Angel Number 644 – Meaning and Symbolism

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If you ever noticed a number following you around no matter where you go, then you have probably been visited by the guardian angels. Their way of contacting us is by sending us angel numbers that allow us to see the mistakes we have been making and give us guidance about where to go next.

Their powerful energies always draw us close to them so there is no way of missing out on a message behind the angel number.

Angel Number 644 – Interesting information

The angel number 644 is a symbol of being determined and achieving the goals you have set for yourself. I keep meeting people who set goals and simply do not reach them. These goals may even be really serious and it may seem that they are right smart and formulated goals.

Nevertheless, these people simply lack the drive to really take the necessary steps in the longer term.

Ultimately, they try anyway and are frustrated because they cannot do it and do not really know why.

The reason why these people fail is usually that they do not really want to do it. I’m not even talking about a conscious or rational will. That exists for most people. Otherwise, they would not settle for such a goal at all.

What I’m talking about here is that these people often lack a clear why. They lack something that drives them from within to reach their destination. This may either be because they really do not want it at all, or because they have not spent enough time thinking about it. This manifests itself in the fact that they find no time for sport or give in to their cravings for sweets and thereby to haggle over their goals.

With this article I want to help you to understand why you might have been unnecessarily hard on the way to your goals. I want to tell you the difference between conscious, rational reasons and a true, emotionally strong why.

You should understand what makes a really good why and also be able to find your why that drives you on the way to your goal. If you have occasionally failed your goals, or perhaps even more frequently, then you should take the time to read this article and engage with it.

If you have set a goal, then hopefully you will have an answer to the question of why you want to reach the goal. The key question is how much power is in this answer. It really matters less if an answer is conscious, rational and desirable.

Ultimately, it depends on how much emotional connection there is behind the answer, if you really want to achieve something.

In order to make the whole thing something plastic, I would like to show you, by means of a common goal, the typical first answers, how different they can be. These are each responses from people who have set themselves the goal of losing 10 pounds and more.

These answers are not all good answers at first glance. If someone has tried to achieve his goals on the basis of such a reason, it certainly does not surprise you that he has not made it yet, right?

However, this does not mean that there are no reasons behind it that are able to create a strong emotional connection. I will come to that later. Without a clear why, it will be difficult for you to get ahead.

You probably notice how these answers directly more power, right? If you have such an answer, then you are already much closer to your goal than the people with the first examples. Therefore, it is important that you find out your true why if you want to achieve your goals.

Of course, you can achieve smaller goals with a bit of planning and discipline. But if you’re heading for a really big goal for yourself, then you need a stronger drive behind it, and it will help you with an emotional power. That’s why one of the first questions I ask of someone who comes to me is to reach a goal, “Why?”

A clear why gives you impetus and paves the way for you. If you are now looking for your why, then there are some things that make a good answer. Of course, the whole thing does not follow strict rules and ultimately you should be able to judge for yourself whether your answer has enough power to pull you to your goal.

In order to make the whole thing a little easier, however, I propose some criteria for you, based on which you objectively better answer your and others’ answers to the why question.

If all of these criteria apply, you can be pretty sure that you have found a good answer to why you want to reach your goal and that very goal. This will give you a stable base and help you to take the next steps, such as creating the right habits.

Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 644 combines the messages of angel numbers 6 and 4. The angel number 6 is telling you to believe and to have a positive mindset, while the angel number 4 is a symbol of determination and power of will.

These two numbers are a great motivation and can help you reach deep inside of you and find that inner strength. No matter how weak you think you are, there is always power hidden in every one of us that can help us become better human beings. There is a reason why angel numbers come into our world, so always listen to their messages if you want to see true changes.

Number 644 in Love

Angel number 644 is going to make you see the mistakes you have been making in love. Gain distance from the love relationship, regroup, take time for yourself, and reconsider one’s own feelings: a relationship break is a way for many couples to overcome crises, rekindle fire, and avert a final separation.

That sounds good in theory. But does a relationship break work in practice? In some cases, a relationship break can be quite useful. Temporary separation can give both partners the opportunity to think about the relationship in peace, face positive and negative aspects, and become aware of their own desires, feelings and needs.

A temporary break also offers the opportunity to reflect on one’s own behavior, to recognize one’s own parts and to become aware of the value of the relationship. If both partners make intensive use of the break in this way and bring about a willingness to change, new closeness can arise.

For which couples is a relationship break useful? And by what factors do you decide as a coach, if you advise a couple to a love break? It is recommended only a few couples in practice to have such a love break, because simply many conditions must be met, so that it is not just a “separation on installments”.

The basic prerequisite for a relationship break to be meaningful and effective can be found in the honest and great interest of both partners in trying to save the relationship as well as the willingness to work for and for each other. If one of them has already terminated the connection internally, a relationship break is the wrong way.

Conflicts in a partnership that have deep roots and are already smoldering for a long time, require more intensive contact, communication and possibly also a couple therapy. For example, if a partner has gone astray, but both therefore do not fundamentally question the mutual relationship, then a relationship break can, under favorable conditions, help sort and evaluate what has happened.

A concrete rule of thumb, how long the relationship break should last, does not exist. Very roughly one could call a period of a few weeks to a few months, always depending on the underlying problem. The danger of too short a break is that the desired distance cannot pay, but a too long separation can lead to a divergence. Here an agreement among the participants is necessary: ​​Both should consider which period makes sense, and then find a compromise.

Shared obligations, but in particular shared children, make a separation difficult for a long time. Certain professional connections or private obligations (circle of friends, party with acquaintances, etc.), for example, may still be organized, with common children it is already much more difficult. If the children are still small, I would definitely refrain from a relationship break and rather recommend couples therapy.

With older children one should weigh up very well and decide best with external help whether a relationship break is really the only possible way. How consistent should the love break be? May there be phone calls or personal meetings in between – or do you recommend total radio silence?

Clear agreements and binding rules are absolutely necessary if a couple plans a relationship break.

Therefore, both parties should also agree before the break time, whether a contact – of any kind – should take place or not. Important: This is about any form of contact, be it just a short text message on the phone. I recommend that couples who opt for a temporary separation, a strict ban on contact for this period.

Only then can the break also fulfill its purpose properly: in peace and without “disturbance” about the small everyday issues.

Facts about Number 644

The number 644 is linked to the year 644 in which many groundbreaking events took place but also many famous people were born or died.


Angel number 644 is a powerful number and a number that can truly give you a second chance in life.

Having this number appear around you is a great way to start over and begin your journey again with much more will and determination than ever before.