Angel Number 777 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The mystery of angel numbers is something that has been bothering us for decades.

If you never heard of angel numbers, they are those mystery numbers that keep following us everywhere we go.

Somehow everywhere we look there is the same number, and no matter what we are doing these numbers find a way to contact us.

Their messages are hidden in the numbers.

Sometimes angel numbers can have several numbers and all of them have different messages.

The way you are going to act depends on the messages behind these angel numbers, so always listen to them carefully.

In today’s text we are going to talk about the angel number 777 and see how this angel number can change your life.

Angel Number 777 – Interesting Information

Angel number 777 is all about listening to the inner voices and following your heart. It happens sometimes that you meet someone for the first time and immediately think: “This person deserves my trust” or “Attention, this one can’t be trusted”.

Another case: you arrive in a place never visited and you feel strangely familiar. Or: someone comes to mind, suddenly the phone rings and it is precisely the person you were thinking about.

Intuition also intervenes when we propose an affair apparently very convenient, but the person with whom we should make the agreement instinctively does not like: we listen to the inner voice that suggests to let it go and, after a few days, we come to know that that individual is a scammer.

And again: we suddenly find an answer to the problems left unresolved due to the lack of a rational solution.

No, it is intuition, a mental activity that does not proceed sequentially, step by step, like normal thought.

It comes suddenly and tells us what it is best to do. It is a “radar” that allows you to move in the right direction and make the most suitable choices, without the reason intervening. It allows you to understand quickly, immediately and instinctively what is best to do and what is good to avoid. It overcomes appearances and perceives, beyond logic, what is not yet “tangible”. It is an inner voice that guides us in the right choices.

Intuition belongs to men and women. But it is a more typically feminine faculty. The woman is particularly intuitive.

It manages, for example, to perceive with greater sensitivity a hostile or favorable atmosphere when it enters a room, captures information beyond the rational sphere, sniffs situations and emotions that can help it or that can in some way damage it.

What are the mechanisms that trigger intuition? Many believe that it is only the product of a fervid fantasy or an abstract and irrational process based on the ability of some people to have extrasensory perceptions.

In reality, intuition stems from a type of alternative logic: it is the result of an unconscious mental elaboration of the information we receive from the environment. The ability to intuit is actually a complex mental elaboration worthy of the most futuristic computer.

Who uses intuition is as if it were equipped with “powerful antennas”. With the intuition you can “feel” if a person is sad or dissatisfied even if he tells you that everything is fine. Or “sniff” a danger from small environmental signals picked up and recorded around them.

Like a cat that warns of the imminent arrival of a storm, not by magic but because it is able to perceive the vibrations that precede it.

Women have a greater ability to consider everything that can be perceived. They better understand the unsaid, take greater account of the context and all sources of peripheral information – such as non-verbal languages ​​- issued by people or from situations.

The mother who from another city calls her daughter to know if everything is all right, because “it seemed to her that there was something wrong”. The friends of the heart who are called on the phone at the same time. The order that “warns” the type of customer that will be faced, as soon as they cross the threshold. The teacher who on the first day of school smiles at his new pupils and “feels” already the kind of class that is offered, even if he does not know anyone yet.

Naturally of this flash-reasoning, which draws all possible information from reality, the intuitive person is almost never aware. By asking for explanations about his statement, he will probably say that he just feels it.

But it goes without saying that at the base there is a great openness towards others and an intense ability to get in tune with others, with sensors always ready to codify the verbal and non-verbal messages that come from the world.

In other words, it is necessary to have a lot of sensitivity, a skill in which women excel.

Intuition presupposes a real dive into reality, which the mind “photographs” instantly. In a moment he extrapolates all the elements and details that can help her to formulate intuition.

Women can pick up an infinite variety of signals from the people in front of them: a slight tension in their tone of voice, the disposition of folds on their clothes, a disappointment expressed with the lower lip, the hands gesticulating quickly even if the voice remains calm, a flash of surprise in the eyes, a furtive smile, a contraction of the neck.

It is what many call emotional intelligence, a mixture of sensitivity and intellectual acuity, a form of very quick reasoning that brings together all the information received and processes it, instantly: the result is intuition.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 7 is magical in many ways. This angel number appears in this number combination three times which makes it the most influential number currently in your life.

There are many stories and legends that, since antiquity until now, have hovered around the meaning of number 7.

This figure incorporates a mystery that Pythagoras himself intuited thousands of years ago, attributing to him the idea of ​​perfection. He has starred in Alighieri’s works and chapters of the Bible.

And it seems that everything that touches this number reaches a great fame and meaning, from the seven deadly sins to the seven wonders of the world.

But, considering the numerological theories that occur in the meaning of numbers, what makes seven such a special number?

Many thinkers have coincided in the idea that, composed of the sacred and spiritual number three (symbol of the Divine Trinity) and the opposite and earthly four (symbol of the four terrestrial elements), the seven forms the bond that fuses both worlds; a bridge that unites the totality of a still unknown Universe.

There are few people who rule their lives with the number seven, and the truth is that it is not surprising. Just as this number establishes the balance between the earthly world and the spiritual and divine world, in the human body and the personality it works in the same way.

According to the Theory of Ontological Dualism of Plato, all human beings are composed of two elements: the mortal (our body) and the immortal and spiritual (our soul).

Although the seven is the result of the union between the immortality of the three and the material of the four, it teaches us to establish a balance in our interior and to discover who we really are.

The ontological duality of seven is responsible for the people who are governed by it, must learn to live with certain peculiarities that make them people, although not unique (because every living being is), original and notably different to the rest.

They are characterized by being reflexive, spiritual and very perfectionist with themselves, in a way both intellectual and spiritual.

From the interior of the numbers seven is born the need to satisfy a great personal conscience, which irremediably conditions their life, turning them into disciplined, philosophical people and, above all, with a lot of love to offer their loved ones.

It is very common among people number seven to feel a great curiosity for the world, eager to discover, learn and expand their focus; They tend to be faithful readers, idealists and scholars.

The meaning of number 7 includes a great intellectual capacity and inventiveness, as well as a mediating personality between various parties when a dispute arises and, always putting peace, transmits its spiritual tranquility to everyone who approaches it.

Number 777 and Love

Angel number 777 is making you use your intuition in love as well. Intuition is a little voice that resides within each of us: not limited to telling us if we can trust or not a person, but it makes us think of someone unexpectedly calling us after a few minutes, makes us suddenly find the solution to that problem that we had accessioned disconsolate.

Intuition overcomes appearances, perceives what is not tangible and uses it to show us the right direction. In doing so it does not follow the iron logic of reason, and for this it is more rapid, immediate and above all instinctive and unconscious.

But it is not irrational: what it suggests is the result of an alternative logic, which processes all the information we receive from the environment through the unconscious level. In this way he tells us that our friends are sad even if they assure us that “It’s all right”, because he perceived that slight inflection in the voice, in contrast to the words spoken.

For this reason, intuition is a more feminine than masculine characteristic. In fact, women have a greater ability to evaluate the unsaid or all that can only be felt, perceived thanks to their greater empathy, their sensitivity that allows him to catch a flash of surprise in his eyes, a furtive smile, a slight tension in the tone of voice, hands that gesticulate quickly.

It is what is called emotional intelligence: a very quick reasoning of the mind, which photographs the surrounding environment, and immediately extracts all the details from it.

The fruit of this reasoning is intuition.

However, since the intuition is so quick and instantaneous, our brain is unable to make us retrace all the steps it has taken. For this reason, he prefers to communicate with us in a more immediate way: through images, emotions, or even physical sensations.

In fact, this type of reasoning is called “feeling with the belly”: to indicate that reasoning that comes from our body, that feeling vague and impossible to describe, but at the same time solid in its convictions.

Precisely because of the absence of certain data, clearly identifiable, the “reasoning with the belly” has long been despised, as a form of thought based on visceral emotions, rather than on a more evolved and shared reasoning.

Intuition can be misused: information continues to arrive in large numbers, but our brain can no longer distinguish the useful ones, and therefore the images it sends us are no longer correct.

The excessive exaltation of intuition leads to knowing reality only through “presumed” perceptions, and not through logic, and concrete experience. It is called altered sensitivity.

This is not the only mistake our intuition can make: it is influenced by our experience, that is, by all those experiences and information that reside in our memory and for the most part originated in childhood.

Intuition is strongly influenced by this unconscious memory, and therefore can provide biased information, processing only the signals that go in a certain direction, the one already known to the unconscious and wanted mind, and ignoring all the others.

So, if one is accustomed to being loved, he will see potential strangers in the unknown, and will ignore the signs of hostility that their body sends him.

Despite its flaws, intuition remains a great tool at our disposal.

It helps us solve complex problems, giving us a wider and more complete view of the situation. It often provides us with original solutions, and more practical than the ones we usually use.

But above all, in a world as fast and as fast as it is now, the ability to quickly make correct decisions, without being too much to think about, even without the right time and information, is increasingly vital.

Simply, like all instruments, before using intuition we need to know it a little better.

Unfortunately for intuition there is not a booklet of instructions, so to exploit it correctly it is necessary to first discover oneself: in fact, the knowledge of the self, of our interior, will allow us to distinguish false messages from correct intuitions.

Facts About Number 777

Number 777 is interesting because of the fact it has three number 7 in its number sequence.

Number 777 is also the number of being perfect and also it is believed that God created the world in six days and the seventh day is the holy day, meant to be the day when we worship God. In Judaism this number is a Holy number.

Cabala writings mention the number 777 and say that this number is the number of perfection and it can explain everything that is bothering us with the world.

Number 7 is also mentioned in many other ancient writings and mystical scribes that date back centuries.


Angel number 777 could bring luck to the people who are affected by this number.

The power of this number lies in its ability to make you listen to your inner voices and to follow your heart no matter what happens.

This angel number is going to help you become more in touch with your inner feelings and emotions.

Once you learn how to listen to yourself and your inner hidden desires, you will be able to achieve much more than you ever thought was possible.