Biblical Meaning of 333

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Do you want to know everything about the meaning of number 3? Well, you have come to the right place.

Today we analyze what the 3 in numerology means and we will teach you what this number means in the Bible. With a high communicative capacity, the number three is configured as the symbol of artistic expression and human interaction, as well as the optimistic, happy and enjoying life.

So, if you ever wanted to learn more about the number 3 and its meaning in the Bible, here is an opportunity to do that.

What Does 333 Mean in the Bible?

The “3” is associated with the letter GUIMEL in the Hebrew alphabet, the letter resembles a man who walks, represents the movement; the world begins with the man who walks, is also the letter of retribution and achievement, we can say that with ALEF and BET, “1” and “2”, we are in the abstract world, ALEF Abstract God, BET the world, in GUIMEL the human character begins the need to deal with the contradictory forces for coexistence.

In the Book of Creation, the third is the path of wisdom, of sacred intelligence and pure wisdom In the upper world there are three divine principles (the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit) and three are the letters that make up the name of God. Three represents abundance and fertility the product of 1 through 2, is the fruiting, the trinity, the multiplicity. It represents social interaction.

In spirituality, number three is seen as the power of unity between mind, body and spirit. This is associated with communication, expression, expansion, creativity, and sociability. It represents the relationship with the outside world.

After the individuality of 1, and its union with 2, interaction with society, communication, Number 3, emerges. It represents social interaction. In spirituality, number three is seen as the power of unity between mind, body and spirit. “3” is the number of people who are communicative, expressive, sympathetic, interactive, optimistic, intelligent, creative and good-humored.

Meaning and Symbolism

From the arrival of the first human civilizations to a world conditioned by mathematical logic, different cultures have venerated this small and, at the same time, large number (from the druids of the Iron Age, passing through the Essenes, the Chaldeans, the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt, the Romans and the Jews, until, later, the current countries with a certain tradition in the numerology culture).

In turn, philosophers of antiquity, whose thought has lasted to this day, considered the number 3 as a basis for their operations and mathematical theories, as well as possessing qualities worthy of admiration, as a certain secret virtue that placed it above the rest of numbers.

Also highlighted by scientists, naturists and thinkers of all times in history, this number makes up many links between interdependent elements of all areas: In metaphysics (with the elemental world, the celestial and the intellectual); In time (past, present and future); In the three powers of human intelligence (memory, understanding and will); In the primary colors (blue, yellow and red); in the states of matter (solid, liquid and gas)

And, as if that were not enough, in the field of music (whose three keys are Sol, Do and Fa), among many other examples. In addition to being a number that has inspired countless legends, the meaning of number three is related to mischief, humor and an irremediable desire for eternal youth. In the Tarot the third letter belongs to the Empress, or what is the same, the great Mother nature radiating fertility and opulence. It is the sacred force full of life and fullness. People who have a number three in their lives do not know pessimism or discouragement: they are pure strength and cordiality.

It is something that comes to the hair, since this type of people does not take too well to be alone; For them there is no saying “better only than badly accompanied”, but they always opt for human company, a fact that can cause problems in certain stages of life (for example, during adolescence, when it is very simple and harmful to be influenced for others). Thanks to their vitality and joy, the numbers three usually stand out for a life full of color, triumphs and happiness. That is the true meaning of number 3.

Number 333 in Love

Artistic, original, bright, clever and agile, the numbers 3 usually do not go unnoticed and seduce with their fun charms. This great charisma that they share usually gives them a life full of friendships, loves – although not too long lasting – and relationships of all kinds.

This number leads you to all the right people and being close to yourself and your feelings is what is going to help you choose the right partner. The number 333 is similar to the number 3 but all of its properties are tripled.

So, everything that the number 3 represents the number 333 means the same but triple.

Facts about Number 333

The number three is constantly found in all forms of reasoning the human being and is considered a divine number par excellence.

The number 3 represents the universal principle of alchemy: sulfur, salt and mercury. Three are the forces of matter: Action, reaction and inertia. Three are Kepler’s laws, as are the sons of Adam: Abel, Cain and Seth. Also Noah had three children: Japheth, Shem and Cham.

The three Magi offered Jesus three presents: gold, incense and myrrh. We are surrounded daily by trine concepts, like our mental operations: idea, judgment and reasoning. The main ideas are also three: universal, particular and singular. In the primary instincts we find another example: nutrition, reproduction and gregariousness. There are three rationales: deductive, intuitive and inductive. The great virtues that we experience in our lives are also three: faith, hope and charity.

In many cosmologies and religions, the formation and creation of the universe is done through three beings, the famous trinities. In Egypt we have Isis, Osiris and Horus. In Hindu Brahmanism, Brahma, Vischnu and Shiva. With the Phoenicians we have Baal, Melkart and Astarte. For the Greeks, Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. And as not in Christianity with his Holy Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This fact is repeated in an infinity of beliefs: three are the culprits of having created all this shed. It is for this reason that the number three is considered a divine number.

Everything has three things: beginning, middle and end as well as the past, the present and the future. In matriarchal times the year was divided into three seasons, according to the three lunar phases that symbolize the phases of time. The three is considered a sacred number because it contains within itself the secret of life force. While the one or the two represent polarity, the three is the result of the merger of one and two.

Everything that comes up comes from something. In the state we are in, nothing is created out of nothing. Everything transform. For centuries the Tao Te King has already told the book with its Chinese wisdom as the highest standard: “the Tao gave rise to the One, the One gave rise to the Two and the Two came the thousand and one remaining things.”

The three as a sacred number plays a primordial role in magical rituals. The father of alchemy and writer of the emerald tablets where the laws of Hermes are engraved, he was called Hermes Trismegistus because he was considered three times the greatest and wisest of all mortals.

In the Tarot the third letter belongs to the Empress, or what is the same, the great Mother nature radiating fertility and opulence. It is the sacred force full of life and fullness. The three acts as a basic principle of all the other rungs belonging to the evolutionary ladder. When we climb a ladder, with the one we take the first impulse of approach, with the two we confirm our receiving capacity and our great lifting force. The three appears to us as a new level that serves as a platform to take the next step towards the ascent.

In the path of the life of man, different archetypal images appear as we progress along the path. In this way we go from unity to plurality and the first number that denotes plurality is the three and through the three is when we can reach absolute unity.

Carl Jung also divided this path into three parts: unconsciousness, the Self and being oneself. Alchemy also makes these three distinctions: raw material, the work and the final material.

In Numerology and Onomantica, the number three corresponds, according to Professor Lester, to the archetype of “The Artist”, it is the expressive force in its maximum splendor. The keyword of 3 is host. The natives belonging to this number possess the perfect combination between forces and polarities. They are the expressed expression of life and its enjoyment with pleasure and desire to live. We are facing a very vital and emotional number with an enormous capacity to love and help others.

In his Numerology classes Professor Lester put us as examples of celebrities: The three provides a great sense for proportions and colors. They like to always go to the latest fashion and usually dress in a very cheerful way.


The three is the global concept that fuses the couple and allows them to overcome polarity.

The triangle as a symbol of the three shows us that we still depend on something and that we are not able to continue on the path. You have to decide between alternative one and alternative two.

Everything in this life has two faces and only if we recognize that in reality there are not two, but three, we will understand the whole. If the three did not exist, the polarity would be eternal and immutable.

The number 333 unites energies of the number 3 and makes it even stronger by tripling its powerful symbolism. If you have been followed by this number, then there is a sure reason why this has been happening.

Listen to these messages closely and rely on the powers of the spiritual world if you want to see yourself succeed.