9898 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Although it doesn’t seem like that to many of us, our lives are influenced by the Universal forces and beings from other realms of existence.

We as humans are taught to believe only in things and creatures we can see with our eyes, and when it comes to trusting in the existence of beings we cannot see, many of us are ready to consider that impossible.

The thought can be ridiculous to some, and for some, this thought could cause fear and worry.

Whether we choose to believe or not, these beings, so-called guardian angels are present in our lives and their aim is to prevent us from experiencing some harm or helping us in other way. They are God’s emissaries on earth and their mission is to make our lives better.

Being afraid of them or refusing to acknowledge their existence is only a way to cause ourselves harm and make mistakes.

The way our guardian angels communicate with us is usually through signs and symbols. They rarely appear to humans in person and when they do that they choose people who will deliver their message to the world. In other cases, when the message is aimed to fulfill the needs of an individual, the angels use signs.

The way the angels communicate to us is to show us the same sign repeatedly until we begin noticing that the sign is not coincidental. When we notice that we keep seeing or hearing the same sign frequently, many people who don’t know what could be the meaning of these events becomes frightened and worried.

Many people refuse to acknowledge these signs as signs from their guardian angels and instead choose to ignore them. Those who are used to angelic communication accept their signs with joy and immediately apply them to their lives.

The angels can be very persistent when people refuse to acknowledge their messages. They keep repeating their signs, until the person realizes that there is more than coincidence in these experiences and they begin looking for their meaning.

The angels usually use numbers to deliver their messages, but they also use repetitive words, sentences, songs, names, feathers, animals, birds, etc.

Numbers are a convenient way to convey their message because of the particular meaning every number has. Their messages bring us advice, encouragement, support, help, warning, protection, etc. They mean the best for us and that is why we should give their messages a chance to reach us.

Since you are now reading this text, you are most likely seeing the angel number 9898, or its variations, such as 98, 989, and 898 everywhere. You are about to find out the meaning of these angel numbers.

Angel Number 9898 – Interesting Information

The angel number 9898 is a sign of approaching abundance and manifestation of your desires and dreams in reality.

The abundance might appear in your life in various forms.

It is important to trust the Universe and your guardian angels that you will have their support in achieving your goals. This angel number symbolizes success and your efforts finally paying off.

This number encourages you to remain focused on your goals, despite possible obstacles that might arise along the way.

The angels also remind you to work on developing the trait of generosity and selflessly share your blessings and abundance with others.

In turn, that will attract more abundance in your life. 

Meaning and Symbolism

As with other angel numbers, the angel number 9898 also has a significant meaning. This number is often a sign of endings that are about to occur in your life, to make space for some new things to come.

It could indicate the end of a phase and the beginning of a new one. It is possible that your life and some parts of it are being slowed down before some change that will happen.

This angel number prepares you for the endings, but also for the times that come after the ending. You need to adapt quickly to the new circumstances that the changes will bring into your life.

It is important not to worry about these changes, but embrace them with happiness because they will be beneficial for your life in general.

When this angel number appears in your life, it could be a sign of ending of a period of financial instability and beginning of a period of abundance and building a financial foundation for your future security. It might be the time to finally relax and stop with financial worries.

This number will help you focus on the most important goals you have and help you achieve them without much effort. The angel number 9898 could be a sign that you need to get rid of and remove from your life to be able to move towards your goals and achieve them.

Maybe something has been preventing your progress for a long time and the angels are telling you that it is time to put a stop on that.

Remove all things and people that don’t have any purpose in your life. And don’t look back. This also includes all negativity, like negative feelings, memories, past hurts, etc.

The 9898 angel number could be a sign of success finally coming to your life after hard work and efforts you have put into achieving your desires.

This could also be a calling from the Universe to begin using your gifts for the benefit of humanity. 9898 could also be a sign of developing your spirituality. 

Number 9898 in Love

The angel number 9898 could be a sign of changes in your love life. A phase could end to prepare space for a new one.

If you are in an unsatisfying relationship, this angel number could mean that the relationship will go through a transformation and sometimes, it could mean that it will end. If the number announces the ending of your relationship, it is likely that you will soon encounter someone new and start a relationship with this person.

A combination of these numbers symbolizes abundance and good fortune, so even if the number announces endings, these endings won’t bring misfortune.

For single people, this angel number could be a sign of starting a new relationship and experiencing an abundance of love and romance. 

Facts about Number 9898

The angel number 9898 combines the influence of the numbers 8 and 9. The power of these numbers is amplified because they appear twice.

Because the sum of the digits in this number is 7, this number is also influenced by the energy of number 7 (9 + 8 + 9 + 8 = 34 = 3 + 4 = 7).

The number 7 symbolizes good fortune, spirituality, spiritual evolving, spiritual knowledge, mysticism, inner wisdom, intuition, inner guidance, empathy, psychic abilities, etc.

The number 8 symbolizes focus, determination, honesty, tradition, abundance, financial security, foundations, patience, power, dependability, reliability, authority, ambition, success, inner wisdom, manifestation of desires, especially wealth and abundance, discipline, practicality, etc.

The number 9 symbolizes lightworking, endings, inner – strength, wisdom, humanitarianism, helping others, serving others, philanthropy, communication, spirituality, selflessness, divine life purpose, Universal Spiritual Laws, being an example to others, intuition, leadership, etc.

The combined influence of these numbers carries a message of manifestation of your desires into reality, creating abundance and wealth and providing security for your future.

It could be a sign of starting a spiritual journey where you will develop your spirituality further as well as expand your spiritual knowledge.

It indicates using your psychic abilities to help others, and is often a sign of change in career and starting career where you serve others.

Maybe this won’t mean changing your current career completely but starting humanitarian and lightworking job parallel. Because the number 9 is a symbol of endings, the appearance of this number is often a sign of endings of phases, relationships, etc. only to make space for new things to come.

Regardless of what happens in your life after you start seeing the angel number 9898, this number has a good meaning in general, and you will soon be the witness of its power.


If it seems to you that you keep seeing the angel numbers 9898, 98, 989, 898 often enough that it cannot be coincidence, chances are that you are being contacted by your guardian angels.

You shouldn’t be worried, because like every angel number, the number 9898 has an overly good meaning.

It might announce some unpleasant things happening in your life such as endings of relationships and phases, but these changes will have a beneficial effect on your life.

Try do decipher the message this angel number brings to your life and apply it. You won’t regret it.