Angel Number 888 – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are our powerful guiding forces that can lead us to a better and happier life. They are signs through which our guardian angels communicate with us and send us valuable messages, and we should always listen to them no matter how big of a believer we are.

Angel numbers can appear in the most unusual places, which makes them more interesting. They are going to keep following us everywhere we go, so noticing these numbers is not going to be hard at all.

In today’s text we are going to discuss the meaning behind the angel number 888 and see how this angel number can affect our lives.

So, if this angel number has been following you around, here is what it actually means.

Angel Number 888 – Interesting Information

Angel number 888 is reminding us about the spiritual connection with our guardian angels and our ability to cherish the spiritual in ourselves. Spirituality is the ability of a person to understand him, i.e. the ability to find answers to questions: who are they? Where do I come from? Where do I go? What bonds and values ​​give me the opportunity to reach the meaning of my life? Thanks to spirituality, a person is able to have a conscious and responsible attitude towards himself, others, God and the rest of the world.

Only a “spiritually active” person can think, love and work. A person without a spiritual life is impotent and exposed to every danger, like an animal deprived of his instinct. Spiritual life is the center of command of human life.

Hormones regulate the body, awareness gives dimension to the psyche, and consciousness to moral sensitivity, spiritual life instead is responsible for the management of all spheres of personal existence. Spirituality lived in different ways (from Christianity, from Buddhism, from atheism) derives from the way of understanding the person and his existence in extremely different ways.

Today it is more likely to desire material wealth than spiritual wealth. Spiritual needs are not as easily perceived as the physical, emotional and material needs of our world. It is more likely that a child asks parents to receive something to eat rather than something to meditate on.

There are many young people but also adults who are afraid to ask themselves questions about who they are and why they live. The more a person is spiritually immature, the more he is incapable of properly managing material goods when he is in possession of them.

A person who has a lot of money but no spiritual life is dangerous to itself. The richer he is, the more he is convinced that love can be replaced by being surrounded by objects that help it to be happy. The lack of spiritual life involves a search for happiness done by groping, or by means of attempts and trials that lead to sometimes positive but often negative results. The latter is a very dangerous way of acting for the human being, because from some tests we do not return to the starting point anymore.

The body cannot explain to man the mystery of human life, because he does not know who we are and why we live, and knows how to interpret only the impulses and physical needs. If the domination of the body prevails in the life of a person, then it becomes like a cancer that subdues all the other spheres of human existence, living at their expense. Who thinks only as a physical body, focuses everything on physicality and submits to the dictatorship of the body. A person, who considers himself only as a body is not able to think in a rational way, does not know how to be mature in love and responsible for work.

She is a slave to her own body, instead of being a mistress and wise guide. Cultivating spiritual life does not mean to make the spirit prevail over the body, but to integrate the spiritual and physical sphere. The body without the spirit is not conscious, sensible; the spirit without the body is inhumane. Spirituality begins when the person, reasoning beyond his physical state, wonders what sense this physical dimension has, what meaning life has, received as a gift.

Spiritual development is in danger when the term “spirituality” indicates something that is not. Spiritual growth is not an emotional or aesthetic sensibility, a love of nature, exercises that help concentration, etc.

These are all questions of a certain value and importance, but they do not guarantee understanding, the meaning of one’s own existence. The real danger of spirituality is carefreeness, lack of reflection, lightness.

A person devoid of spiritual life is easily guided by the instincts, emotions, manipulations of society, convinced that to be happy enough money, power and beauty. In fact, many beautiful, famous, rich and often young people commit suicide, while many old, sick, poor and seemingly insignificant, rejoice in life and know how to support others.

A spiritually mature person, able to reflect and love, understands that it cannot be the result of only matter, of chance, but which is created by someone capable of thinking and loving even more than it. A person like this, perceives what in her has more value, what in her neighbor has more value but is hidden from the eyes of the world. He knows that the most difficult thing to overcome for humanity is solitude, finding oneself without strong bonds based on a mutual and constant commitment. He understands that one cannot be happy by following and satisfying only a part of one’s own person, at the expense of the remaining dimensions of one’s being. Serenity comes from the collaboration of all the spheres of human personality.

Meaning and Symbolism

More than the study of how numbers influence our lives and the universe, numerology is an ancient spiritual science. Through it, self-knowledge is promoted and it is also possible to become aware of what energies involve us. It still allows us to know the meaning and actuation of numbers in our essence, understanding how they reflect in our behavior, personality, achievements, etc.

Understand the symbolism and influence of the 8 in this science, as well as the application of this digit in life.

The number 8 is linked to balance and justice. It is a number of mediation, since it has value between circle and square, sky and earth, which gives it an intermediate position in the world. It is common for the number to be remembered next to infinity, whose symbol is the 8 lying down.

Due to this symbolism the 8 represents the unlimited, the flow without beginning or end. It should be remembered that this characteristic associates him with the inexistence of birth and death and thus engages him in the physical / spiritual and earth / divine dualities.

The number 8 is strong in Eastern cultures. The Japanese, for example, give sacred value and power to this number and also consider it a lucky number. The same is true in China, where it is written with two opening lines, which have come to be considered “lucky opening.”

By speaking of the sacred, the miracle of the resurrection and the episode of the transfiguration of the body of Christ in the Christian tradition, are also symbolized by the number 8 because it represents the beginning of a new life. In Genesis after the sixth day of creation and the seventh of rest, the eighth day represented the completion of all and the beginning of a new cycle.

In the Tarot the number 8 refers to completeness, to the totalizing character. He also regards it as a symbol of balance and justice – it is letter VIII, which indicates weighting, analysis, rationality and rigor.

Those who receive influence from number 8 are destined for economic prosperity. From a materialist and practical view, the 8 attributes the gift of control, administration and leadership, is linked to the determined and working profile. The characteristic environment is the corporate, the company, and the office.

The 8 in numerology of names represents the sense of justice, self-confidence, and the ability to deal with money. Ambition and power go hand in hand in this respect, reflecting on the environment in which he works, surrounded by influential individuals, or on the ventures he leads with skill and efficiency.

The challenge moves who is influenced by the 8. The number however, also represents the difficulty of expressing feelings, often impaired by excessive ambition and materialism, and can border arrogance – a point that deserves attention and attention.

On the other hand, dedication, intelligence and self-confidence are aspects that positively influence personal relationships. And all the commitment in the professional field, moreover, is also successfully employed in the spiritual realm.

Number 888 in Love

Angel number 888 is telling you to listen to your partner and to focus on his or her needs. Most couples who go to marriage counseling are close to divorce or separation. Many think about it (or talk about it) because they are exhausted by their relationship conflicts.

Anyone who is at the end of his nerves, his patience and has the feeling that he has shot all his powder several times and yet has not made any appreciable change, automatically thinks of fleeing at some point. But even if the separation lures as a final stroke and permanent way out, this step is difficult – especially if you still love the partner and really want not the end of the relationship, but the problems.

“My partner does not listen to me.” – “My partner simply does not understand me properly.” – “My partner does not care what I say.” These and similar phrases are among the most common complaints, the marriage counselors and couples therapists hear in daily practice. People in problematic relationships often find the lack of understanding, attention, acceptance and recognition as the main problem, and this lack manifests itself above all in the absence or unsatisfactory communication. And here, many blame the partner first or even exclusively, which does not make things easier. For mutual blame rather deepen the problem, rather than bringing the parties closer to a solution.

If you want to get your partner to listen properly and understand correctly in the future, you should not look for or see the defect on its side. Firstly, any one-sided approach is a brake on solving communication and couple problems, and secondly, it is usually much easier to change one’s behavior than another person’s.

Some important questions about this topic, which are often asked and answered in marriage and couple counseling for the first time, are the following. Was my partner already a bad listener when we met or were in love? If not, it is very unlikely that his character has changed so fundamentally during the relationship.

How can I be sure to be clear, even though I do not or rarely feel that I am properly understood? These two aspects cannot be separated and must always be considered together.

Listening, whether good or bad, right or wrong, is part of the innate behavior of every hearing person. Unlike eyes, ears are always alert and open. The proverbial and much lamented “hearing away” is therefore a behavior that contradicts the nature of this sense organ and therefore must be learned and trained in the brain.

If you were a behavioral scientist and wanted to get people to listen or listen badly as part of a science project, you would probably rely on these methods. Begin the conversation with something that is guaranteed to arrive badly and make you want for more – for example, complaining, nagging or a topic that bores, annoys or does not know your conversation partner. Start with it whenever you want – no matter what your subject is doing.

Demand reactions without setting clear signals or asking questions, such as abrupt pauses, general questioning gestures, demanding looks, and the like. If your partner does not react spontaneously as you wish (or already shows signs of fatigue and indignation), repeat what you said – with pleasure also louder. By doing so, you quickly teach your counterpart that what you say will become neither more important nor more interesting over time, but more difficult to bear.

As soon as you notice that your partner is leaving the conversation or “poking his head”, do not be blamed for allegations of this behavior. When nothing comes back from him, you rant or threaten a little or make an injured or insulted face. Then leave the room. In this way, you confirm your interlocutor, convinced that he was neither in demand nor important in the conversation, and that he had not missed anything good had it not taken place.

With this method (and, of course, enough repetitions), you can effectively train people’s innate listening. As a scientific project that sounds funny, but almost everyone has already experienced such conversations, and in many relationships they are part of everyday life.

Facts about Number 888

Number 888 is interesting because of its connection to Jesus Christ in Christianity. This powerful number is contrary to the number 666 that is commonly linked to Satan, God’s adversary.

In Chinese numerology however, this number actually means three times the luck. Having this number in your life in any way means you are going to be extremely happy in the next period.


Angel number 888 is the number of luck, spirituality and being in touch with your needs. This angel number is going to be a life-changer if it appears in your life, so make sure you always listen to the messages behind this angel number.

Number 888 is reminding us to open our souls to the spiritual realm, to listen to what our guardian angels have to say to us and to always be in touch with our own needs. That is the only way we can prosper and move forward from the negative place we have been in for a while.