Angel Number 1010 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 1010 is a very powerful number and the vibrancies of this angel number reach deep. Angel numbers usually appear in places where we can clearly notice them and learn their messages.

Sometimes these messages seem unnecessary to us, but if your guardian angels believe you need them, there is probably a good reason for that. Angel numbers are there to help us become stronger and better human beings through various lessons that build character and make us more resilient to outside influences.

There is no clear way how we can communicate with our guardian angels, but there is certainly a chance to reach them through angel numbers. Even though we are not getting clear answers to the questions we are asking, angel numbers are sending us valuable lessons that can be applied on the problems we are currently facing.

So, even when we think no one is there for us, our guardian angels are already on the case. In today’s article we are going to see what lies behind the angel number 1010 and how we can use its spiritual assistance.

Angel Number 1010 – Interesting information

Angel number 1010 is all about confidence and helping you build that confidence with the help of various lessons. When it comes to safety, how to become more confident about yourself, we often forget a key concept: we forget the responsibility that each of us has towards himself. Do you know that you have the possibility to change the “how do you feel”, then your emotional reaction, compared to certain situations? Are you aware of the fact that you can increase your security to 360 degrees without necessarily becoming an “arrogant person”? Do you know that if you feel trapped in a cage, that you create that cage yourself?

Whenever you do not try to do something that might make you comfortable, every time you do not leave your comfort zone, every time you do not do something to fight fear, at that moment you are creating your prison, a bar at a time. Most of us have furnished our prisons so well that it now appears to be a nice apartment. A touch of self-deception there, a sofa of excuses here, and a nice parquet of useless goods to cover the dreams never fulfilled.

But sometimes it can happen that the sun manages to make space between the curtains illuminating the room and showing it for what it is: a prison and nothing more. And with that ray of sunshine, the desire to go out teases you, the desire to try new things, the desire to experiment and be a bit “more master of your own destiny”. But the fear begins to make itself felt, you would like to get out of your comfort zone but you’re afraid of what could happen.

What makes a man sure of himself? Have you ever asked it to yourself? Is it a question of genetics? Is it luck? No: it is simply experience. One person is more confident about himself than another because he has made a series of experiences that have shaped his way of seeing the world, his way of perceiving himself and others.

The subtle mechanism is therefore a perpetual and circular motion: the more a person has had experiences that make him sure of himself, the more confident he feels, the more he will try new things constantly coming out of the comfort zone and this person begins to have positive experiences. It is a circle, a virtuous circle that feeds itself.

The same is true on the contrary: a person who is not sure of himself will move on a vicious circle that will bring him ever deeper, lower and lower, to the bottom of the well. This applies to every area of ​​life: from work, to seduction, to sport, to relationships with others.

Getting the best results with the least effort is the definition of effectiveness. In any case, action must not be lacking, action is the keystone of any improvement process. To increase your self-confidence (and/or overcome shyness) in the most effective way you have to perform a series of specific actions that will generate your personal virtuous circle. The technique I prefer is that of “as if”. But let’s see how this technique works in practice. As soon as you get up in the morning, do a short personal brainstorming asking yourself: “What would I do today, if I were already surer of myself?”

Make a mental list of actions you could do, avoid thinking about what you know or do not know or how to other people act. Focus on yourself, or better, on what you would do if you were even more confident in yourself.

Among those that you will have listed, choose the smallest and feasible, putting it in place during the day. The next day you do the same thing, but choose a different action. Repeat this for at least two weeks. Because I did not tell you: “choose the hardest thing and act on it “. Because it would probably be too big a step (maybe you chose to “climb Everest alone …”) and you would risk locking yourself up. Instead, we want your improvement to happen exponentially, start with the little things that give you confidence in yourself and on the basis of these increases the difficulty.

If you really feel confident about yourself, if you have confidence in your abilities, do you really need to do the bragging to communicate to others in every second “how much you feel cool”? Or maybe, just because you’re sure of yourself, do you have the right humility that allows you to really listen to other people and learn from them?

Remember that self-esteem is your responsibility. We begin to become more confident about ourselves only when we take 100% responsibility for our change. Just blaming parents or classmates in middle school won’t do it. We can be more confident and it is up to us to become it.

Take advantage of situations that make you uncomfortable. If we remain constantly inside our comfort zone, we will never increase our security. To be surer of yourself it is necessary to face your own fears and those situations that we want to avoid.

Repeat experiences that make you feel confident about yourself. The more experiences you will have that will take you to see the world and yourself with new eyes, the more you will be sure of yourself. Apply the “as if” technique. This is absolutely one of the most effective techniques to get back to believing in yourself and in your potential.

Do not act like an inflated balloon. To conclude, remember that self-esteem and arrogance are two completely opposite concepts. Learn to emanate security, but never behave like an inflated balloon.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1010 represents an interesting combination of numbers 1 and 0. These two numbers are aligned in a way that we get two numbers 10. In order to get a clear meaning of this angel number, it is necessary to see what is the true meaning of the angel number 1010 and the number 10 since it is clearly stated out in this number combination.

Angel number 1 repeats itself two times in this number combination and it symbolizes starting over and beginning a new chapter full of excitement. Just like we explained in the above part of the text, this angel number is going to make you feel more confident and sure of your own decisions.

Angel number 0 represents all possibilities and with the help of this angel number we can achieve anything. The key is to believe in yourself; just like the angel number 1010 is telling you, and all the doors will open up for you. Angel number 10 symbolizes determination and having a clear goal in front of you.

Together all these numbers create a clear image of what you have to do and how to do it. There is no other way to achieve success and become the best version of yourself than by believing in everything you do and in the end result.

Number 1010 in Love

Angel number 1010 is going to help you build your relationships from scratch by allowing you to become more confident in your own actions. Love is the most beautiful thing that can happen to us, but still it is a risk falling in love. Often conflicts between lovers can give rise to a period of crisis of misunderstandings, constant quarrels and sometimes disappointments. A period that, if prolonged, can seriously endanger the love story and force the partners to resort to distance, in order to avoid the fateful breaking point.

There are no precise rules or more or less adequate answers when it comes to saving a couple’s relationship. There is not even a handbook of things to do to bring the ship afloat once it sinks. So how can we act to overcome a deep couple crisis and thus avoid the dreaded word “the end”?

There are small tricks and some suggestions to follow, but above all there are different behaviors that you can adopt depending on the situation in which you are. First of all, it is good to arm ourselves with great patience, but above all of a great deal of rationality, to leave aside the emotions and try to understand the point at which our love story has arrived. If in carrying out this type of analysis we realize that the crisis is not reparable, we must take some time and not try to close the bridge with all our strength, and avoid falling into the unpleasant feeling of fury. If, fortunately, after a first fight, our love story still seems to have some chance we just have to try to understand the problems that led to this stage.

To do it a bit of detachment would be useful. Organizing a weekend of separation, such as a trip out of town with your friends, can certainly help to highlight the strengths of your relationship, to bring back a bit ‘of nostalgia for the loved one and understand any mistakes made in the last period by both partners.

Talking to a close person, like a friend or a sister/a brother, bout your sentimental situation, can certainly help you to have an objective evaluation of the relationship. But be careful not to be carried away too much by an external opinion. Keep in mind that the last decision (on the continuation of the story or on its term) will be up to you in any case.

If your romance is in crisis because of an important external factor, such as the attraction for another man, there is no other solution than to be brave and be honest with your partner. Consider that often the attraction for a figure external to the couple is synonymous with escape from a situation in which there are continuous problems that cannot be resolved.

Talking with an open heart will be an opportunity to rebuild your relationship, give a little truth to everyday life and learn to forgive or apologize for certain behaviors, thus recovering the lost feelings.

If you are single this is the right time to check your love life and redefine the way to find the right partner for you. Take advantage of your past experiences, especially negative ones, to clarify and adjust the search. It is important to learn from your mistakes, understand how to set new sentimental goals and put into practice the right attitudes to achieve them. Find the reason for a badly finished relationship or the inability to find an adequate one. Can it be an experience that we can trace all the necessary ingredients from and always find new ones, and try again with a healthier ground?

It is a fundamental step in terms of growth and better self-centering: it means being able to reflect honestly and concretely on what and how much responsibility was involved in always putting in place the usual scenarios. Trying to understand your partner’s desires and needs, helps to get out of easy self-deception and pity to promote a simple but powerful question: what do I feel and I think I deserve? The answers will be an extraordinary divide between the things we were only pretending to exist, because then, punctually, it was boycotted through stories or relational voids, which confirmed the unconscious thesis: I do not deserve it or I’m too afraid to admit this to myself, as well as reasoning about the unconscious emotional benefits that they are tried so far to get, it will be the first important step for a real change in their actions.

In order to better understand one’s own functioning mechanism, one can more easily open up to others and to the possibility of finding love. This makes it essential to concretely create situations of encounter and exchange, to communicate one’s readiness to get out of the shell and promote a more appropriate sociality. It is also important to believe and trust your chance of seduction and attraction, so that all the steps taken to take care of yourself and to enhance your qualities will be an excellent injection of self-esteem and well-being.

Facts about Number 1010

Year 1010 was marked by many important events that completely changed the course of history. Persian poet Ferdowsi ended his work with Shahnameh, Song Zhun ended the work on the atlas of China.

Viking explorer found a settlement in North America. Lady Murasaki wrote the Tale of Genji and Beowulf was written by anonymous writer. Elmer of Malmesbury tried to complete a flight on a glider that he made in his own construction.


Angel number 1010 is a particularly interesting and powerful number because it can allow you to re-build yourself and become a completely different person. Confidence is what you have been missing in everyday life, so that is what is going to be your primary concern in the following period. Re-building yourself as a new person will take some time but once you start to take your goals and dreams seriously it won’t be too hard to achieve amazing things

. Angel number 1010 is there to help you build self-esteem or even enhance it to the point when you start living for yourself and not for others. Your guardian angels can only help you if you give the best out of you.