Angel Number 848 – Meaning and Symbolism

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When angel numbers come into our lives, this means we have a lot to learn from our guardian angels.

They are telling us, through these numbers, that we have to focus on finding the right path in our lives and stop wasting time on things that are not important.

The messages behind the angel numbers are usually straight forward and give us clear instructions to what we should do in the following period. Angel numbers are going to start following you everywhere you look and searching for your look.

The sooner you notice these angel numbers, the easier it is going to be to find meaning in the message behind this angel number.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the angel number 848 and what can this angel number do for us.

Angel Number 848 – Interesting information

Angel number 848 is motivating you to start finding the path that you belong on. In the turbulent times of the present, embarking on one’s own path and thus the individually correct way of life is not easy.

There are many aspects to consider – physical as well as mental. In order for this difficult task to succeed, we have compiled some important clues here to help you find your own way of life. In addition we give directions for some important questions.

One of the most important questions that arise in life is one of one’s own personality. Not only later, but also in youth, the question arises of one’s own identity. And this question is also getting harder to answer. Because the digitized and dynamic present often requires enough changes from us – regardless of whether we are willing to do this at all.

Nevertheless, it is important that we are clear about our core.

Because without that we quickly start drowning. Only when we know about ourselves can we begin to define our goals and to think ahead of our lives. It is also important to discover special personal characteristics such as high sensitivity and to accept them as part of one’s own being.

The first prerequisite for understanding one’s own personality is an openness to one’s own qualities, which at the same time results in acceptance. Instead of quarreling with you, you should accept yourself as you are – without excluding the opportunity for further development. It is one of the greatest strengths of the human species to have the potential for self-reflection. And without the willingness to take advantage of this potential, progress in personal development will hardly be possible.

No one is perfect, but as individuals, we all have our strengths. Those who want to progress privately and professionally as well as in character first have to be aware that they have strengths at all. Especially people with low self-esteem often have difficulties here. But as I said: just as there are no people who have no weaknesses, there are no ones who have no strengths. The acceptance of this simple and logical consideration is an important step forward.

You should try to find your own path in life – as it applies to the methods of relaxation. No one can tell you what the right method and instrument is.

Freedom also means being able to decide freely which path to take and with responsibility to bear the consequences.

Life is too unique and precious to shape it according to the conventions whose allegedly correctness makes others pretend to be. The right way of life is as individual as every human being.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 848 is a combination of angel numbers 8 and 4. These two numbers represent a powerful combination that can truly influence your life in a positive way. While the angel number 8 is a symbol of practicality and using your skills to improve all aspects of your life, the angel number 4 symbolizes determination and focus.

These two number combined give you a strong boost and motivation to achieve anything. When angel number 848 enters you world, be sure that you will have much more energy and desire to push forward with all your goals and dreams.

Number 4 is particularly important in this number combination because it allows you to stay focused on the end result. The stronger you push in life the more you are going to reach and more successful you are going to become.

The angel number 8 appears two times in this angel number combination and it allows you to use the practical skills you have to achieve even more than you expected.

Number 848 in Love

Angel number 848 is also motivating you to find your own way in love, no matter if you are single or in a relationship. As in the Anthonie de Mello quote, it is “only” your mind that maintains an illusion that you are not free. But recognizing that is not so easy, because there are many beliefs that prevent you from walking your own path. Recognizing and dissolving them will make you happy.

For me being free means that I am not afraid of rejecting others and at the same time I can be happy without this fear. I follow my own ideas without worrying about what others think. I live my passions, even though my environment makes me crazy. To gain that freedom is to face your fears and not just run away from them.

As you approach your fear in this way, it will gradually become less. And most of all, you become more self-confident. This is the beginning of freedom and happiness. Since the fear is then no longer in cards more.

That’s when you start your own path because you’re less and less hampered by obstacles. It is so wonderfully liberating when you realize that you are increasingly finding yourself and your feelings, values ​​and needs. That creates an inner contentment, which I would call a flow for me. You become strong and some things just do not worry you that much, because you remember your own possibilities and know that you can always change something.

How do you actually recognize what your own path is and what is the desire of your environment? The desire of your environment is the beliefs that we have learned in our childhood and adolescence. They sit in us and we react without thinking or knowing why we do or not do something, even though it would be our biggest wish. Those are the moments when you think “I would like to do something crazy, dress up and watch the CSD and just have fun … but what do family and friends say, what they think they are?”

Whenever you do something that does not feel right or omits something that you would like to do, it cannot be YOUR way. Whenever the arguments of others make you doubt about you and your decisions, something is not as it should be. Nobody can and should dissuade you from your own path, because you are convinced of it from the bottom of your heart. Only your own path can make you happy in the long run.

Mostly the resistances are not that big. Find out what’s stopping you from following your impulses and your path. You can also use the questions in the section above. Becoming happy and going your own way then means becoming authentic. Being authentic is the key to yourself and therefore to your life.

We were all as little children. You could live in the here and now without worrying about the future or thinking about the mistakes of the past. There was no time for anything. There were only times to get up, eat, go to sleep, cry, rejoice, play…. and you haven’t worried about what people think when you express feelings and be honest. You have lost this ability over time. You had to adapt, meet expectations and become good, to make something of you. A decal of society maybe?

But the good thing is, you can recall that and become real just as you were as a child. You do not have to throw yourself in the supermarket on the floor and roar loudly. That is not meant by that! It means filtering out everything that prevents you from being real and filling it with your ideas and goals.

Start dreaming and allow yourself those dreams. But how do you do that? Can you still remember what you wanted as a child? What profession do you want to have? How much imagination did you have? These are the questions our guardian angels are asking us.

Facts about Number 848

Year 848 was an important year because of births and deaths of many important people such as Shi Xiong, Sunyer I, Gue, Ali ibn Muhammad and many more.


Angel number 848 is a powerful number that allows you to become a powerful hard-working person that can achieve all the goals. This angel number pushes you forward and motivates you to find the path in life that you should take, so that there is no doubt when you are on that path that everything seems to be in perfect order.

Angel numbers come to our lives for a reason and we should always listen to their messages no matter how big of a believer we are. This way we are going to enrich our souls and become even more certain in the decisions we are making.