999 Meaning in the Bible

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The number 999 has a powerful symbolism and meaning behind it.

This number appears in the Bible several times and it can be interpreted in many ways.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the symbolism and meaning of the number 999 in the Bible and the symbolism in general.

What Does 999 Mean in the Bible?

The number nine in Numerology and Onomancy represents the “spiritual Leader” with great sensitivity and Universal Love. It is the most evolved number since it represents the final scale started with the number 1.

The 9 are possessors of a hidden power that must be understood and controlled at all times, otherwise they will live out of phase with themselves. They are here to inspire and uplift humanity through the expression of wisdom, knowledge and the arts. For this reason they are hypersensitive, sensitive, idealistic, if not utopian.

The 9 is the universal number, is the whole humanity in its mutative and Trans mutative process that will turn us into something more than matter, desire and instinct.

Even so, the 9 must follow a high goal and a true principle with a real purpose to consolidate.

Otherwise, everything will be in good intentions and happy hopes.

Although the 9 are the most evolved, they will not always measure up to their own elevation since being aware of this evolutionary degree will require a total and uncompromising surrender to any kind of selfishness to their fellowmen.

The 9 is finally expressed as “Universal Love”, but this is not the case until the person is liberating through constant experiences, the ballast and gross manifestations of his human personality.

Meaning and Symbolism

The number 9 (nine) symbolizes power, effort, conclusion and, at the same time, reflects eternity.

In Numerology, nine represents integrity and wisdom. People influenced by this number have leader characteristics.

Therefore, the blocked number indicates lack of orientation and possessiveness. It has an extremely powerful meaning. He reinforces the threefold power of number 3 and, therefore, of the sacred triads (Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for Christians, and Neptune, Zeus and Hades, for the Romans, for example).

It is the number of months of gestation. In this way, it carries the sense of effort and signals the end of a process. It was 9 days when Demeter, the Greek goddess of fertility, was looking for her daughter Persephone after she had been abducted by Hades. This is also the number of the muses, the daughters of Zeus (god of gods, in Greek mythology).

It represents full time – its beginning and ending – because once it ends, a new one starts from the number 1. In this sense, it reflects the value of infinity, which is represented by its repetition 999 999 999. In this way, it shares another symbol that refers to the sacred insofar as infinity represents Jesus in Christianity.

It represents the totality of worlds, for each world is represented by a triangle: heaven, earth and hell. In Chinese mythology is the number of celestial spheres. That’s because there were nine steps up to the emperor’s throne.

The number 9 is a number of good omens for the Chinese. Meanwhile, for the Japanese, it represents the opposite. For the Aztecs, in turn, it is a number that causes fear because it refers to death and hell. The Aztec king Nezahualcoyotl built his nine-story temple. Each of them represented the steps by which the soul had to pass to attain eternal rest.

Number 999 in Love

The number 999 is a symbol of believing in the power of love and becoming more mature in the way you see the world.

This powerful number allows you to open up your eyes and believe in the mighty strength of the Lord. Allow this number to change your life and the way you see your current love life and situation.

Facts about Number 999

Because of their hypersensitivity the people marked with the number 9 tend to capture any subtle variant of environmental emotions that are part of their domestic life. They will always have to develop their intellective power, seek wisdom, control their inner affectivity and remember that arcane advice: “Do not show your heart to anyone, if you do not want to be trampled by crows”.

It is characteristic of his great ability to understand and assimilate the external and internal problems he faces in his daily life. They express an attitude of unconditional devotion in their desire to identify with the problems of others, which in one way or another, will always be frustrated or victim of an excess of goodwill. This circumstance should be considered as “gafes del office” since it is a “sine qua non” condition of the number 9.

The 9 in its negative facet is a true colorful of chaotic feelings and anxieties. In marriage in these cases it is very difficult to coexist, because of their intense emotions, lamentation, acerbic criticism and looking for faults right and left. To all this we must add an overloaded nature of sex. This tremendous contrast between spirituality and sensual density is due to the fact that the 9 is an angel or beast, Dr. Jekyll and Mister Hyde, precipitated to the extremes and abysmal activities between the superior and the inferior.

The primordial vocation of 9 is inspirational, being able to be the head of a philanthropic and altruistic institution. The 9 will help the poor, the sick, the homeless and the handicapped. Their strong compassionate and sensitive sense makes them excellent doctors and nurses, but they run the risk of identifying themselves in excess and getting to transfer the patient’s problem to them.

May be vocationally artists, musicians, playwrights, poets, in short, any activity that requires the maximum emotional-psychic, artistic-spiritual, catechetical-philanthropic together with an ingenuity and unconditional delivery.

A balanced 9 has a cosmic, deep and generous mind, but if it is not able to learn to control its emotions, the pendulum will swing from one to the other, reaching the lowest level of materiality.

The health of the 9 will be mainly affected by the sympathetic nervous system can fall into tense situations and then manifesting a phenomenology of paralysis, loss of muscle control, hysteria, epilepsy and any type of neurosis. The main advice we can give to 9 to always keep enough equanimity is to remember that oriental phrase that says: “Overcoming the end, is not reaching it”

The 9 has to live up to its own goals and accomplishments, otherwise it can easily fall into a tremendous dissociation between reality and ambivalent concepts.

On the other hand the balanced 9 is the prototype of the yogi: static, relaxed, and balanced, at peace with him above pleasure and pain.

So it is when you live a constant inner spiritual fullness, since the ultimate goal of the 9 is to consciously integrate the thousand and one internal availabilities.


The number 9 appears as a 3 x 3 number for the perfect celestial, saint, the number stands for divine consciousness.

The ninth hour is the hour of Christ’s death. Dionysius the Areopagite taught 9 angel choirs, Dominic 9 prayer styles. For the Chinese, the nine-story pagoda is the image of the sky.

Mathematics knows that adding 9 does not change the checksum of a number: 9 is therefore invisible and behaves neutrally. It represents full time – its beginning and ending – because once it ends, a new one starts from the number 1.

Because of their hypersensitivity the people marked with the number 9 tend to capture any subtle variant of environmental emotions that are part of their domestic life.

Everything that has been said in this text about the number 9 is tripled in the number 999.

The symbolism of this number is important and can truly help you transform your life from the ground up if you listen to this number’s message carefully.