Angel Number 656 – Meaning and Symbolism

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your guardian angels send you angel numbers in order to motivate you to discover your hidden qualities and desires. The angel numbers that come into your life are always there for a reason, and the sooner you discover the hidden message behind them, the sooner you can start resolving your problems.

In today’s article we are going to talk about the angel number 656 and how this angel number can change your life.

Angel Number 656 – Interesting information

Angel number 656 is teaching you how to be more grateful in life and how to pay attention to the people who love you. There is nothing better than a good friend. Even if you have not taken much time for him or her lately: True friends are the fruit juice in your lucky cocktail. Without them, life would be short and intense. Because close, supportive, positive relationships protect against depression and let you live longer.

With the following advice from your guardian angels you not only catapult your own happiness, but also strengthen the relationship with your favorite people. Write down, for which you are grateful to your good friend. Let everything flow freely on the sheet. What has this person already done for you? What qualities do you particularly love about her?

If you want, you can tell this to this special person. A long letter? A video? Or maybe a nice little card for your wallet? Your creativity knows no limits. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been? What is the most beautiful place you can reach on foot or by bike?

Appreciation for this magical world, with all its beauty – even on your doorstep – brings you back in touch with your roots. They ground you. And helps you to make easier and better win-win-win decisions. Decisions that do you good, others that do you good – and that preserve our homeland. That can also be challenging: For example, I have recently decided (almost) not to fly anymore.

Why are you grateful to this earth? What is there on this earth that satisfies you with wonder, with appreciation? (These questions may seem strange to you, but remember: without this earth, you would not exist.) Let go and hold on to your thoughts. Place pictures that reflect what you are thankful for. Also, from the near & far nature beauties, so you have them again and again in mind. And hang with them more often.

This advice enlivens your happiness. Because gratitude means to live in abundance. And because win-win decisions connect you to what’s really important to you. At the latest in math class we have learned: Life also has its downsides. Some valleys run around in a circle only briefly, others like abysses, in which so easily no sunbeam flashes. No matter where you are at the moment, any situation, even challenging it, always has two sides.

Just when you cannot change the current state, gratitude can help you to be more helpful with it. What did you learn through this challenging situation? Which doors are open for you? And what was supposedly better not so ideal?

This advice can help you a lot. That’s why it’s especially important to me to pass it on to you. Now write down all the reasons that come to mind, why you can be grateful for the fact that it came like that. That may sound silly at first.

Therefore, give yourself time for this part (at least 20 minutes). Write down every reason. This will open you up for more.

Depending on the challenge, stretching this exercise over a longer period of, for example, one week can help. You can sit down for a quarter of an hour every day, read over and over again what you have already found and let more gratitude grow in you.

Gratitude is to pass on the love that you have received. This love can come from your friends, your family, but also from strangers, from a higher power or from the earth. No matter where the sources of love are for you, carry them on into the world. Duplicate them. Your smile will grow bigger – and that of your fellow human beings too.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 656 combines the spiritual messages of angel numbers 6 and 5.

These angel number all have something valuable to teach you, so open up you heart to them.

Angel number 6 symbolizes family and friends. This angel number helps you to be more grateful for having them in your life and allows you to appreciate them more.

Angel number 5 is a symbol of knowledge and getting to know yourself. This angel number helps you to be more aware of the things you can do and teaches you how you can achieve the goals set for the future.

Number 656 in Love

Angel number 656 is going to teach you how to listen more carefully to the desires of your partner or love interest in order to form a better relationship. It is hard for you to think straight, all because you did not listen to your intuition for a very long time. Especially we women got this gift. Our intuition is our gut feeling, our inner alarm bells when we subconsciously perceive that something is wrong or something is not good for us.

You know that: You’re in a situation where you have a weird gut feeling and your inner voice is screaming at you, “No, do not do that! That does not do you any good! “- and you ignore them anyway, just because you tell yourself” Oh, that will be, what’s wrong with that? “By the way, knowing that it will have consequences, but that you like at the moment ignore. Not only from my own experience, but also from experiences of others, I can tell you that if you pretend that you do not hear that inner voice, you will almost certainly hurt yourself.

Well, I resisted that loud and almost aggressive voice and continued to hit me. Why? I found this man extremely attractive, we have the same sense of humor, we laughed so much together and I felt very safe in his arms (he is 40cm taller than me and muscular). And to make sure that my gut feeling was wrong, I attributed meaning to superficial similarities that were beyond reality.

These emotions were intensified by regular and genuinely good communication, in which women are known to release an incredible amount of oxytocin (the so-called binding hormone) and thus feel even more closely connected to the partner and – in most cases – fall in love. That’s what happened to me.

As a result, I ignored much of what bothered me and hurt me in part, overshadowing my limitations. And so, it came about that over the past few weeks, I realized that we do not even fit together, and in some cases even have fundamentally different attitudes about really elementary things.

When we got to the point where I could not ignore the fact that he had crossed my borders, this sense of powerlessness has spread in me. Followed by the questions: Self-reproach. Anger on myself. Frustration. Helplessness. Trouble. I was eaten away by emotions that were far from self-love. And the turning point came when I realized how I talk to myself.

And also, that it is a lifelong process that you should practice daily. One thing you must never forget: You are a wonderful woman and you are worth loving, just as you are!

By finding that I have more than neglected my self-love, I could easily make the decision to practice it again, and I started listening and writing down what is going on in me. What do I feel? And why exactly do I feel that way? Where does it come from? And what does it do to me? Most importantly, in this process, you allow your feelings instead of pushing them away. Sit down, take a deep breath, and go into the pain.

Facts about Number 656

Number 656 appears in the name of the No.656 Squadron RAF and also in the No. Squadron AAC. This number also marks the year 656 that was filled with many important events that took place around the globe.

This year was also filled with births and deaths of many important people that forever changed the world as we know it.


Angel number 656 symbolizes being in touch with the feelings you have inside and with what your goals are. Angel number 656 symbolizes believing in your guardian angels and what they want for you. To be in touch with the spiritual realm you must first trust your guardian angels and their intentions.

Your guardian angels only want what is good for you so never ignore the messages that your guardian angels are sending you. Open your heart and invite their energies into your soul. Believing in the spiritual realm is going to give you motivation in achieving your goals.