Angel Number 1144 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Learning valuable messages doesn’t come easy and sometimes we have to look deep into our soul in order to notice them.

Our guardian angels are always watching over us and monitoring our progress every step of the way. Their love and guidance is something we should be thankful for especially if we get a chance to be blessed by their signs and guidance. Angel numbers are exactly this. They are guiding signs that point us to the right direction and make us feel safe walking down the road we are currently on.

Angel numbers have been with us for centuries, but some people see them and others don’t. Whether you are going to notice angel numbers or not, this depends on you.

Their presence is something that is easy to notice but only if you open up your eyes and let them in. their powerful vibrancies are going to guide you every step of the way and help you feel comfortable and secure.

In today’s article we are going to discuss the symbolism of the angel number 1144 and see what this angel number has in store for us.

Angel Number 1144 – Interesting information

Angel number 1144 symbolizes honesty and determination to suceed. “Now it’s finally out! “Have you ever felt the relief when you came out with the truth after a long time, revealed yourself to others? Or you carried around with you for a long time, something you did not dare talk about?

In you, you felt the fear rise, that they could refuse you, and therefore you have been silent? But at some point you did not want to endure this state of tension anymore? And you have taken all your courage together and finally dared to tell others what moves you inside, what you think and feel?

Your guardian angels want you to do exactly that! I think it’s great when, over time, people develop that strength and show themselves what they really are when they have nothing to hide. Most do not dare because they are concerned about being weak and being hurt by others. For me, however, the real greatness is when someone gives up his protection and opens his heart. No acting, no “I pretend” in the hope, nobody realizes what it really looks like inside of me …!

It takes time to dare to communicate the truth to others, especially to speak it out. Whether to superiors, work colleagues, partners, friends, etc., there are plenty of situations in life that raise the question, “Shall I be honest?” How often do you choose to hide your true opinion?

I used to be told, “You have to be diplomatic!” I followed this advice for many years. But what does that actually mean? In the meantime, diplomacy has a lot to do with duplicity and strategy, so why should we be diplomatic? People who once start to lie or spread falsehoods for strategic reasons. For example, to discredit their competitors sooner or later gets more and more involved in complications that harm everyone involved. The soul always wants the truth, because the truth is salutary!

It does not matter if it’s about a long-cherished secret that you were not allowed to talk about, an event that was shameful, whether you finally admit that you’ve only played a role all the time, that you really do not have anything at all may, but it endured long anyway, because one did not dare to say that or if one finally admits.

To be honest is fair! Anyone who has a healthy sense of justice will live truthfulness – both privately and professionally. I think that everyone deserves the truth (except those who want to be lied to or do not want to accept reality;)

Is not it? Many cheat through life and lie to themselves and their fellow human beings. Children discover at an early age that they can cheat and fool others – depending on how seriously they convey the lie. If the others do not notice it, the manipulators feel superior.

In our society white lies are widespread. Who has not been afraid of the truth or just wanted to save stress? The truth can sometimes be hard on the other, yet it is better than the unpleasant misunderstandings and later disappointments that come with a missed timely correction …

Some call honest people radically or slightly sensitive, but honestly, you know what you are about when you say straight away what you think and feel. I respect characters who bravely express their opinions! Who seem friendly on the outside, but blaspheme in the back.

Every now and then, people come together in their lives with people who are hypocritical, who smile at you, but would secretly like to stab you in the back. I think that happens (often, when you’re young) so that you can gather this experience.

The soul must learn to feel good, as it is when one is with the wrong ones. Only then can one decide: “I do not want that anymore, I want to have honest people around me! All others are sorted out rigorously! ” The older you get, the bigger the life experience becomes. If you are still sensitive, you will quickly notice whether someone is honest or not. Gestures and body language betray it.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1144 combines energies of numbers 1 and 4. These two numbers are powerful and can send you valuable lesson, and since they are both doubled in this combination the stronger the message is.

Angel number 1 is bringing new opportunities into your life that are going to be prosperous and allow you to find meaning in your life through trail and error. The most important thing is to keep moving and to keep experimenting with different options until you find what suits you best. Angel number 4 symbolizes determination and honesty.

These two traits are hard to learn, but once you get a hang of it you will be able to achieve almost anything. Your guardian angels are warning you that you haven’t been honest with yourself and with others which is now caused a large distress.

Angel number 4 is also reminding you to push through the difficult moments if you want to see true results. Only this way you will be able to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

Number 1144 in Love

Angel number 1144 is bringing more honesty into your love life as well. Each of us has certainly experienced this frustrating state of disappointment before. But: Better to experience a deception, than to be deceived and lied to for years, or to be served the surprise after a long time, that someone kept his true opinion and left you in the belief that everything would be fine.

Let’s be honest! Of course, it depends on how you communicate your truth to others. Using empathetic words and talking about what is close to your heart will surely be understood by your counterparts. Once the truth comes from the heart (with the knowledge that truthfulness has earned everyone), the interlocutor will be able to receive it – I’m sure of that.

Incidentally, there are situations in which it is not appropriate to “push” one’s honest opinion, for example because the timing is not right or you feel that the other person is not open. The motto: “Speech is silver, silence is gold” should then be more appropriate … ”

Regularly to reflect, “What do I want? How am I? What feelings should I be aware of? What do I carry around with me? “- that’s important. Because in our everyday life is often no time for the awareness of thoughts and feelings. Many events remain in the unconscious, and you do not notice them right away, but at the latest when a physical symptom appears that we are suffering from …

My conviction is: To live honestly or truly – this requires courage! You have courage or you get it, if you strengthen your self-esteem. The factor of self-love is not insignificant! Everything is connected. Thinking back to the last years of my work as an energetic consultant, I always come back to the fact that the decisive factor is whether one loves oneself or not.

From an early age, we all experience enough conflicts that can significantly reduce our self-love. That is why I consider it absolutely paramount to be aware of self-love as an adult and to make sure that everything that is contrary to “I love myself as I am!” Is clarified.

This is a process that can take longer, and probably only a few will be able to 100% self-love themselves. But I mean, it is not necessary, almost utopian, to reach the 100 mark. Maybe you have also had the following experience: You look at it and feel it when you are largely at peace with yourself (self-love and self-esteem are on balance). These people have something special in their charisma. I suspect that as children they received a lot of love and acceptance from their parents.

I would like to argue that those who hold resentment and intolerance to others, to start wars or fights, etc., have very big problems with their self-love. He who loves himself has a different attitude and is more relaxed. Who loves himself, is much happier and has little response to negative. Your life gets a different quality!

It also makes it easier to let people be as they are with their idiosyncrasies and their personal way of life (which may not appeal to you). Because secretly one is usually faced with two ways: The path of resistance, struggle, control and manipulation to achieve one’s goals or that of trust, love and conviction that one is led by the universe or the divine, that existence has meaning.

Facts about Number 1144

Year 1144 was marked by events such as the fall of Country of Edessa into the hands of Zengi of Mosul and capitulation of Pope Calestine II.

Byzantine empire failed to win over Malta and Giordano Pierleoni founded the Commune of Rome. Pope Lucius II took over the throne from Pope Celestine II and becomes the 166th Pope.


Angel number 1144 is the number of determination and honesty. When this angel number comes into your life be prepared to start taking yourself more seriously and to start being honest to yourself and to other people in your life. Determination will be the key factor in your success and not anything else.

Once you start being in sync with the hidden emotions inside of you, you will be able to make others feel comfortable in your presence.

Angel number 1144 is the number of great significance and if it comes into your life then there must a good reason for that.

Therefore open up your soul and accept the blessings from your guardian angels.