a potential and very conscious idea of gain, but out of pure love and goodness, one should not shut themselves for receiving things in turn.

We speak about love, compassion, grace. You will be equally strong, even stronger, once you allow others provide for you, just as you so passionately do for them.

It creates perfect balance in the aspect of relations that make a great part of one’s life.