Crab – Spirit Animal, Totem, Symbolism and Meaning

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Crabs are crustaceans which live in salt and fresh water, as well as on land. Their body is covered in a thick exoskeleton and they have a pair of strong gripping claws.

Crabs can vary in size. Some are few millimeters wide, and there are some species, with a leg span of up to 4m.

The males often have larger claws than the females. There is also a difference between them in the form of their abdomen. Male crabs usually have triangular abdomens, while the females have more rounded ones.

They use different means to attract their mate, such as pheromones, acoustic, vibratory or visual means. Female crabs can store the sperm a long time before they use it to fertilize their eggs. Crabs go through different stages of development until they reach their adult form.

Terrestrial crabs often must reach the ocean to release their larvae into the water. They sometimes cross great distances on that path. The larvae spend some time in the water and then they go on a reverse path.

Young crabs go through many molting phases before becoming adults. Their hard shell would prevent their growth and they need to molt it. Their molting cycles are regulated by hormones. The old shell softens and erodes and a new shell begins forming under the old one.

The process is long, and some crabs die in the process if they stuck. When the crab frees itself from the shell, its body is very soft and makes the crab spend most of its time in hiding before its new shell hardens. The soft shell can be expanded so it enables the crab’s future growth.

Crabs are known for their typical sidewalks. Some species walk forwards and backwards. Some crab species are able to swim.

Crabs are active animals. They also have unique behavioral patterns. They are often aggressive towards each other. They often fight to conquer hiding holes. Males often fight to approach the females. Some species dig burrows in the mud or sand.

They use them for hiding, resting, mating, and defending themselves against potential intruders.

Crabs feed on algae, molluscs, worms, and other crustaceans, etc. Their diet is so good that enables them to grow fast.

They are known to work together to provide food and shelter for their family. 

What does the Crab Symbolize?

Crab symbolizes the moon. Its hard shell symbolizes vulnerability, protection, protectiveness, and shyness.

Its shell also represents its home so it is a symbol of security and happy home life.

Crabs also symbolize clinginess, side walking, resilience, never giving up, persistence, defensiveness, sensitivity, psychic gifts, intuition, emotions, facing fears, fears, individuality, reclusiveness, reclusion, community, camouflage, cycles, home, mobility, action, energy, changes, and transformation.

The Meanings of a Crab as a Spirit Animal

The Crab as a spirit animal can have many different meanings. Here are some of them:

Clinginess. The crab has strong gripping claws. When it grabs something it is hard to open its claws. That is why it is a symbol of clinginess. If this is your totem animal, you could be prone to such behavior and sometimes even considered to clingy on things or people.

The crab totem is teaching you of the need to stand on your own feet and rely on yourself and your abilities.

Resilience and protectiveness. The crab’s grip can be considered a sign of resilience and the trait of never giving up. The crab totem teaches you to decide what you want and when you get it, hold on to it. Be protective of what you know it is rightfully yours.

Defensiveness. Crabs are a sign of defensiveness. With the crab as your totem you could be defensive and rejecting the process of inevitable change.

Renewal. Crabs shed their shells when they outgrow them, and that is why they symbolize renewal.

Side walking. Crabs are known for their side walking. The crab totem can be a reminder that sometimes the path to our desired goals doesn’t have to be a straight line. Maybe you need to find another approach to achieve what you want. Maybe you need to focus on something else first.

The crab as your spirit animal helps you decide on the right actions to achieve exactly what you desire.

Community. Crabs are animals who work together for the sake of their community. The crab spirit animal is asking you to understand the importance of joined efforts so that everyone can feel the benefits.

Reclusion. Crabs are known to be reclusive at times. With this totem animal you tend to be like that as well. You need your separate space and exclusive time for yourself. You know when it’s time to retreat.

Curiosity. Crabs are curious animals, and this totem animal most likely shares this trait with you. You enjoy exploring and discovering new things. 

Crab as Your Totem Animal

You are an easy-going person, which goes with the flow. You could also be very shy and self – defensive.

You tend to be reclusive at times to protect your individuality and devote some of your time exclusively to yourself and your needs.

With the crab as your totem you are not a very trusting person. People need to earn your trust. You tend to invest a lot in the people who become your friends.

They often stay in that position for life. If they betray your trust, you will be hurt but remove them instantaneously from your life.

You might appear shy in the company of people you don’t know, but you are actually a very open and communicative when you’re in the company of long time acquaintances. You are fun to be around but very few people get to see you in that light.

As a crab person you are very curious and enjoy exploring new things. You are usually successful and blessed with good luck.

You are family oriented and you tend to make your home a safe oasis where you find pleasure in the company of your loved ones.

What if the Crab Appears in Your Life?

When a crab enters your life it could be a sign of changes you might soon experience.

Maybe it is time to change the direction of your life. Maybe you are consumed with emotions and you are stressed about something.

The appearance of a crab in your life could also mean that you need to begin trusting others more. Maybe you have been very reclusive and refusing to open up.

This animal could also appear to encourage you to begin exploring more of your interests.

When to call on a Crab?

You should call on a crab as your spirit animal when:

  • You want to relax and go with the flow;
  • You need to stop being overly clingy;
  • You want to become more open to others;

Dreams about a Crab – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams about crabs could indicate that you are overly dependent on someone or something and you need to gain some independence.

Maybe you are overly protective of something or someone, and the dream sends you a message to stop behaving in such a manner.

Sometimes this dream could indicate some negative emotions you have been hanging on for a long time.

It is asking you to release them and move on with your life.