778 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angelical beings (the light messengers) are, as some like to describe them, such autonomous creatures, and their place is not to live in this planet, they have never been here in a sense that they live side by side with us.

They are not physically present, and many of us will never be able to see them, but it does not mean that they do not exist.

And the reason is that they have never existed on earth in a physical form, but they are a part of the higher spheres of living.

Some of them are determined to lead us throughout the world, to hold us secure or to watch the center we breathe in, and some are simply intermediaries and carriers connecting human beings and higher states of consciousness (you can call it whatever you love, it can be God, it can be the Universe, it can be anything you believe in, and it does not have to do with religion).

This piece is dedicated to all those who have come in contact with the Divine energy summed up in the numerical form 778.

778 Angel Number – Interesting Information

Angel number 778 comes to your life when you lack some important things for your personal growth – it is the way Angelical beings are bringing you inspiration and are encouraging you to complete projects started in the past.

But these projects do not have to be connected to the business or something that will give a material gain, and it is everything but.

It is possible that a place for new understanding will be created in your heart – and with this message, you will be able to make this transition fast and in the easiest possible way.

Now, no one has said that this process is so smooth that it comes without any turbulence – you are going to need as much patience as possible because in the current moment there can be some toxic feelings in you.

They need to go away, not just because they are “bad”, but because you feel that you are not happy at this moment, suppressed with these emotions.

Meaning and Symbolism

The meaning that is hidden in the message that you see as 778, is, in fact, a lesson.

This is the day when you are about to learn an important lesson because, at the end of the day, you will find a way to bring harmony into a loving or spiritual relationship.

Now, as in all Angelical messages that have 7 or 8 in them, are such that they are providing you with enough energy so that you can move on when you are stuck at the moment.

This is the energy that will take over in the moments when you have a decline in energy and lack of motivation for personal progress, or at least for the effort to make your days more dedicated for a greater good.

It is ok if you have felt a fear of an uncertain future and therefore will not be able to see a rational wider picture of things.

Postpone important decisions for another day, and for now, let the Divine energy comes to you. It is the first step in information 778 from the Divine realm.

778 Angel Number in Love

Angel number 778 is in some ways, a signal of love, even one Divine technique for healing your heart and attracting the Divine love.

It will fulfill your heart – with the message 778 Angels are coming in your life, and there is no doubt.

How you will know that you are in their mercy – at the moment when you are being covered by the power of an angel, then he automatically gives help and assistance to another person in discomfort or at a turning period in life, in the middle of a complicated time of life.

Sometimes the angel of these good deeds cannot even memories that such an event occurred, but this is not relevant, the feeling is what matters, the inner touch.

Facts about 778 Angel Number

The message that you see as numerical sequence 778 is now in your life, and this is the energy that cannot be altered, and why it should be.

77 and 8 are the two vibrations that will, for sure, make you feel different in so many ways.

The vibration 77 can be seen as the double-flow of number 7 – as some like to say is the manifestation of the holiness, and it is the number connected to the holy world. Simply, it is a holy number.

You feel an indescribable wave of love for yourself and everything around you: towards humans, animals, plants and stars in the sky – everything is the creation of that world, but your task is to find the holiness in them. You see the beauty in everything that surrounds you, and you feel the power of love.

Also, the symbolical value of the 778 in its totality – the reflection of the material world, the spiritual world and the rules that combine them into one unity.

You are beginning to understand what steps to take to succeed in your growth – what is even more important is that you will progress greatly, and be careful about what relationships you establish along the way.


The fears that have most troubled you are now finally gone, and the proof for it is the message that you see as 778.

All of this means that you can take risks and do things that fulfill you, and you didn’t have the courage to try them out before, but now is the time – Angels are saying that you should be happy, and willing to take the risk for things you believe in, and it does not matter what others say to you.

You are ready to speak the truth, you are not afraid of others’ opinions, and you feel free.

Old fears, on the other hand, are replaced by new ones, because they are part of human nature.

Still, you face them bravely and are ready to work to release them.

A new spark of life is emerging in you – Angelical beings are speaking directly to you and are saying to you that those sparks could be seen physically very soon, maybe even at the moment you first have seen numerical sequence 778.

A Divine spark that wants a new way of life and joy is now with you. You have a desire to do your best and help yourself and the world.