Doll, Barbie – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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It would be very reasonable for you to think that only kids have dreams about dolls, but this is not the case, as is seen in recent research.

This does not mean that kids do not have dreams about dolls, because they do, but most commonly, those dreams have a motive a doll as something kids want to buy for example, and in the world of adults, such dreams put dolls in a completely different setting, and therefore they take a completely different connotation.

In this sense, Doll Barbie also can be the motive in dreams, both in the dreams world of adults and children.

What does this dream mean when it becomes the main motive in a world of grown-ups?

Meaning and Symbolism

One statistic even has shown that man and women equally have dreamed about Barbie Dolls, and such dreams have different and very interesting meanings, some say that the majority of such dreams show some kind of disappointment or painful and suppressed aspect in a life of the person who dreams.

In a case where you had a dream that has a main motive Doll Barbie, and you just saw her in it, such a dream means that you show admiration means that you are worshiping someone that you may or may not know personally.

It seems that someone in your environment has some qualities that you admire very much, you see as someone you would like to be. There may be a character in your surroundings that you think is your role model.

The dream comes either from the inability to be close to that person, or it comes from the fact that you are close, and there is a deep need to speak with that person and ask him or her for opinion and advice.

If the Barbie Doll is speaking to you in a dream, this dream shows your attitude about things you cannot have but want.

It is the dream that is good for the re-evaluation of life in some way.

If the dream shows you like the Barbie Doll, in that case, such a dream shows that you are unhappy with the life you are living at the moment.

This dream comes from the fact that you deeply inside consider you’re not attractive, intelligent enough, good-looking enough, successful enough, etc.

It seems like you have failed on almost every step of the way, and you cannot deal with it anymore, so the product of such ideas comes in the form of a dream where you are a Barbie Doll.

In the version of the dream where you are surrounded by numerous Barbie Dolls, in that case, you feel like you are, in life, a black sheep, someone who is completely different than others in your surroundings.

This is the dream that often comes to those people who think that no one understands who you really are, your true nature.

And in the version where you are being attacked by Barbie Dolls, such a dream shows that you are misunderstood by your surroundings, by family members, lovers, friends.

If in a dream you are attempting to buy Barbie Doll, such a dream is the symbol that you are a very loyal and dedicated person who shows an incredible amount of respect for people that you love very much.

This dream shows how dedicated you are and ready to sacrifice for the people you love, but this dream comes as a warning that you can lose yourself in the attempt to fulfill others’ desires.

Decoding Dream about Doll Barbie

In any case, if you had a dream about Barbie Dolls, have in mind that such a dream symbolizes extraordinary responsibility that you either have or you want to have, but you lack.

It may occur that you will be raised on a social level or that something worthy will be committed to you for protection. You will take this thoughtfully and do your greatest to show yourself in the best circumstances and not mislead the character who provided you a possibility.

In a dream where you see yourself playing with Barbie Doll, such a dream shows that you need so little to be happy. You are somebody who chooses to satisfy yourself, and you are particularly pleased with the tiny things that make your life more comfortable and more pleasing. You are a very inquisitive person, and you are eternally in the organization of encouraging characters that can teach you a lot.

In a case when someone else is playing in your dream with Barbie Dolls, and you are just looking at them, such a dream denotes difficulty from your childhood.

It could signify the moment in your childhood when something you wanted, did not have – it could be love, recognition, money. You have frequently assumed less valuable than others, so today, you necessitate certifications and recognitions that will persuade you that you are strong and good, just like everybody else. You are apparently still residing in history and operating as if some things have not appeared in your life.

That rejection only sets you back and blocks you from running on. As time goes on, it will be frequently difficult for you to adapt to the new position.

And a version of this dream, and it is very common, even if the subject matter is a bit tacky – where you have sexual intercourse with the Doll Barbie, such a dream shows dissatisfaction.

Such a dream indicates that you are not content with your sex experience. It is probable that you do not feel drawn to your lover or that you have been alone for a long time and have not had sex.

Consider meticulously whether that is cause to end the relationship or to move on into some other phase of your connection after a good and honest talk.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

The dream about Doll Barbie carries an interesting meaning – it can show that your self-confidence is low, and you do not believe in the sincerity of the compliments you receive from people around you. You think that you would be happier if you had less weight, a different hair color, a different education, etc., not realizing that even then, you would find something to blame yourself for.

Stop doing it, stop being in the past for so long, and enjoy the current moment – this is the best advice you can extract from such a dream.

Yes, such a dream, at times, in some of its versions, does show that you are so different from your family members and others that are in your environment, so you cannot talk openly with them about things that bother you.

This is hurting you so much – and there is a matter of trust when it comes to this dream. It shows that you don’t have any person you can trust without fear of being judged. You are mostly left to your own devices, and you have repeatedly convinced yourself that you should not rely on others.

In some cases, the best thing you can do is to think of others’ needs and the fact that you fulfill them without putting yours first – stop trying to fulfill all other wishes whenever they need it.

Sometimes you worry too much about whether everything will turn out as you imagined, and you just need to relax and enjoy life.

And, in the end, the dream about the Doll Barbie can symbolize your emotions – it can show not-so-happy moments in emotional life.

It may suggest that you are in love with a person who does not want a serious relationship and has no intention of settling down soon. You secretly hope that it will change because of you, but in that way, you only hurt yourself even more and waste time with someone who doesn’t deserve you.

In some cases, the dream about the Doll Barbie signifies the change that you are either going through to you are in desperate need of one.

Such a dream is a good sign that announces something wonderful in life; you may find another job or move, start learning something new and exciting, what interests you for a long time. You will make this decision after thinking for a long time and realizing that you need new trials to make your life more enjoyable.