Angel Number 655 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel number 655 is the number that enters your world when there is need to motivate you and give you support. Your guardian angels only want to see you happy and satisfied with everything you have accomplished in your life.

These angel numbers give you the necessary support in order to bring out the best of you. When this angel number enters your world, there is an important message for you to learn. Open your soul and believe in the spiritual world in order to be happy.

Angel Number 655 – Interesting information

Angel number 655 is a symbol of gratitude and happiness. When was the last time you consciously perceived the feeling of gratitude? Too often, of course, we find things that are not self-evident, but a privilege for which we should be grateful.

Satisfaction and happiness have a lot to do with our attitude towards different things and situations. Happiness does not approach us from the outside, but arises inside, namely, how we interpret something. True to the motto: is the glass half full or half empty? Gratitude is very important because it helps us to be happy with what we are and have. And satisfaction is an important factor in feeling lasting happiness.

Add at least one thing to your calendar every day that you are grateful for. Whether a person, a thing or an event. In the beginning, this may still be difficult if you are not used to looking at experiences or even small things in a positive way. But over time, you’ll find that you notice more and more things that you can be grateful for.

If you start your day with this gratitude calendar, you can take the positive feeling into the workday. If you write it in the evening, you can go to bed happier and use it as a sleep ritual. Just try what time of day it suits you better.

That may sound strange at first, but try anyway: Say to ALL that touches you today and that belongs to you: “I’m thankful for you.” So, you will first notice what you have everything. With this method, one can develop a sense of how many material things enrich our lives that are not self-evident. You can also see how many people may not possess this item.

Think of all the people you care about, what you thank them for, write it down and share it with them – preferably in person or in a handwritten letter. You’ll see how other people enrich your life – perhaps with trifles, maybe with really meaningful acts.

It also has the side effect of showing the other that he or she is important to you. You can strengthen your relationship with a person by communicating to him that you are grateful to him – or what he does.

Stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself in the face, “It is good that you exist.” Even if you are not satisfied with everything that makes you feel. Learn to accept and remember every day what positive qualities you have and what you have already achieved. If this is difficult for you, you can also create a list here and take it with in front of the mirror or attach to it. So, you can practice being thankful for yourself.

Is there something you have wanted to do for a long time but have never done? Plan it, look forward to it and enjoy it in the full awareness that you have the opportunity to fulfill your wishes. Consciously experience such an event to make you realize that it is a privilege that you can fulfill your wishes. This creates an inner attitude of gratitude to your opportunities and opportunities.

You cannot live without coffee, your cell phone, your bike or your yoga class? Do you use it every day and do not even realize it’s there? Then go for a coffee-cell-bike yoga retreat. Sometimes we can really appreciate something only when we no longer have it available. You’ll find: Of course, you can live without it – but it’s wonderful that you can have it and you can afford it. So be thankful for that.

If other people do something good for you, do not take it for granted. Thank them – gladly for little things. But do not let that degenerate – some people may even want you to take for granted something they do for you. You can easily remember that when they respond to your “thank you” “not for” – or something similar. In that case, you can also express your gratitude in a different way, for example, by doing one’s favor. Or just tell him on occasion that you are thankful for yourself.

Are you a lot on the net, in forums or on social media? Then write something positive about something that you were looking forward to – a post, a person, or an event. Let others share that it’s worth rejoicing.

Far too much bad news is being spread on the internet that can tarnish our mood and cause discord. Control that by providing something that people can rejoice in. In this way, small moments are created in everyday life, for which one can be grateful.

Write down a list of all the things you have already achieved in your life. Wishes that you could fulfill, professional achievements, family or your social network. Maybe you could overcome a serious illness or have mastered other life crises. Write not only the highs, but also the lows. And remember, you’re still here! Incidentally, this list is also great for hanging on the mirror for your daily reminder of being thankful for yourself. Do it really. You’re going to use up tons of paperwork and find that there are endless things in your life that you can be grateful for.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 655 is a symbol of gratitude and combines the strong messages behind angel numbers 6 and 5.

The angel number 5 appears two times in this number sequence so it is important to listen to the messages behind each number in this number sequence.

Number 6 is a symbol of family and being there for people who love you. This angel number reminds you to always pay attention to the needs of people around you since they have been there for you when you needed them.

Angel number 5 is the symbol of knowledge and knowing yourself more than anything.

Once you get to know yourself you will be able to know what others want from you or at least what you can give them.

Number 655 in Love

Angel number 655 is the number of resolving problems in your relationship. Did you know that the vast majority of problems arise in a partnership because we do not communicate clearly enough? “I told him exactly what I want!” – you may think, and of course you are right.

However, sometimes your partner seems to come up with something completely different. For communication always involves two, and everything we say is filtered through our own experiences. So, we hear our partner’s statements on different levels and react accordingly – often to the complete lack of understanding of our partner, who meant something completely different.

Perfect communication is impossible. No two people think the same, and so we can never foresee all possible reactions of another and circumnavigate all the hidden icebergs. Nor is it possible not to communicate, for even a silence is an answer, even your body speaks while you remain silent.

In spite of everything, how can you clearly communicate with your partner when the subject is so full of pitfalls? The psychologists and communication scientists have developed a model to show the different levels of communication. If you understand them, you will be more sensitive to your partner and can avert many communication problems in the beginning.

In this model four different types are described – in linguistics we also speak of “ears” – on which we can understand a statement. These four types are the factual level, the self-disclosure level, the relationship level and the appeal level. Every statement that reaches us is interpreted on one of the four levels. The good thing is that once you understand the model, you will be able to decide for yourself which level you want to listen to at the moment.

The factual level: At the level of the facts, we interpret statements, as the name implies, purely objectively. We hear facts and decide logically whether the statement is true or false. Emotions do not matter. The self-revelation level: At this level, we ask ourselves how the speaker is doing right now and what he is revealing about himself with his statement. The speaker can do this consciously or, more often, unconsciously.

The Relationship Level: This is the most explosive level for relationships and the one most likely to lead to conflict. At this level, we ask ourselves what the spokesman’s message is about our relationship – and depending on the mood, we can interpret it positively or negatively.

The appellate level: The appellate level is particularly exciting and explains a lot about the behavior of couples with each other. At this level, we discover the hidden expectations and demands of our partner and have to decide whether or not to comply with them.

So much for an overview. If all this seems a bit abstract to you, it will become clearer to you with an example. Imagine the following situation: A couple is in the living room. He sits at the computer and works, she lies comfortably cuddled in a blanket on the couch and reads a book. The window is open. Suddenly, he says into the room, “It’s cold.” She now has four ways to interpret and respond to his message at the various levels.

At the material level, she simply takes the information from his statement that it is cold. She may or may not agree internally, but she is unlikely to respond, or at least not emotionally. On the self-disclosure level, she tries to understand what her partner is revealing about herself. Maybe he feels cold or thinks about the upcoming winter. Their interpretation may be right or wrong, but is unlikely to lead to conflict.

Facts about Number 655

Number 655 marks the year 655 in which many important events took place that forever changed our world.


Angel number 655 can truly transform your life only if you let it, so don’t discard the messages behind your guardian angel’s messages. Angel numbers are there to give you support and motivation and later it is up to you to act according to the messages they send.

Therefore, don’t waste any more time and start acting.