Angel Number 1155 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Spiritual world is simply unreachable to us by hand but we can always look for guidance and help from our guardian angels when we need it. They seek amazing and secretive ways to contact us and to send us their blessings, even though it is sometimes hard to notice them.

These small signs and notes that they leave around us usually appear in forms of angel numbers that hide a special message behind them. Each number is unique and each number can teach us something valuable about life.

Sometimes these lessons are easy to apply and use in everyday life and other times these lessons are simply hard to grasp.

Our guardian angels are always looking after us and are always watching over our every step. This way they make sure that everything is okay and that we are safe, no matter how hard it might seem to us at the moment.

In today’s text we are going to focus our attention to the angel number 1155 and see how this angel number can affect our lives.

Angel Number 1155 – Interesting information

Angel number 1155 is a symbol of freedom and living in the moment. What could be better than feeling completely free? Doing what we want, not accounting, having no obligation, but only following your own heart.

Enjoy life to the fullest. The whole advertising industry builds on this longing, because the desire for freedom is deeply rooted in us humans. But is that even real? Is it really possible to live that way or is it just an illusion? What are the 4 steps to a true true freedom?

Freedom is the ability to do, think, feel or say what you want – without compulsion, without restriction. A few everyday examples: The freedom to quit the job, to leave the partner, to express the opinion of someone, to live out the profession, which one really wants or to live in a place where longing draws one.

However, we are always fooled that we absolutely have to be free. We should become as independent as possible from the others and move through the world almost weightless and without ballast. Ideally as a self-employed person, so that we do not have to let anyone say anything to us and are always our own boss. Absolutely free of obligations and decisions.

Are not we always involved in a social context? Is true freedom about recognizing my own limitations? All motivational trainers and coaches play with the yearning of man. Then they shout out: “Everyone can achieve absolute freedom. Completely free and detached from everything. You can do anything you want. ”

But here we fall into a complete illusion. Because, freedom is like bliss, ecstasy or joy, an entertaining temporary state. A state of being for a little while. It is not a natural permanent state. Ultimately, all states are short-lived – life is full of change. The change, the change is an everlasting process. We cannot hold on to a condition, to a feeling – whether positive or negative.

Of course, the first step is to become aware of the inner attitudes, patterns, and fears that block and prevent the state of freedom. Yet freedom cannot and will not be a permanent guest in our inner home.

External freedom exists when we can freely fulfill all wishes and dreams in the outside world. Home, car, vacation, jewelry, food, free shopping, luxury items. Going on a journey – fulfilling every wish on the material level.

Inner freedom is, if we allow the people in the outside, to judge us, to think about us or to say what they want, and we will not do it right away.

Inner freedom, if we can let go of it, is always only to please others. When we put ourselves at the center of life and do it ourselves. If we allow ourselves to say no, if we are not dependent on the requirements, concerns and wishes of the parents. When we are ready to feel and accept all the feelings that are in us. When we are internally free, from judgments, judgments, and opinions of others.

Freedom is a state of being, but it is not a fixed state of permanence. To feel freedom, we must also experience the opposite pole. For what is freedom without a limit? We can only experience freedom because there is freedom. Without mountains there are no valleys, without night there is no day and without the restriction there is no freedom.

But most people stick to a pole and thereby catapult themselves into a prison captured. Only when we accept the bondage, when we understand that this pole belongs to it, then we can really freely choose between the two poles.

That sounds paradoxical and that’s what it’s all about: only when we are truly ready to accept the opposite of freedom, namely dependence, limitation and bondage, will we truly embrace life in its great variety, in its entirety.

This means that sometimes we can choose to be free and feel free and also that sometimes we cannot choose freely and are in the middle of dependency.

If we accept this and do not go into resistance, then true freedom will arise. If you do not have a family with children, you feel completely free, but the disadvantage is that you do not experience the true happiness of a family.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1155 is the combination of numbers 1 and 5. Each number appears twice in this number sequence, which means both numbers have a strong influence on the overall symbolism of this angel number.

Number 1 is here represented as the beginning since everything starts from scratch or from the first step. This angel number is going to help you create a different outlook on the world and make you see things from a different perspective. Number one appears twice in this number sequence which means you will definitely be faced with changes and new happenings in your life.

Number 5 is the symbol of inner consciousness and inner peace. This angel number is bringing a much more positive and calmer period into your life.

Once this angel number enters your life it is going to be much easier to control your anger and dissatisfaction with other people. Number 5 is sending positive vibrancies into your world and it depends on you whether you are going to use these vibrancies in a good way or not.

Together these two numbers give out the meaning of the angel number 1155, and this message is the message of positive outlook and inner peace that is going to help you achieve everything you imagine.

Number 1155 in Love

Angel number 1155 is bringing romance and love into your life. His angel number is going to teach you how to be more open to romance and how to treat your partner the way he or she needs to be treated.

In today’s films, magazines or on social media we are constantly shown how romance has to look right, but does that really correspond to reality? Everywhere pictures of perfect dates with the partner are shown.

These are usually expensive gifts such as dresses, jewelry, watches, cars or champagne dinners.

Also classics are rooms or bathrooms decorated with candles and roses. Everything must be pink in color, as cheesy as possible and a ton of hearts and salted love poems should not be missing. Not only the anniversary, wedding day or Valentine’s Day (14th of February), should be the key to a romantic mood.

Often we worry more about how much romance is good, how to be romantic at all, or how to make a romantic date. But it’s not how expensive the gifts are or what you do; more important is how and why! It’s not about doing Romanesque things so that a person likes you, but to show that you like them.

Often deviations from the barren everyday life are perceived as romantic, it is in the little things of life. If you want to behave romantically, you do not have to force the pink-unicorn rainbow glasses put on and look artificial.

It’s best to stay true to yourself, be attentive and be passionate about trading. So often the small and honest things are romantic and are much appreciated. A general formula, which is really romantic, does not exist – romance is individual.

Women love the feeling that gives them a romantic moment. They feel special, well, respected and loved. An example can be when a man makes something “impossible”. The situation does not allow a meeting: a big distance, a lot of work or too little money stands in the way. Women take back and are understanding.

All the more she will feel it as a romantic moment, if now a meeting can take place by a surprise party, holidays or even a joint trip. But amateur and heartfelt home-made gifts, written songs / poetry / love letters or stuff with a lot of effort (sold out tickets) are super romantic. Of course, do not forget the walks, sunsets, massages or messages via smartphone or sticky notes. The ideas of Romanesque will not go out to women so quickly and they are inspired again and again by movies (overcoming the distance in “Sleepless in Seattle” or overcoming the origin in “Titanic”).

Mistakenly we assumed that men are afflicted, cold and unromantic beings. Often they try to fulfill the wishes of their partner, even if they wish for other things. Men are as romantic as women, but they do not have the same strength to express them. Men are more nature-loving than women and imagine the breathtaking view of a mountain with an overnight stay in a tent or a cozy mountain hut as very romantic.

Less is more – instead of exaggerating with rose petals, wine and kitsch, they would rather have good food and great conversation.

Also romantic and a bit clichéd: he may be the strong one! The strong shoulder in a horror movie with a fluffy blanket is everything very woman needs.

Facts about Number 1155

Number 1155 appears in the title of a movie from 2013 called „Room 1155“ and also as the title of a book from 2010 called „1155 km from Ireland“.

Year 1155 was filled with events that changed the world we know today and helped us realize how small events can also have big influence on the course of history.


Angel number 1155 is the number of inner peace, freedom and finding balance in everything you do. This angel number is going to help you realize your inner strengths and how you can use those hidden strengths to accomplish the set goals.

Invite this angel number into your life and welcome it with open arms when it truly appears somewhere around you.