6868 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are messages guardian angels send us throughout our lifetime.

The purpose of these messages is to help us realize who we are and what are our strengths, for angels believe we are good and they know we are capable of growing up to the best version of ourselves.

Guardian angels are individual guides, although all angels care about humanity and guide humankind.

There have been many source materials to learn about angels and their powers. We usually associate angels with Abrahamic religions, mostly Christianity. However, angelic beings or some spirits similar to them could be found in other religious and spiritual systems.

Moreover, the belief in guardian angels is commonly combined with practices out of organized religion.

Although some would think of it as unacceptable, in modern day, all sorts of spiritual amalgams could be found. None of them has any bad intention; these are just different way of understanding how this universe and the world work.

The most skeptical ones would try to find logic in everything. However, our science, regardless of how advanced and amazing it was, still does not explain everything.

Strange phenomena, even the smallest ones, catch us unprepared and make us wonder if there was some inexplicable force that ‘rules’ our destinies. Miracles happen, people say. Bad things happen as well and sometimes we cannot find any logic in them.

Our perception of the world is vast, but it is still on an earthly level. Who knows if there were indeed some forms of existence we cannot even perceive?

We could, perhaps, think of miraculous and inexplicable events as some mirrored shadows of the realm that is beyond our imagination.

Just as the Lady of Shalott, in the famous Tennyson’s Arthurian poem, watches the world in a mirror reflection, remaining in her bower. The shadows of the world are alluring and unknown for real.

Such is the world of transcendent heavenly realm still untouchable to us.

Angelic Spirits

Belief in angels is associated with all of these ideas, of course. It is believed they were ethereal beings, energies, created by the Highest Principle, one that is commonly understood as God.

According to Christianity, these are beings higher than humans, messengers of God. In fact, the very term angel means ‘a messenger’.

Thus, their nature is that of ethereal spirits, while angelic is their office.

However, angels are more than simply messengers without any will of their own. Those are kind and benevolent spirits, faithful to the Divine Principle. They are not forced to do their job nor unconscious of it, mere mediums for heavenly messages.

Angels are powerful beings, just as they were good and kind. They have chosen their path long time ago.

Angels of Heavens remained faithful since they realize in their angelic essence that it was the path of righteousness, while there were angels that rebelled against it.

Those fallen ones thought they could be more than the High Principle, realizing how magnificent they are. We are all familiar with the story of Lucifer, be it a misinterpretation of the bible or not.

In any case, the versions of the story are to be found elsewhere and it definitely indicates angels can do thing out of their free will, even if it was to rebel and stray from God. It makes us value the good choice of heavenly angels even more.

Our heavenly guardians are out of those good, celestial spirits that resisted the temptation of vain glory.

Guardian Spirits

Guardian angels are the same as all other angels, although we often mention them separately.

It is because their guardianship could be understood as some sort of specific office. It is believed each human being is guided by a guardian angel or more of them.

There are different interpretations, but this is the most widely accepted belief.

In addition, this belief in guardian spirits is not necessarily strictly bound to Christianity or another organized system.  It is believed we are guided by heavenly spirits all throughout our lifetime.

These spirits could come and go, of course. Some guardian angels have even a more specific role; they could be peacemakers, healers or something else.

They guide and protect us, but not directly. Angels would always work through mysterious channels, but they would make sure we receive their messages.

For example, they could use different symbols, some phenomena, images. At times, they only announce their presence through mysterious and logically inexplicable phenomena.

Angel Numbers

Both signs of angelic presence and specific angelic messages are always positive. Even if it could appear very awkward or even disturbing to start seeing the same sign all over the place, it is not a reason to worry.

Your guardians love you and so they would never bring you any harm. The reason they insist you to recognize something as a message is that they want to help you learn something.

Angel numbers are one type of angelic messages. Numbers are powerful symbols and, if we are to turn to numerology, they represent constitutive particles of this whole world, this universe. Numbers vibrate with specific energies.

More likely, each number has specific frequency of the ultimate cosmic energy. Angels, ethereal and wonderful, know these energies, for they are in the same in their essence.

They choose specific energies, combine them according to specific needs and send them to us in form of repetitive numerical sequences.

We have developed whole systems of understanding numerical meanings. We could use numerology in order to interpret the message hidden within a number our lovely guardians have sent us.

Angel Number 6868 – Interesting Information

Since you are here, you have probably received angel number 6868. It is always interesting and challenging, though, to understand the full meaning of complex, multi digit angelic numbers.

However, once you understand the basic meaning of its constitutive digits and connect those together and they associate it with your current life situation, you will definitely get the meaning.

Angel number 6868 consists of digits 6 and 8. These are both very stable, steady and realistic numbers, in their essence.

Number 6 is oriented towards the family aspect of life, towards peace, harmony, humanitarianism and care. Six represents selflessness, self-sacrifice, reliance, provision, protection, understanding, tolerance, empathy and unconditional love.

Number 8 represents stability, steadiness, pragmatism, efficiency, problem solving attitude, patience, organization, inner wisdom, skills, talents, exchange, manifesting, social status, justice, honesty, realistic values, abundance, finances, giving and receiving.

Both these numbers awake one’s awareness about the importance of exchange, sharing and humanitarianism.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 6868 is about humanitarian values, about the importance of honesty, truth, responsibility and self-sufficiency that does not exclude reliance on others and trustworthiness.

In short, this number is about clean, honest, kind and open social relations and relations with people in general.

Being open to others’ opinion, compassionate, but not lost within empathy, tolerant, though self-confident and firm in your convictions, if there were no argument that would make you reconsider.

This is a message about stability, safety and comfort. It is greatly related to your family life. It positions you as the one who provides for others, but does so because he or she truly feels like doing it.

This is about you being the one others can rely on. However, you should never underestimate others and overestimate your own capabilities. Ask for assistance, without being afraid of losing integrity.

This angel number definitely proves you have skills of a kind and understanding leader.

You are not a person who y would force others to follow your opinion; you are intelligent and you always have good arguments.

This is a message that speaks about your qualities and your great potential to achieve balance and stability in life, by following your plans and leaving space for opinions of others.

Number 6868 in Love

This number reflects quite well on one’s love life. Since number 6868 is all about balance, steadiness and harmony, as well as about abundance and provision, it makes you a person very much inclined towards stable, comfortable family life.

If you find yourself in negative circumstances (usually this message refers to financial problems), you probably feel guilty that you cannot provide your loved ones with what they dream about.

The message should encourage you not to give up and fall into desperation; you are doing your best.

On the other hand, it could happen that you entered a romantic relationship in which your lover is in fact materially demanding.

Your need to provide the best for others could be blinding; perhaps you should reconsider the nature of the basis of such a connection. It could be applied on friendships, as well.

Facts About Number 6868

Angel number 6868 also vibrates with energy of the number 1. Sum up the digits until you get one digit number.

Number 1 is of special significance in this message, since it is exactly about that individualistic part of yourself.

Number 1 is explicitly about success, ambition, self-confidence, courage, self-belief, glory, victory, leadership, creating reality for yourself, authority, inspiration, drive and motivation.

This vibration helps you remain in track and being strong enough to care about others, while never neglecting your own needs and being manipulated because of your kind and humanitarian heart.


Angel number 6868 usually appears to those who have taken up the role of a protector, a guardian, an idealistic savior of others. It is all very good, but do not get lost in this role.

The role of a good and kind provider for others, one who takes up the role of a parent in all relationships is a tricky one.

On one side, it could lead to losing the sense of your deepest inner needs, but it is more likely that it leads to underestimating others abilities.

In any case, the message comes as a reminder of both sides. Your angels think it is amazing to be a person as you are.

Guardian angels just want to direct you towards using your natural goodness and your gifts the right way, so that you value yourself and others.

Finally, the massage of this angel number strongly resonates with energies of tolerance, harmony and understanding.