Angel Number 1355 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are the numbers we see when we look around and notice that a specific number has been following us everywhere we go.

Their powerful energy and divine power makes us feel loved by our guardian angels. Whenever angel numbers come into our world, we should realize that we are being protected by the sky itself.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the angel number 1355 and see how this angel number can change our lives.

Angel Number 1355 – Interesting information

Angel number 1355 is going to teach us how to find happiness and finally enjoy our life. Be honest with you. What good is it for you when your partner keeps telling you, how great, how beautiful, how good you are?

Why do you need this recognition? And if you then hear it, can you accept it from the heart or is there a “but no …”? we often doubt ourselves and don’t have a clear sign of how much we are actually valuable.

Do you get caught in between how you force the partners to “tell you” how much they love you? All this is only done if you cannot give it all yourself.

If you get that then it’s just a short-term satisfaction and if you cannot even accept it then it’s just a waste of time and annoying for everyone involved and the game keeps going until one breaks out. At some point, a partner may not be willing to always “deliver what men / women want to hear”.

Often it then degenerates into frustration and incomprehension “he / she does not love me anymore”. Is that really true? Could it be that you do not love or not anymore?

Those who do not realize this often lose themselves in self-sacrificing giving and doing for others … seeking help for love, appreciation, happiness.

A person who loves himself, who makes himself happy and knows his own value, is a blessing for the whole environment. Not only for the partner, but also for the work environment, for the family, for the friends.

This person leaves his environment free from the crushing task to get recognition, love, and happiness. This human … this woman, this man is at rest in himself, in love with himself, in peace with himself and happy with himself.

Do you love each other? Do you appreciate yourself? Are you grateful for everything you are and what you have? Are you watching?

Do you honor yourself? Do you take responsibility for yourself and all your thoughts, feelings, action?

Honestly, is not it wonderful when a person just tells you that he loves you without any expectation of getting something for it? Such a person loves himself and when two such people are together, then true love flows without conditions.

I know, sometimes you are covered with topics and construction sites, because you lose yourself.

You feel helpless, you are scared, you are frustrated and eventually you may resign yourself to hopelessness. That’s the perfect time to meet yourself, to heal yourself and to love yourself.

And do not stress, everything takes time and it’s a process that does not end overnight. It’s like the phoenix rising from the ashes … sometimes you have to turn to ashes to be reborn as what you truly are. So that’s a great chance, right?

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1355 is a combination of angel numbers 1, 3 and 5. The angel number 1355 is going to help you realize what qualities lye inside of you and how you can change your life for the better.

Angel number 1 is a symbol of you as a person and this number helps you find confidence that you once lost due to all the bad experiences.

Angel number 3 is a symbol of spirituality and this angel number is a sure sign that you are protected by your guardian angels.

The angel number 5 symbolizes knowledge and being aware of the endless opportunities in your life.

When interpreting this angel number, make sure you listen to all the messages and combine them in order to get a clear image of what your guardian angels want for you.

Facts about Number 1355

The number 1355 is written in Roman numbers as MCCCLV and this number also marks the year 1355.

During this year, the Scottish army was able to conquer the English army and the Turks managed to defeat the Empire of Bulgaria.

The number 1355 is an odd number that has total of two prime numbers.

Number 1355 in Love

Angel number 1355 is a symbol of finding true happiness no matter how big of a change you are going to have to make in your life.

There is no need to make any practical or moral effort, no happiness is to be deserved: there is room for it within us.

A person who loves himself, who makes himself happy and knows his own value, is a blessing for the whole environment. Not only for the partner, but also for the work environment, for the family, for the friends.

If we think that happiness is the result of ideal conditions, that is if we think that we will be happy only when we have achieved that goal, or we will have reached that particular personal goal, we are postponing happiness to a utopian future that could never arrive.

Nowhere is there a perfect world without conflicts, problems, difficulties; in which all our needs and desires are satisfied. Your guardian angels are telling you this through this powerful angel number 1355, so listen to them carefully.

It is a world so ideal that it does not exist. But if happiness becomes a utopia, unhappiness becomes the norm, which can be endured for a higher purpose.

We must never oppose today’s reality to tomorrow’s dreams: reality must be our dream, today, here. Everything we need to be happy is already available to us, there is nothing else to look for.

Angel number 1355 is a perfect example of divine help an assistance that can change our lives and lead us into a much brighter and better future.


Angel number 1355 is a symbol of true happiness and finding peace in everyday life. When this angel number comes into your world, you should accept it with open arms and apply the message behind this number in your life.

The more you listen to your guardian angels, the better chance you have in reaching your goals. Your guardian angels are going to lead you to a better and more satisfying life.