Angel Number 1225 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Have you ever noticed a number following you everywhere you go? It is quite possible that this number is actually an angel number following you for a good reason.

Our guardian angels cannot contact us directly so they you use the small signs to make sure that we received the message they wanted us to receive.

Angel numbers are numbers that have a special message created by our guardian angels for us. This message can be applied to each situation or problem that we are currently facing. Once we understand what lies behind this angel number we can easily use that message and solve our problems.

Even though this sounds so easy often times our guardian angels wants us to change one or many things in our lives.

Once we learn how to listen to the vibrations behind you angel numbers it will become much easier to adjust our lives to match our wishes and make ourselves happier.

Angel numbers often appear in the most unusual places and also in the most obvious places. You will certainly see an angel number because they are going to make sure they are noticed. What you will do after noticing them is up to you because we cannot change our lives unless we want to and unless we work hard on it.

In today’s tax we are going to discuss this secret symbolism behind the angel number 1225 and see what this angel number can change in our lives.

Angel Number 1225 – Interesting Facts

Angel number 1225 is telling you to exit from all negativity and to focus only on positive things. This angel number is going to appear in your life in the exact moment when you are feeling like everything in your life is against you and you have nowhere to go and no one to talk to. This negative place is a product of your own actions and social interaction with others. What your angel number wants you to know is that you can easily change this situation but only if you change your attitude towards others and towards the problems you have in your life.

Angel number 1225 is going to make you think more about the obstacles you are facing because you cannot get away from the current situation by running. The only thing you can do is to roll up your sleeves and start solving one problem after another.

It is very possible that your problems are a product of your depression or in satisfaction with your current situation in life. Changing people around you or changing your career might be the solution to this problem.

Sometimes we feel trapped and we don’t know how to find inner happiness when everything seems to be working against us. This is why it is important to work on yourself and not only focus on your dissatisfaction.

Once you learn how to control your attitude towards the things you don’t like it will become much easier to control the situations around you. Everything starts by taking small steps towards improvement.

The first thing you can do is to focus on the problems you have and the reasons why these problems occurred in the first place. Once you realize the base behind your problem is it will be much easier to solve them and start focusing on the positive thoughts.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1225 consists of three numbers. These numbers are 1, 2 and 5. Each number in this number sequence has a special message behind it and our job is to figure out the message and try to find a situation in our lives to which we can apply this message.

Angel number one symbolizes new beginnings and opening new chapters in our lives. This could mean two things. It can mean that we are going to change our attitude and start acting differently in current situations so our problems are going to be solved that way. The other meaning is that we are going to completely get away from negativity and start focusing on completely different things. Either way we need to find happiness one way or another. The only question is how eager our way to solve our problems.

Angel number two symbolize duality and relationships. When this angel number comes into your life this means you have to focus more on people around you and start noticing real problems instead of only focusing on yourself. This angel number might also be telling you that someone close to you is having problems and perhaps you haven’t noticed that this person is depressed or in trouble because you have constantly been talking about your own issues.

There is nothing wrong with being focused on your own problems but sometimes we just have to be there for the people who have supported us in the past and try to help them anyway we can.

Angel number five is the number of determination and focusing on the positive. This angel number is going to round up everything we mentioned above and help you create a different outlook on your current situation. Even though things seem dark and without an exit it doesn’t have to be that way.

Sometimes the solution to our problem it’s closer than we think. The first thing we need to do is to start seeing things in a positive light or at least find some positive sides to it. This will take a lot of time to accomplish creating this positive environment but small steps are the first ones you have to take.

Number 1225 and Love

Angel number 1225 is reminding you that you don’t have to stay in a negative relationships with people who are toxic. The sooner you get rid of these people the better. You will start to feel good about yourself and everything will start to get a completely different light.

When you see this angel number be sure that it is reminding you that you don’t have to stay in a negative relationships with people who don’t deserve you. For those who are single this angel number is going to bring a positive look on themselves and their self-esteem is going to rise up. You will start to see yourself in a much better light and finding a partner won’t be a priority.

Facts about Number 1225

In the year 1225 many important events took place and some of them even shaped the reality as we know it today.


Angel Number 1225 is going to make you change your attitude and start seeing your life in a marsh positive light much more positive light.

This kind of attitude is going to help you become much happier I’m satisfied in your own skin. But remember big changes start by taking small steps towards the goals you have set up for yourself.