Angel Number 1255 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Our guardian angels are always following us and making sure that we are safe. Imagine the world without spirituality and the world in which we don’t believe that there is a higher force than people.

Spirituality and numbers go hand in hand and have been used to express the spiritual paths for centuries. As a mix of numerology and spirituality, angel numbers are there to give us lessons about things that we might have been missing out on. So, if you are interested to find out more about the angel number 1255, here is a chance to do that.

Angel Number 1255 – Interesting information

Angel number 1255 is there to teach you about motivation and to share motivation with you. There can be different reasons why we are not motivating ourselves. But there is usually one thing behind it: we focus too much on the reward – and confused cause with effects. Quite a few people are looking for top scores, a top job, a promotion, a salary increase – and torment themselves through a job that means nothing to them.

There is no salary increase, no promotion to a new suffering position. Motivation cannot arise because we get excited about the reward that we hold out to ourselves while suffering from the path we travel through.

Most of it is plain self-deception. Anyone who hates his job for 2,000 dollars a month will still not love that job even for 4,000 dollars. And an ascent does not necessarily bring more freedom, more free time, more contentment. Often the opposite is the case. In any case, rewards are a powerful motivational tool. And it is true that we should always reward ourselves, for example, when we have achieved partial successes (so-called milestones).

But such rewards as money or bonuses motivate only for a short notice. These are external influences and incentives (extrinsic motivators) that ultimately make us dependent. In the long run, they look like drugs: You have to increase the dose to feel anything at all.

As long as we feel that we are only doing what others want, we feel powerless and alien. Of course, there is no absolute freedom: even those who are self-employed, must still court customers and meet demand. Hierarchies also make sense at work, because democratic decision-making processes often take too long – and even then one can be overruled.

Autonomy here means being able to give direction to life by and large, rather than being directed. Just because one bends once does not necessarily mean losing the inner freedom. However, the majority of people who are able to (confidently) shape their work content and career path are also motivated.

Let’s be honest: learning is usually not much fun. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling that we cannot (yet) do something. But over time, with a lot of practice, we usually get better – and feel the same way. And suddenly we experience a veritable motivational kick: progress is nothing but small successes that bring us closer to the championship. That’s why sports clubs and video games have levels and leaderboards that motivate them to keep going, to practice more, to go beyond themselves.

However, the point also has one limitation: to control a thing from the point of view motivates us only if it also means something to us. A child, who is forced to play piano by his parents, even though he prefers to play football, may also make progress. It is more motivated but rarely.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1255 represents a combination of angel numbers 1, 2 and 5. The number 2 represents the duality, receiver of a very strong emotionality, great sensitivity, intuition and vulnerability. It needs association and teamwork.

In the Tarot, Arcanum number II, represents all these internal female characteristics. In Numerology, the number 2 teaches us to evolve in collaboration, to develop the control of emotions and the ability to give and receive. In number 2 the notion of duality arises. The number 1 has already acted now the 2 needs to feel and be.

The affectivity, the deep feelings, the collaboration, the reception and the way of linking us emotionally define the meaning of number 2. If the number 1 affirms us individually, the 2 is the opposite, constantly needs the approval of the other, because self-doubt, does not have a great sense of identity.

All these aspects can be determined in the number of numbers 2 that contains our full name, analyzing the numerological Table. This digit introduces us to the world of emotions and the way of living them. Define the “self-esteem” and how I relate to the couple or any link of two. One digit of Destiny or Way of Life 2 invites us to develop or balance these aspects of self-esteem, of links and the ability to give and receive.

Number 2 tells us that the person has the tools of this digit. Finding it in any of the areas of the numerological map of a person indicates that he has sensitivity, intuition, and desire to share, to give and to receive.

These are basic aspects of a 2, which will be accompanied, enhanced or perhaps weakened by the aspects of other digits. You always have to take into account the shortcomings or excesses of this sensitive digit and that allow us the healthy bond with the other and with oneself. The letters B, K and T are the containers of the meaning of number 2.

The number 5 is the most dynamic and energetic of all the numbers. Any characteristic that responds to what is the meaning of number 5 exalts the dynamism and the constant need for changes of everything that is related to this digit. Like few others, the number five is molded from an almost equal mixture of masculine and feminine qualities, which makes it extremely independent in mind and soul, and perfectly responds to the meaning of the numbers of the angels.

In the sacred book the number five is mentioned, exactly 318 times, and the grace that has been given to man by God is attributed to him, through the five senses. The text that is reflected in 1 Samuel 17 mentions the victory of the young shepherd over the giant, granted by the Lord’s graces.

The number 5 can break a relationship due to its restless nature, but while in a relationship it will not deceive your partner. However, when you are not in a relationship, you are considered free to go out with whoever you want and have no trouble dating another person every day of the week.

Number 1255 in Love

Number 1255 will open up your eyes and make you realize whether you should or shouldn’t continue your relationship. It does not matter if you have been together for only a year or several decades: every couple has to fight through a crisis sooner or later.

There are small arguments in huge disputes, you hardly spend more time with each other or talk constantly past each other. We’ve put together some tangible relationship tips for you to help get your dysfunctional partnership back on track. Cheer up: If both want it, there is (almost) always a way!

In a relationship crisis, it does not help anyone if you pretend. Do not play the heroine! If you are worried about the whole thing, show it quietly open. After all, the partner could otherwise draw the wrong conclusions and believe that you are not attached to the relationship.

One of the most important tips to solve conflicts! Because only when you try to look at the situation from the point of view of the partner, you understand what the problem really is. If you cannot feel into the partner, ask him directly, “How are you feeling in our relationship right now?” Unfortunately, it is by no means obvious that couples speak openly about their feelings. Too big is the fear of being “weak” or “vulnerable”.

Crawling out of a relationship hole requires a lot of effort. You cannot work on problems non-stop. Take consciously also “time out” of the crisis. Do something with your best friend or family and deal with other things. That makes for balance!

What happened to the infatuation? When the fire threatens to extinguish, it controls in a targeted way: Reminiscing together – perhaps even undertaking the same as on your first date.

Also, try to remember if you’ve ever mastered a crisis together before. Maybe you can now follow a similar strategy.

Facts about Number 1255

Number 1255 is mentioned in a song by an American artist and it is called Call 1-2-5-5 and also in the year 1255 the marriage law was finally passed in most countries around the world.


Angel number 1255 is going to appear in our lives when we are the most vulnerable and exposed to outside influences. This angel number is going to give us hope, motivation and help us distinguish good relationships from the bad ones.

All of this is going to help us feel much happier in our own skin and allow us to focus only on the inside happiness and joy of our soul.