What Does the Number 5 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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Bible symbolism and its origin has been researched for hundreds of years. Besides stories that teach us the values of life, Bible hides symbolism of numbers as well. today’s subject will be the number 5. The Five is calm and is an observer, but at times tends to be passive and can not always express its needs.

The opinion of your fellow human beings interests you only marginally. Since quarrel is almost inevitable. Your job is to get this occasional impulsiveness under control.

But there is so much more to this number besides these basic characteristics, and that is exactly our subject today.

What Does 5 Mean in the Bible?

In the sacred book the number five is mentioned, exactly 318 times, and the grace that has been given to man by God is attributed to him, through the five senses. In the passage of the fight between David and Goliath, the giant that collected five smooth stones.

In the text that is reflected in 1 Samuel 17 is mentioned the victory of the young shepherd over the giant, granted by the Lord’s graces.

In the Tarot, the number five is represented by the deck of the High Priest, which is related to intelligence, wisdom and philosophy. In relation to this letter, qualities such as balance, sincerity and tolerance also stand out.

The number 5 can break a relationship due to its restless nature, but while in a relationship will not deceive your partner.

However, when you are not in a relationship, you are considered free to go out with whoever you want and have no trouble dating another person every day of the week.

Meaning and Symbolism

The number 5 stands in numerology for the planet Mercury. So-called fives are extremely versatile and intelligent as well as very flexible. You are born for business and, for example, ideally suited for employment as a merchant or speculator on the stock market. For the banking and stock market, they can arouse as much interest and enthusiasm as they do for gambling.

With the money they currently have, they are willing to put their luck to the test. Also in the field of sports, the fiver feels comfortable, as well as in the company of the opposite sex. Fives are very well suited, for example, to run a travel agency or to be a tour guide, because they like to get involved and quickly get excited about social activities.

Fives are very lively and quick-witted, but can also be very impulsive. Above all, their good knowledge of human nature is a distinguishing feature of the fives.

But they also have negative characteristics that they have to overcome.

For example, they do not have too much stamina, are very easily irritable, and their anger eats out quite quickly.

Nevertheless, it is precisely the fives that can quickly make friends with new people.

The prerequisite for this, however, is that the opposite of the fiver also makes a sympathetic impression, at least to a certain extent.

People who are among the fives have a pronounced tendency to socializing. Whimsy can quickly break its high tolerance limit.

Therefore, the fiver should rely in the selection of his “friends” on his gut feeling and his knowledge of human nature. Fives are always ready to discover something new and to work for the benefit of the general public.

However, they never want to be restricted in what they do, but want to be able to develop freely. It is important for fives to know that they are just right where they are, even if they make them outsiders.

In the traditional interpretation of number symbolism, the number 5 is ambivalent. On the one hand, it is a symbol of man with his five senses. In Chinese philosophy, as the number of the middle, it represents the connection between yin and yang, that is, between the feminine and the masculine.

On the other hand, we also have sayings such as “being the fifth wheel on the car” or “letting the fifth go straight”. These refer to the negative aspects that have always been associated with the number 5: incompleteness and inaccuracy. Such interpretations are based on the fact that the number five is odd, which, in contrast to the even numbers, has either “too much” or “too little”.

Such considerations and approaches to interpretation also play a role when we dream of the number 5. Also, the number 5 can appear in mathematical dream situations, for example, as a grade or as part of a computational task. How exactly is the number interpreted as a dream symbol?

In the general dream interpretation, the number 5 suggests character traits such as thirst for adventure, courage and curiosity. In this context, the symbol often refers to upcoming changes in the life of the person concerned. He is always open to new things and tends to get bored quickly.

However, he should be careful not to act carelessly and irresponsibly in his way of life. Who dreams of the number five, is very fickle and could thereby offend his fellow human beings.

In addition, the number 5 is always closely related to man and his being. For example, we have five fingers on our hands, five toes on each foot, and our entire perception is based on our five senses.

Against this background, the symbol “number 5” also applies in the dream as a symbol for life, as well as for the entire action of the person concerned. Depending on the emotions that are felt in the dream, it can be seen whether one acts reasonably enough, or whether there are areas in one’s own life that should be further explored or designed in a completely different way.

In the psychological interpretation of dreams, the symbol “number 5” is also closely related to human life. Psychoanalysts assume that the number five appears in the dream especially when the body wants to communicate something to the person concerned. This can be, for example, a lack of specific vitamins, but also an emotional imbalance, which has a negative effect on physical well-being.

Maybe the dreaming is subconsciously longing for more closeness. He may also wish for clearer lines in life, not sure where his place really is. The dreamed number 5 also requires exploring yourself and developing a solution. The number five symbolizes spiritual perception of one’s own physical perception.

Number 5 in Love

No crisis can shake it. Your lucky days are Wednesday and Friday. The best days they should choose for their efforts, of course, are 5, 14 or 23 – best is 5. Their biggest drawback is that they use all their creative energy and are exposed to nervous ailments. They are angry about a mistake and can not face any failure.

You are not a fan of loud parties, but you are not a hermit either. You would like to meet only a handful of friends, in a small circle you feel good.

Otherwise, you are also happy for yourself. Then you can think about everything you have experienced or what is coming. If you feel that you can not develop freely, you may panic slightly. If something is important to you, you are unyielding and stubborn.

Facts about Number 5

Change, freedom and new views are connected with your unique energy. You do not like limiting your ideals or ways of thinking. Of inner growth, development and spiritual challenges. You are connected with life and vitality and an enthusiastic and clear thinker, quick to understand, performance-oriented, versatile and sensitive. Your interest often goes out to complicated matters and you hate superficiality and routine.

You may learn to find inner freedom through discipline, concentration and profound experiences. The critical point in your life goal is the depth of the experience, not the amount of experience. Sometimes you are afraid of close relationships or intimacy, because you think that others expect everything from you and limit you in your freedom. In fact, you limit yourself to engage in deep relationships and gain more fulfilling experiences.

When you are in your power you can reach depth in all facets of your life and enjoy simple things. You can also clarify complex issues and transfer them to others and be an excellent teacher. You can be a fluent speaker and a witty interlocutor and only enliven each group through your presence.

Ultimately, true freedom means to you the liberation of illusions, inner limitations and of material concerns by entering into the dimension of spiritual experiences.

There is much more to tell about your life purpose number and all the numbers that affect your life.

Different numbers are active in different phases of your life, all of which have a specific meaning. If you understand this, you can make use of it, grow in your personal power, increase your self-insight and start your destination.


There is much more to tell about your life purpose number and all the numbers that affect your life.

Different numbers are active in different phases of your life, all of which have a specific meaning. If you understand this, you can make use of it, grow in your personal power, increase your self-insight and start your destination.

Numbers then become keys to reach your essential core, life-course life-destination, insight into yourself and relationships with others. You learn in a playful way how you can calculate and interpret the numbers for yourself and for others.

In this course we use a fascinating book that you can order here. Hopefully we have brought closer to you, the endless symbolism of this number or at least woken up your interest for its mystery.