Carpet – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Magic carpet, carpet for prayer, carpet with the national motives, shows that the carpet in the past and now has its part in the symbolical aspect of human life.

Also, it can appear as a dream motive, it is not very common and not easy to explain, but it is worth looking into if you had such a dream.

Meaning and Symbolism

If you had a dream where something is being pushed under the carpet, it might mean that you are a person who does not solve your problems immediately but lets them accumulate. This is a very bad trait that you have to correct to not get into trouble in the future.

In a version of a dream where you are shaking a carpet full of dust, it might mean that you have allowed your obligations to pile up, and now you do not know where to go to solve them. We advise you to start from the most urgent one for you and then the others immediately. You’ve taken on more than you can, and now you’re in trouble.

If you dreamed of shaking the carpet without shaking anything out of it, it might mean that you are a very responsible person who does not leave everything he has today for tomorrow.

Even when you finish something, you check if you did it right, and the motto you stick to will keep your life in perfect order.

If you have dreamed of taking a carpet to wash it, because it is very dirty, it can mean that you sometimes like to leave your worries to others.

There will be situations in which you will not have help in the period ahead, and you will have to finish everything yourself.

It is also possible that you relied a lot on someone who finished everything for you, and now that will come to an end. You need to understand that your responsibilities are only yours and no one else’s.

The more you realize that, the easier it will be for you later in life.

One more version of this dream is relatively common – the one version in which you see someone or yourself crawling on the carpet.

It could mean that you would sometimes prefer to be a child again and be carefree in everything.

It is possible that life does not caress you and that it hurts you from all sides, but you strive to become successful so that when you gain wealth, you can feel like that child again. You have a clear goal and strive for it.

This dream indicates that you will succeed in your intention, but you will have other obligations that you will have towards your children, and that will shatter your desire for a personal sense of carefreeness.

Decoding the Dream about the Carpet

Some people have a dream about the carpet that is soaked with water due to flooding in the apartment or house indicates that you will fall out in the coming period due to someone else’s mistake.

This dream suggests that someone will accuse you of something he did, and it will take you a long time to prove his guilt.

This may be something that will occur in the workplace and among the people you hang out with.

In any case, you will be discriminated against until you can prove otherwise, which will take a lot of time and effort. Patience is what is on the test now.

If you’ve been dreaming of buying a new rug, it could mean you’re getting ready to turn a new leaf in your life. You have high ambitions, and you want more than what you currently have and what you are not satisfied with. You are ready for anything to make your life better, and you will succeed in the future.

When your carpet is missing, then it might mean that you have something in your possession whose great value you are not even aware of.

Think about what it could be; maybe it’s some old art instrument, a watch, and maybe, in your opinion, an insignificant piece of jewelry and even a stone.

To dream that someone slips the carpet under your feet to fall to the ground means that you have a false friend in your life.

Someone introduces himself to you as such, and in fact, only evil wants you, and the vest hides it. You are just waiting for you to slip so he can rejoice and feed on your misfortune. You put some of your friends to the test so you can easily recognize them and eliminate them from your life.

As you can see for yourself, dreams about the carpet do not come very often, and they are not scary or overly happy. They show relations in your life and all those small steps you need to follow to be happy, primarily looking at friends more closely.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

If you dreamed that your carpet in the house caught fire, it might mean that you somehow managed to spend all your life savings. Or someone stole it from you.

This kind of dream, in any case, indicates a loss and, in the coming period, takes into account the costs or even secures the home from possible thieves.

If you dreamed that you were wrapped in a rug, it could mean that your hands will be tied to solving a problem. You may only be able to observe your own or someone else’s downfall.

If you dreamed of eating crumbs of bread from the carpet, it means that you are a person who knows how to appreciate what little he has. You are a person who keeps and loves everything and respects others. You need little for life because you are content with the little things that make up life.

In the coming period, you can expect an improvement in the financial situation in the form of a raise in the job you are dealing with, and it will be completely unexpected.

If you have been dreaming that you may be knitting a carpet, it may mean that you have been thinking about starting a business for a long time, but you are afraid to get into those waters.

You are probably not satisfied enough with your financial situation, and you want to change that in your life now.

Shortly, you will be presented with an opportunity that you should not miss.

To dream of vacuuming a carpet means that the person you are currently in a relationship with is solely for material gain.

It is someone who is just looking to make the most of you while he can, and when he no longer has anything to gain from you, he will leave you. We advise you to take some tests, no matter how much you like that person. Just to see how she will react and behave when you can’t meet her.

If you have dreamed of a carpet with a large pool of blood on it, it may mean that you have earned everything you have gained in your life in no easy way.

There will be people around you who will not appreciate what you have and will scatter with it in the coming period. We advise you to open your eyes so that what you have gained through bloody work does not waste.

To dream of a flying carpet and you on it means that you are a person who is gullible and who, even though he is an adult, still lives in fat.

In the coming period, you will understand that you do not need to take everything lightly by all people because of your gullibility.

Expect a lesson that will serve you on earth and learn a lesson from it all.