Angel Number 1444 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Symbolism of angel numbers differs from one number to another. Sometimes these numbers have a strong message to send to you that is going to completely change the way you look at life and other times they are there to teach you a lesson or just to encourage you on your path to success.

Angel numbers have a strong symbolism and can truly help us become better people and become stronger when life starts to become hard.

Seeing angel numbers is not hard since they are going to make themselves present no matter how hard we try to ignore them.

In today’s text we are going to see the true meaning behind the angel number 1444 and what this number can teach us.

Angel Number 1444 – Interesting information

Angel number 1444 is going to teach you the art of thinking positively. You can handle stress and grief better with a positive attitude and it is better for relationships and you are prevented from condemning other people. What I like most: with the right attitude, you will also resist the urge to gossip and blaspheme others.

To be negative, to worry and to live with the “what if” and “should” philosophies is much more exhausting. But thinking positive is not so easy. It has a lot to do with analyzing yourself. Your guardian angels are going to help you figure this out. In order to be able to present a positive attitude, one must also know his weaknesses and stand by them. A fact that requires a lot of overcoming and self-confidence. Nevertheless, every human being can do it, and so can you.

It is important to work on it step by step and not to give up. Positive thinking also means living in the present as well as possible, and will lighten not only your life, but also the mood of the people around you. Attitude is the lens through which you look at reality. It shapes your life. Look at your own attitude very accurately and honestly.

Every single person you meet should be valued and treated with courtesy. You have to realize that they all have feelings and their own view of life. This may differ from yours but is equally valid. Respect for other people also has a positive effect on your own self-esteem. Whether you look down on people who have no special strengths, or look up to people who have more experience, or accomplished more than you.

Constantly comparing yourself with others shifts your focus to others rather than what you can what you want and what you are good at.

Also, avoid comparing your friends, children, etc. with others. If we want to improve something, we have to begin inside the person and focus only on the person. What others do or do not do for the first time only affects the others! Do not shirk responsibility and do not make excuses. But on the contrary. Take responsibility, make a mistake, fix it and learn from it. Do not handle a mistake and do not stick to the past. Try to live today, in the here and now. It’s normal if you feel bad or have pain. Physically as well as psychologically. Try to see this as a directional pointer, as a signal. As a positive, important function of your body and mind to protect your true self.

Recall that if someone wants to belittle you, if someone wants to cross your borders. Your value is determined by yourself; from your being, your true self. No one can change your intrinsic value unless you consciously allow it. Make it clear that you cannot play with you. Keep your limits and move forward. If you have a bad day, feel bogged down, or just feel insecure and hesitant, and then keep in mind that this is not an excuse for wasting time on other people or crossing their borders.

Time is the most valuable possession we have. If you feel like wasting your time, then that’s your decision, but do not waste the time of other people. Too often, people create long to-do lists and self-manage if they’ve done just a few of the items listed on the list. Ok, keep your main list of the points you want to do so that you do not forget important things for you, but also keep a second list that you update daily.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 1444 combines the power of angel numbers 1 and 4. In the Tarot, The Wizard, Arcanum number 1, initiates the evolutionary journey of the 22 major Arcana. In Numerology, the number 1 starts the evolutionary path of the 9 cycles that make up each stage of life.

We are before the starting point, the initial impulse, and the seed. Decision making, initiative, our individuality and personal positioning define the meaning of number 1. It affirms us before the world and tells us in what areas of our lives there is this dynamic of affirmation. This number also represents the Archetype of the Father.

A digit of Destiny or Way of Life 1 invites us to develop or balance these aspects. Number 1 tells us that the person has the tools of this digit. Finding it in any of the areas of the numerological map of a person indicates that it has autonomy, momentum, capacity for action, will and ideas. These are basic aspects of a 1, which will be accompanied, strengthened or perhaps weakened by the expectation of other digits.

Excesses or deficiencies capable of unbalancing the basic features of this great initiator should also be taken into account, and not fall into their Traps. The letters A, J and S are the containers of the meaning of number 1.

Throughout history, incalculable legends and mythological beliefs have linked the meaning of number 4 with different qualities such as stability and happiness, but if there is something that really characterize this figure, that is luck. Why else would the intuition about the four-leaf clover survive to this day?

It is one of the oldest amulets of humanity and its fame has spread throughout all cultures, regardless of the premonitions of each of them. The difficulty in finding a 4-leaf clover is quite high, with the 3-leaf clover being the most common species.

Thus, the luck that augurs number four is closely related to happiness, a characteristic that, therefore, is also attributed to and related to this particular number. The symbolism of number 4 represents the builder and predicts stability, order and law. In addition this number is accompanied by the strength of Uranus to be its equivalent in astrology. However we have also found some

But this free and singular spirituality that lives in the number 4 is not incompatible with stability, a characteristic inherent in them, always linked with nature. There are four seasons of the year (Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring), four cardinal points (West, East, South, North) and four natural elements that can be found on planet Earth (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) .

The personality of number 4 in personal relationships, we could say that it is a person with fixed opinions and stubborn attitude, the number four can have certain problems when it comes to relate.

They tend to be argumentative and serious people, they tend to adopt a somewhat heavy and apathetic attitude at work, a fact that usually leads them not to make too many friendships in their work environments. What is certain is that their constancy and solidity will provide in their love relationships a balance difficult to find in these times, so when they find a person compatible with them, it is very likely that their love will last for a lifetime.

These high probabilities of finding a stable relationship will increase if your partner is also a number four, despite equal approaches, or a nine, for the compatibility of spiritual thinking and intelligences. Now you know the meaning of number 4 and all aspects related to your personality.

Number 1444 in Love

In Love, angel number 1444 is going to help you realize the depth of your emotions and whether they can withstand the test of time or not.

Sometimes we are smitten by the first impulses of falling in love with someone, but we don’t realize that these feelings are not deep and meaningful. This angel number is going to give you an opportunity to test your relationship and to see whether you are a good fit or not.

For those who are still searching for love, angel number 1444 is going to give an opportunity to get to know their inner self and discover what they really need and not just what they want.

Sometimes what we want is completely different from what we need.

Facts about Number 1444

Number 1444 is mentioned in the title of a TV show called “1444 secret code” and also in the title of a movie called “1444”.


To summarize, angel number 1444 is going to bring in vibrancies of angel numbers 1 and 4, which can teach you a lot. These two angel numbers will influence you in many ways and help you realize your mistake.

When you see the angel number 1444 everywhere around you, be sure that an important message is being sent to you by the spiritual realm, so listen to it carefully.