Angel Number 556 – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you ever noticed a certain number following you everywhere you go, then this number is actually an angel number.

These are numbers that our guardian angels send us when they want to catch our attention.

The goal of these angel numbers is to send us a message from our guardian angels and help us notice the mistakes we have been making the entire time.

Sometimes they are carrying a sign of confirmation for everything we have been doing and other times a lesson on how to be better.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning and symbolism of the angel number 556.

Angel Number 556 – Interesting information

Angel number 556 is trying to bring you back to your roots and make you value spirituality more. The best way to do this is by meditating and going back to your true self.

When meditating you do (at least superficially) nothing. This is very unusual for most people. No wonder that body and mind fight against it for the first time. Do not be surprised if after a short time you feel the irresistible urge to get up.

Or if your nose itches suddenly, your back hurts and your feet are cold. Perhaps during the exercise you are absolutely convinced that it is utter nonsense to continue meditating. Hold on anyway! In the beginning there are only a few minutes, that’s really possible. You will see: Gradually, these defense reactions become noticeably weaker.

As you meditate, you decelerate and get out of the hamster wheel of everyday life for a few minutes. Immediately after the exercise to get back into this hamster wheel would be a pity. After the meditation, take a few more minutes to get back into everyday life.

If you like, drink a glass of water or eat a snack, stretch or gently pinch yourself. All of these physical stimuli help you to re-establish yourself fully in the realm of reality.

The breathing meditation is the basis of many other techniques. It’s easy to do: get into your preferred meditation posture, set a short-term alarm clock if you want, and close your eyes. Concentrate on your breath now. You do not have to change it, just perceive what’s there.

Feel the breath as it flows through your nose or mouth into your body, flows down the trachea into your lungs and widens your upper body, only to immediately return to the way back and leave your body.

Try to focus only on your breath during meditation. When other thoughts arise, you just push them away as soon as you notice them.

Visualization means using the power of your imagination in meditation. And this is how it works: Get into your meditation posture and close your eyes. Then imagine a place where you feel really comfortable and where you can recharge your batteries.

This can be, for example, a beach or a lake, a forest clearing, a cave or even a very different place. Whether you have seen the place before or are thinking of it right now is irrelevant. Imagine how you are in this place and how you can fuel yourself.

Try to perceive as many details as possible. Hear the birdsong or the waves, pay attention to smells and the feeling of the ground below you. Focus on your place as long as the exercise lasts. There you can always return in meditation to recharge your batteries.

Affirmations are words or short sentences that you tell yourself during meditation. For example, say, “I am calm and relaxed.” Or “I am grateful for what I have.” Imagine your own affirmations that you use during meditation. But make sure that the sentences are short, clear and positive. Renounce negation.

This mindfulness meditation is about feeling your body. As you meditate, gradually focus your attention on each part of your body. Start with your toes and slowly work your way up until you reach the head.

How small you do it depends on how much time you want to spend on meditation. Pay attention to your body and see how it feels. Where do you have tension, pain or discomfort? Where does your body feel good and powerful? You do not have to change anything, just perceive what’s there.

In this exercise, you’ll focus your attention on the ground under your feet (or under your back if you’re meditating in a lying position). Imagine roots growing out of your feet or back.

They effortlessly penetrate the ground beneath you and the floors below, until they reach the fertile soil below you.

Imagine how you are firmly connected to the ground and how power flows from there into your body.

Before you finish the meditation, imagine how the roots retreat out of the earth into your body.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 556 is a symbol of reconnecting with yourself first.

This angel number teaches us how to be calmer and more relaxed in everyday stressful situations.

Angel number 5 is a symbol of knowledge, and that knowledge can refer to you as a person.

Perhaps you need to focus on learning more about yourself as a human being and not over-stress about the things you cannot change.

The angel number 6 is a symbol of family and friends, but also relationships.

This angel number pushes us to be more connected to others and to learn from our past mistakes, especially when it comes to relationships.

Facts about Number 556

Number 556 is linked to the year 556 in which many wars and foreign conquests took place.

This year is also an important year for the scientists and historians who are studying the Byzantine era.

Number 556 in Love

Angel number 556 teaches us how to love ourselves first, and from that love everything else will grow more beautiful and fruitful.

Always wanting to be perfect puts you under constant stress. You chase after a wishful image that is unlikely to be reached and so you will always feel inferior. The first step to a strong sense of self begins with your own acceptance. You’re good enough the way you are, so let go.

It is not bad to fail, it is part of life. There is no one who has never failed, and that’s a good thing. Failure makes us stronger and more mature. Only by failing will we be prepared for difficult life situations and learn something from them every time.

Think about it. Do you treat friends and family better than yourself? Low self-esteem makes you value others more than yourself. But just as you love your family and friends, you should also love yourself.

Why should not you, too, deserve to be well treated by yourself? Do not only consider the needs of others, but also realize your wishes and dreams. Nobody will blame you if you ask for something.

By always having a dream in mind, in between, you remember to do something for yourself. What can you do to make this dream come true? It also does not have to be big dreams, small goals are easier to reach and you can always look for new ones.

Big goals, such as having a safari in Africa, take more time, but they also remind you of what’s important to you.

You work for this journey and you are patient, but in the end, you do it all for yourself. You do not sacrifice yourself for others, but for yourself, because it is worth fighting for your dream.


Angel number 556 is an important number and it can do so much for you, but only if you decide to accept the message that is hidden behind this angel number.

Your guardian angels simply want to attract your attention and get you to listen to their messages, and whether you are going to do that or not is your decision.