Angel Number 828 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The help we receive from our guardian angels is priceless and we cannot imagine living without hope and faith.

The moment when we are lonely and depressed is the moment when we have no one to turn to or lean on.

Our guardian angels are always listening to our needs and their help is what we need in our lives at all times. The guardian angels are listening to our troubles and their advice can truly help us overcome any problems we might have.

When angel numbers come into our world, this means we have some areas we need to work hard on and figure out a resolution for the problems we might have.

Angel number 828 is the number we are going to discuss today, so if this angel number has been following you there is an important reason for that.

Angel Number 828 – Interesting information

Angel number 828 is motivating you to become more positive and confident in your decisions. We, humans, tend to focus on the negative. When I turn on the news, I experience how bad the world is. If I get 30 positive reviews for a book for example and one negative, then the negative one occupies us more than 30 good ones.

Negativity receives our full attention. For the positive things, our senses are less sharpened. That’s no wonder because in nature we protect ourselves from the dangers of the wilderness. That is anchored in our genes. But life is not so dangerous anymore. We no longer have to flee from the saber-toothed tiger.

Most natural dangers have disappeared from our everyday lives. Now we live as safe as never before – and still dedicate ourselves to the negative things.

But negativity is really negative! It feels bad. She makes us unhappy and sick. It fuels the distrust of our fellow human beings. It keeps us from living our potential. And it is self-reinforcing: what we focus on becomes our reality. Who expects a lot of negative, receives exactly that.

Reason enough to reduce the negativity in our lives. I recommend avoiding the media as much as possible. By that, I mean news, talk shows, and lots of documentaries, newspapers, most magazines, and the corresponding online media. They work according to the motto “Only bad news is good news”. And who can blame them? Bad news – in addition, dramatized – sell themselves. These are all companies that have to get themselves.

So they only talk about the problems of the world and inflate them artificially. And if everything is okay, then possible problems are conjured up. Consequently, we see the world more negative than it actually is.

But now ask yourself the following question: How often have messages changed my everyday life? I bet, almost never. No matter how many crises and scandals there have been in recent years, they all had no impact on my life. I have not changed anything in my everyday life just because the media has made a problem.

Therefore I consume (almost) only information that influences me personally. These are topics around my well-being, my development, my business. And I consume this information “just in time” – when I need it.

You are the average of the people you spend most of your time with. If your environment is made up of people without ambition, you lose your ambitions yourself. If you surround yourself with blasphemers, you will blaspheme yourself. If your friends take on a victim role, you will soon become a victim yourself. That’s how it works. The people around us are influencing our own mentality more than we realize.

Surrounding yourself with inspiring people is, therefore, an important step away from negativity. You need friends who have a positive attitude towards life. This rubs off on you and they make it easier for you to be positive yourself.

I recommend that you question your relationships. If there are any who pull you down more than they use you, then it’s time to reduce contact.

Blaspheming has a social function. So we learn something about people without knowing them well. This is how blasphemy protects us from harmful people. But does it weigh the disadvantages? The information in any way subjective and to be treated with caution.

But most of all (negative) blasphemy is based on anger. He who blasphemes has not expressed his anger towards this person. He shares his anger with everyone else. But that causes stress because in the blasphemy you have to be afraid to be discovered. And for what? Nothing positive ever came up in blasphemy.

Whoever blasphemes, puts him in a bad light, because of that I expect him to blaspheme on me sooner or later. If you blaspheme a lot, it will be hard for you to build a network of non-blaspheming people around you. They do not want to have anything to do with you. So you have to stop first. That’s pretty tough. But try to minimize it since realizing that it harms you.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 828 is a combination of angel numbers 8 and 2. Angle number 8 appears two times in this angel number sequence, so the message hidden behind this angel number is much stronger. No matter what you think of angel numbers, the appearance of number 8 is going to boost your energy and give you much more motivation in everything you do.

Your guardian angels are going to give you the necessary strength and power to overcome any possible issues in your life. Angel number 8 is the number of hard work and dedication that is directed towards something productive.

Angel number 2 is the number of social interactions and rebuilding relationships with people in your life.

This angel number is reminding you how important it is to keep a close relationship with people who are full of positivity and love that is directed towards us. No matter how work obligations and other problems pressure us, there is always time to spend with the people you love and care about. This is a great way to fuel your energy and receive care and attention that you so desperately crave.

Number 828 in Love

Angel number 828 is going to help you get rid of negative people from your life and allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. Do you sometimes stick to things you cannot change? Maybe it’s the weather. Or maybe it’s something bigger that’s out of your hands. Try to catch yourself thinking about it next time. They are useless. We only find peace of mind when we accept things that we cannot influence.

And if you worry because you do not know what’s coming, think of what the worst case might be. If everything goes wrong, what would be the worst expected result? Begin to befriend you. Accept the worst case. Accept it as your reality. Then try to bring about improvement steps. What can you do to get a better result than the worst case you’ve already accepted? From here it can only get better.

As you know, almost all our problems are in our heads. These nasty thoughts are based on the experiences and information from the past and the worries about the future. Our life does not happen in the future and certainly not in the past but here and now.

The best way to prepare for the future today is to live a healthy life and do the best possible work. If you make an effort today, come to rest tomorrow.

However, it is not so easy to get rid of yesterday’s and tomorrow’s thoughts. Our brain somehow always wants to keep us away from today. For me, meditation is a good way to practice mindfulness in the here and now. A few minutes a day is enough to get me out of my mind carousel for a while.

Problems are particularly great when we let them thrive. And, strictly speaking, they not only work that way but actually get bigger with time. If you are dissatisfied with yourself or your life today, it will only make you worse by inactivity. An exhausting job eventually leads to burnout. A small tummy becomes overweight. A difficult relationship turns into bitterness.

You can only escape this negative spiral if you take responsibility for your problems. Free yourself from the lethargy and say no to this development. No to the exhausting job, no to the overweight and no to the bad relationship.

Responsibility is one of the most important steps away from negativity. Because the first ten steps require that you become active yourself. It is your responsibility to avoid negative media, to avoid harmful people, not to blaspheme, etc. We get from life exactly what we expect. If we are surrounded only by negativity and expect it to stay that way, we will only get back negative. In psychology, this is called the Tetris effect. In this case, it runs against us.

However, if we focus on the positive side of life, we experience more positives. This is also the Tetris effect but in our favor.

Facts about Number 828

The year 828 was marked by the siege of Syracuse and the murder of Byzantine admiral Euphemius. Kydonia was destroyed by the Saracen pirates and the capital of Chang’an, a court of eunuchs, ordered 50 wrestlers to handle arrests in case over a property land. Asad ibn al-Furat, Euphemius, Ali al-Hadi, and many more important people were born and died this year which marked the world as we know it today.

Besides these events, many others happened and made their mark in the course of history.


Angel number 828 is there to give you support and love that you have been searching for.

Your guardian angels are sending you this powerful number in order to motivate you and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin.

This angel number is reminding us about the endless possibilities that life brings us and how we can achieve anything we want to, but only if we work hard enough to make it come to life.

Angel numbers are our faithful advisors, so always make sure that you listen carefully to their messages.