1038 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Who are angels and what role they play in our earthly lives? Belief in angels is quite old; we could trace it back into far, ancient past.

Angels are messengers from Heaven, it has been said, pure, ethereal, immortal and egoless beings that watch over this world, by the laws of Heaven above.

Although created by the Most High, the Creator, angels have free will and they serve God by their own decision, with love.

There have been angels who denied the divine law and who rebelled, which suggests angels did have free will to choose, just as we, humans, have our own free will.

However, angels are higher beings, limited by space and time in a way different from humans.

Angels of the heavenly host, the messengers of God, could also be our guardian angels.

Angel means ‘a messenger’, a term originating from a Hebrew word for a messenger. Angels are messengers from Heaven and they have their own ranks and hierarchy.

We know some of them by names, some of the mighty archangels. We usually imagine and depict angels in a beautiful form close to our ideas of beauty and splendor.

However, the real essence of angels is out of our reach. They were immaterial and their ethereal nature incomprehensible to human conscience.

It is said that angels could take up any form they like; in art, we usually see them as beautiful winged beings in human form.

Some people have a wider view on angels and their essence and take them as an abstract energy, which corresponds with the concept of the ethereal angelic nature.

Guardian Angels

Regardless on your idea of angels, these good and godly spirits care about us. Each person has a guardian angel, or more of those celestial guardians.

Guardian angels are not a type of angels and they could come from any of the angelic orders. Guardianship is their task, their main office, their heavenly mission, which they love and gladly serve.

Guardian angels love human beings and they could never get angry with you; your misdeeds could only make them sad.

Angels would not punish you for your bad deeds, but they would also not prevent evil from happening.

You could consider them your heavenly tutors. Most of people communicate with angels on a subconscious level.

However, you could reinforce your connection with guardians. You could establish a stronger bond with your guardian angels, by listening carefully to their messages and by observing the signs they send.

Angels do work through different mediums and they do come in times of need, but they are also by our side in happy times.

They, however, do not interfere with your problems or achievements directly, there would be no point in doing so.

Angels send you messages in order to make you realize how you could do everything on your own. Angelic messages are motivating, encouraging, blissful and fortunate. Let us see into that.

Angelic Messages

Guardian angels watch over you and they know the moment in which their help is needed the most.

In times when you feel down, lost and hopeless, they will send you a sign of encouragement, a blessing from heaven, something that would prove you all is not lost and that you have yourself, but also a force of heaven that believes in you.

It could be a strange sound or a pleasant smell out of nowhere, a bird landing on your window or whatever else that would draw your attention in a curious, though calming way.

An angelic message could be an image you keep seeing all around, a symbol, a number or a letter.

Sometimes angels would send you whole sentences or numerical sequences.

Angel Number and Their Meaning

Angelic numbers are a specific type of angelic messages, because they carry very strong vibration and also a specific meaning.

If the number angels send you were multi-digit, complex, it would definitely require deeper analysis.

First, how to recognize it was an angelic number, amongst so many other numbers?

An angel number does not have to be a striking numerical sequence at all, such as, say, 666 or 777 or any other ‘jackpot’ number.

It does not have to be a single-digit number with a strong and straightforward vibe, as well. It could be any number, such as our 1038 number here.

You will know it was an angelic message by your inner voice or because the number would repeat for as long as it is needed, until you finally notice it.

Angel Number 1038

Angel number 1038 looks as any other number, but it carries a carefully chosen, layered message.

This is complex number and we have to analyze it step by step.

Four digit numbers can tell much about your personality and especially about the phase of your personal development at the moment the angel have sent you the number.

Such numbers are precious guidance.

Angel Number 1038 Composition Meaning

Let us see into the meaning of all the levels of this message. First, we have numbers 1, 0, 3 and 8, each with a specific meaning and vibration. We will see into each one.

On a second level, we observe this number as two parts, numbers 10 and 38.

Sum of their digits leaves us with numbers 1 and 2, since 1 and 0 equals 1, while 3 and 8 equals 11, that is, 1 plus 1 finally gives 2.

On a base level, the sum of all digits equals 3. Number 1, the first one, represents being the first. It stands for ambition and drive, motivation and courage, self-confidence, vitality, creativity, self-leadership, optimism, success and glory and fame.

It is focused around the self, so it could also turn into arrogance and egocentrism.

Zero represents all potential, all the infinite energy of the universe, alpha and omega, the very source of everything and it emphasizes the energy of numbers it appears along.

Number 3 represents youthful spirit and curiosity, the child within, travel, enthusiasm, restlessness, imagination, laughter and joy, sociability, manifestation and manifesting, playfulness and pleasure.

Number 8 stands for the firm ground, wealth, stability, income, self-discipline, patience, provision, and building.

Number 2 represent relationships and partnerships, bonds, love, compassion and kindness, care, diplomacy, harmony, balance, peace.

It seems that all these energies were in a good balance, so we could take this message as a very positive one.

Sometimes angels send us a mirror to remind us of the value of what we have.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1038

Angel number 1038 suggests that you were very balanced personality, one who finds great support in people around, the closest ones, but also the one who provides for them and cares about their needs and feelings.

At the same time, you have a playful, youthful spirit that never dies, which is just so refreshing!

Above all else, you take care about yourself and your needs.

You are a responsible, though not too strict and cold person. You dream big and pursue your dreams without losing nerves and believing in your cause.

Besides, you do not neglect social relations or those with people in your life. The message clearly says – keep doing so.

However, if it seems that some of these segments were out of balance, then you know what you should work on.

That is the point of such a message. A complex layered as it is, number 1038 is like a mirror of your inner and outer world. It would literally help you to see who you are and where you stand at the moment.

The image you see would help you realize if there was something that needs to be improved at this moment or not.

Angel Number 1038 and Love

This is a very auspicious message when it comes to love life. It opens you towards romantic bonds and commitment, if you do not have one already.

If you were in relationship or married, this angel number is a true blessing.

This angel number is a blissful reminder of precious relations you already have, besides those you are very likely to experience.

Enjoy every moment spent with those you love and who love you back.