Dream About Old Crush – Meaning and Symbolism

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There is no easy way to say this -breakup is horrible, painful, devastating on so many levels, and even if nothing happened between the two, or you have been the one who has initiated the breakup, it’s hard.

And if you are left… almost unbearable – or if nothing occurred between the two, the same. In any case, you are thinking of an old crush, in reality, all those injured feelings, anger, rivers of tears… and many, many doubts.

Doubts about whether you made the right decision you were no longer together, or you have never been together.

Even after a while, even after a few years, sometimes it can happen that your mind leads you in that “as it could have been” direction.

These kinds of feelings and thoughts are often leading people to dream of an old crush, but we can tell you that this is not the only reason why we dream of an old crush.

You would be surprised what these dreams truly mean – it does not mean that these dreams are connected to the emotional world.

Meaning and Symbolism

If you find yourself having a dream about an old crush, in general, such a dream brings an idea of a possible reconciliation with the current lover (it does not have to do anything do with an old crush that appears in a dream).

But this dream shows that you are about to rush yourself into something that does not have good chances to do work. You need to think carefully about what exactly you want and how to proceed, and this dream comes from the fact that you are not content with the life your living now, and you are looking back into the past, looking for the answers.

The reason for that is never that he was “the real one.”

If this dream occurs more than once, perhaps a few days in a row – it shows that your subconscious is trying to help you get through the breakup that you are going through a hard time right now, and you want to end some current situation.

In a version of a dream where your old crush is talking to you and is even apologized, maybe wanting to be with you again – such a dream is a reflection of your wishes, of your inner needs to make others do what you want them to do.

It is not what you want to do, it is more what you desire others in your surroundings to do, and it is about the expect what you should do.

If in a dream you have seen an old crush that is rejecting you once again, such a dream shows that you do not want him or her back – then the dream helps you get back to reality. Imagine the dream as a conversation with yourself. Whatever your ex tells you, you say to yourself about him.

If you are yelling or arguing with an old crush – ask yourself what kind of conflict you currently have in life.

Something like the battle you’re currently waging. Do you struggle with self-love? Why are you angry with yourself?

First love can mean you are not in love at the moment. Fight for a part of yourself. It’s hard for all of us – specially to love and be our best friend because we are our own worst critics. “You don’t even have to want her/him back.

Dreams can also mean Something completely different that has nothing to do with your former relationship, and maybe it does have got to do with the future connection, who knows.

Decoding Dream about Old Crush

Everything and every given person in your life that appears in a dream has a symbolic meaning, but you must have in mind that it is not a literal meaning, it means something, but it does not have to do with that person, but with you, and you’re feeling about something.

Therefore, it is far from necessary that when you dream about an old crush, you indeed miss that person; there are so many other possibilities that this dream could mean.

In some cases, such a dream suggests that you have feelings of emptiness inside of you, something that you have previously had now is missing.

The dream about an old crush suggests that there is something that you need to fill out right now.

In some cases, not all of them, such a dream could suggest that you are dreaming of an old crush because of the absence of parental love or you are missing a friend with whom you have physically or emotionally distanced yourself.

Consider if there is a problem in your relationship that you need to solve. It can also be concealment of secrets, a lie, general dissatisfaction, lack of intimacy.

In some cases, the dream where you see an old crush can show that you are invoking memories – before you had this dream, it is quite likely that you have smelled her or his perfume somewhere, ate something that was often prepared by that person, or you have seen someone wearing shoes similar to your ex, or you have heard something that he or she has often talked about.

Such a dream does not mean that you miss love endlessly. You miss out on being touched or taken care of.

Perhaps this is the time when you are single or lonely, and you desperately want someone around you.

There is simply a set of impressions that you have accumulated during the day and then melted into a dream – think of what you need in the current moment, and work on it.

Also, in some cases, the dream about an old crush symbolizes that you may have a lot of trouble accepting a part of yourself.

Such dreams mean that you have to learn how to love yourself the way you are, not the way you think you need to be liked by others.

If the dream about an old crush is negative, it may show a certain event in your life that did not end in the most beautiful way.

In that case, you may associate the feeling with a situation in which you are going through someone who has absolutely nothing to do with your old crush.

For example, a co-worker brags about the task you’ve done and picks up all the credit. You feel betrayed – that’s how you may have felt when your relationship went wrong.

Also, if such a dream repeats itself, try to think about your life, expanding the emotional part of it – what kind of breakup did you have recently, what was that like?

Are you now in a serious connection? Do you think that it would be better to leave that relationship, or would you rather still be in it? What else are you hiding in this regard?

Is it hope, anger, or perhaps guilt? Did you ruin anything with your relationship? What was it about this relationship that the subconscious helps you avoid? Do not narrow this down only to the emotional lovers, but expand it to the family members and more.

Try to reach the end, to the past, and the dream about the old crush will come to you, with the reason why you had it.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

There can be several reasons for dreaming about a person from the past, including an old crush. They are usually triggered by a conscious or subconscious reminder of someone, or something from the past that is now coming back to you, not in a literal sense, more important is why are you reaching for the past, for that person, that is, an event.

Maybe you saw a photo of him somewhere, heard a song he liked, maybe walked past the school, something like that evoked memories in you that triggered such a response in a dream.

This foreshadowed in you the emotions you nurtured towards him, so the dream began to recur. You may want to re-experience those feelings you had when you were still in school.

In some cases of this dream where you had a dream that the old crush comes back to you and not in a good way, that he or she hates you – do not be alarmed that does not anything to do with that person or with you.

It is very likely that such a dream expresses anger at yourself for not doing anything at the time (confessing your love to someone) and thus losing him or an opportunity to love someone who is worth being loved.

And in the case of a dream where you had a dream where the old crush returns into your life with an attempt to try a relationship one more time, such a dream suggests that truly you are unhappy in the current moment with your life, and you are constantly thinking of someone (or something that you could do) who was in your life 20, 30, or 40 years ago, and you are still dreaming about it.

In this case, this person (an old crush) does no longer plays himself in your dreams. But in a way, it embodies the feeling of first love (toward anything in your life, it could be anything that you loved once, a job, a person, a car.

It is something that you have shown enthusiasm, passion, desire, the feeling that you are wanted, that you always want to be together, and other beautiful emotions.

These dreams are important in a sense that for all of us, that first crush and first love represents feelings in our psyche,” it will appear in your dreams when, for example, your current relationship will fall into a routine or when you will be alone for a long time, without a partner.

Experts say that this type of dream represents the subconscious mind that reminds you how you feel and gently encourages you to try to find someone who can give you those feelings or do something to awaken those feelings in your current love.

In the end, these dreams about an old crush are critical for understanding who we are because it is so natural to miss something that was a very important part of our lives.

But, it is important to know that when you dream about an old crush, you have to look at everything before you even think of giving in to that impulse to call that person (or start something old) and eventually renew the relationship or a project.

The key is this: do you think about it when you’re lonely or when you’re having a great time? If you do, then it is someone or something to think about.