Angel Number 855 – Meaning and Symbolism

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The powerful vibrancies of angel numbers always find a way to lure us in and allow us to learn the messages hidden behind them.

Our guardian angels find these creative ways to contact us and allow us to improve and become better human beings. The strong the vibrancies of a certain number are, the more often this angel number going to appear everywhere around us.

Their energy is something that we cannot deny and something that keeps following us no matter how hard we fight against it.

The powerful vibrancies of angel numbers are there to give us strength and motivate us do something for ourselves and make our world even better.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning behind the angel number 855 and see how this angel number can help us become even happier.

Angel Number 855 – Interesting information

Angel number 855 is telling you to concentrate on your work obligations and to stop procrastinating. In the meantime, there are actually exercises that can help you improve your concentration. But in the first days you should always repeat the exercises, in order to master the art of concentration properly. When using it, you should be careful to be undisturbed in a room. Be it the floor, the sofa or the bed. Put on something comfortable and take care to be relaxed.

Do not try to do too many exercises but it is often better to concentrate on one for a few days. In the beginning it will be difficult for you to transfer this practiced concentration to your everyday life. That’s why patience is required!

Concentration at school is an important prerequisite to be able to memorize learning contents better. Above all else, if you have a problem in school to concentrate, you should be more careful about having adequate sleep. Your sleep is the basic requirement for a successful start to the next day of school. This has something to do with your self-control that you fill in on sleep so you can shield yourself from distraction at school.

To reduce your risk of being distracted, think about whom should be your seatmate in school. Sometimes it is better not to sit next to your best friend, who has so much to tell you. Or next to your best friend you play with every day. Pick someone who does not easily distract you, after school you still have enough time to chat with your best friend or friend!

In order to increase your concentration, in the evening before you go to bed you can just try to say your daily routine backwards in front of you and after a few days you will notice that your concentration increases! Motivate your classmates with you for a round of “I’ll pack my suitcase” to play. That challenges your thinking! Take a photo in the city and look closely at it with friends. Turn it around and just look how many details you could remember!

In order to concentrate better as an adult, you should just imagine a lying eight, which hovers in front of you at eye level. Then you draw this eight several times with eye and head movements. This is an exercise for every day that increases your ability to concentrate.

You should also do Sudoku for at least 15 minutes every day. In doing so, you will solve numerical puzzles that increase your ability to concentrate and improve the working speed of your brain! Do not be afraid to just express your satisfaction with yourself and enjoy this sentence. This strengthens your self-confidence and that what you do is so good. Thus, you are motivated to concentrate again on things that you may already be full!

Imagine a scale: in one bowl you are sitting and on the other side is the stress. Then you balance the scales. You will notice that the stress is no longer prevalent and you have more time to devote your concentration to more important things! The important concentration exercise also includes eating and drinking. Pay attention to your hydration: Drink 2-3 liters during the day and watch out for light, protein-rich meals: lean meat, fish, nuts and eggs.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 855 is the number of working hard and dedicating your time to the obligations that have to be done. Angel number 855 combines powers behind angel numbers 8 and 5.

The number 5 is repeated here two times, which means there is a very powerful energy influenced by the angel number 5 in this number sequence.

Number 5 is the symbol of learning and accumulating knowledge. This number also motivates us to use this knowledge in the best way possible and to continue working on ourselves.

Angel number 8 is the number of hard work and productivity. When this angel number comes into your life, this means you will begin working even harder on the goals you have set up for yourself. This angel number gives us energy to continue working hard and giving 100% to all the projects we have begun.

Combining these two angel numbers is the best way to learn the message behind the angel number 855, since only then we will be able to get the whole picture.

Number 855 in Love

Angel number 855 is there to tell you that your partner is the right one for you. Those who are single might get a confirmation through this angel number, that the person they have a crush on is the right one for them.

Maybe this question seems a bit naïve to you. How can someone not know if he is loved by his partner or not? People are not perfect, they make mistakes. And there are mistakes that hurt more than others. We know that. And there are many women and men who have spent most of their lives with partners whom they have never loved as much as they deserve. Or as they would have hoped. Maybe they were cheated. Or their respective partners simply never believed enough in the commitment they made.

These are often the things that hurt us the most. Those who make us feel worst and who destroy us emotionally. Because so much time, energy and hope was invested, maybe even dreams were given up that were important at another point in life … and all this for someone who may never have dared to tell us that he does not love us , or just was not ready to choose the relationship and give it a chance.

Therefore, we really need to know how we can perceive the hints described below. You probably know many of them, but you like to forget them when you live in a relationship.

You may be interested in the partner based on questions such as “Did you sleep well?”, “When are you going to work?” And “When do I see you again?”. Interest can also be conveyed elsewhere: about the way he looks at you, about gestures; seeing that something is on your mind when you come home and want to know what’s going on. It is essential in this sense to know these details from your childhood, the spleens you have now, and interest in your thoughts about the future. In short, he shows interest in yesterday, today and tomorrow.

We will know that we care about another person when their need to know something about us and their concern are honest. We can tell by their verbal and non-verbal language, by certain empathy, but above all by honesty. Interest can be observed, felt and touched.

Commitment is needed for our feelings and relationship to grow. It has to do with a worry about the morning, when two people set a common goal. Maybe we have an honest and grateful relationship, but if we do not want to share the desire for more, to grow on the same horizon, then there will certainly be discrepancies in a short space of time. And above all to differences in the needs of both.

One person can be very happy with a weekend outing while the other one feels emptiness because it’s about building a home or family. We have to be very careful with empty promises, avoid sticking plasters to gifts and building castles in the air. We need to be aware of the details, the unfulfilled plans and the excuses that there are so many.

Can there be something more basic and simple? To share time, space, moments, possibilities, sounds and silence … The time a couple spends together should be filled with mutual understanding and joy, simply because it is great to share their time.

There should not be any last-minute excuses that can dissipate a meeting in the air. Of course, that does not mean that we have to stick together 24 hours a day, not at all … but knowing that we really care about somebody needs to feel that there is a need for both of us to spend time, and most of all, that it does This shared time is worth it.

What is your communication with your partner? Is there understanding and empathy? Is he really listening? Do you remember his words, ideas and comments? It is essential for us to pay attention to these dialogues, to notice the interest and the look in which we reflect ourselves. If our words have the power to do harm or create happiness, then the relationship means something. What we should never feel is indifference. Absolutely never. This fog, in which our emotions begin to freeze and our words no longer have the power to open the way to the sun’s rays.

Facts about Number 855

The year 855 was filled with interesting events that changed the world as we know it today and influenced our progress.

Important people such as Gerald of Aurillac, Drogo of Metz, Boso the Elder and many more were born on this year.


Angel number 855 is the number of focusing on things that need to be done as soon as possible. Your guardian angels are motivating you to continue working on yourself and improving in every sense of the word, because only that way you can achieve success.

Your guardian angels want you to succeed and have the life you deserve, so listen to their messages and don’t ignore the messages they are sending you.