Dream About Graduation – Meaning and Symbolism

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Dreams about graduation are a pretty common type of dreams.

Anything related to studying and accomplishing any goal in a dream is usually an indicator of a real life success, but it could also reflect our imagined goals and desires.

Such dreams are related to the idea of progress, learning, developing one’s skills and talents.

Dreams about graduation are mostly positive, but there is always a negative side to it. It depends on details in your dream, which may be many.

The first thing one has to consider is if the dream has any correlation with his or hers current situation in life, meaning an obvious connection.

For example, if you are indeed a student or if you have just enrolled faculty, started your master thesis or anything else directly related to faculty and studying, your dream about graduation reflects both your conscious and sub conscious thoughts and feelings about it.

When a person dreams about graduation, but is not a student or in any way involved with faculty or education institutions in general, the dream has a metaphorical meaning and it indicates development and progress in other fields of life.

Most commonly, it is associated with career, career goals and professional life. It could also have a connection with any other area.

Graduation dreams are also dreams that reflect the very desire to move forward in life, regardless of what is currently happening in your waking world.

Those dreams often reflect our desire to be better than others, to be the best in what we do.

Graduation dreams sometimes reflect concept of competition and the very desire to be involved with the competition itself.

Dreams about getting ready for graduation

If you dream about preparing to defend your graduation thesis or being very close to finishing your studies is a dream that could have many meanings.

If you feel confident about and, in the dream, work hard, with passion and dedication and you face no obstacles, it means you are on the right path in life. If you are really about to graduate, it is a good sign.

If you are currently working on an important project, this dream reflects all the effort and passion you invest in it. The meaning is most likely positive.

The meaning could be entirely different, if you constantly face problems while preparing your final exams or whatever that might be related to the graduation process. It may reflect your insecurity about major changes in life.

Graduation means finishing a very important phase in life. If one has no concrete plans about the future after graduation, the dream probably reflects insecurity that comes along.

Maybe you actually do not want to graduate, because you have no idea what comes after and you do not have a determined career path or a guaranteed job position.

Facing difficulties while preparing your graduation exam and else means you actually do not want it all to be over.

You know how some people study very well, even be very good students, but then they keep delaying their last exam. It is a common case and it is normal reaction to the fear of the unknown and uncertain future.

It could reflect any other project you are working on that gives you some kind of comfort and security.

The dream might be about your comfort zone. You are reluctant to get something done, because it means you have to start something new and you do not feel ready for it.

Think about if there was any situation in life that makes you feel as if you do not want to step out of the comfort zone.

However, if the dream make you feel calm and concentrated and you wake up as if it was a good thing, it is a sign of future success that requires your time and dedication, so do not give it up.

Dream about graduating exam

Dreams about finally defending your thesis could be a stressful one. Actually, such dreams are always stressful, just as the actual thing is in waking life.

However, it could be a positive or a negative stress, depending on particular case and feelings that follow it.

If you dream about being very nervous at your final exam, written or spoken, it reflects inner doubts and insecurities you might not even be aware in reality.

You are questioning your own talents, skills and accomplishments so far. It is a very common phenomenon and not a reason to worry about, unless it dramatically interferes with your general productivity in real life.

Everyone gets insecure and doubts their talent at times, even people who appear to be the most self-confident. If you are unready for something in life, this dream might occur as a reflection.

Perhaps you are faced with a situation you have to deal with, but much earlier than you wished it. Therefore, you had no time to prepare the way you wanted to.

Showing up at your graduation exam, not being well prepared means you were sloppy about things in life, about your plans and that you were not very focused and thorough. The dream suggests you have to deal it with it anyway.

If you fail the exam, you might feel very disappointed. This scenario suggest some of your plans are going to fail, but it would probably happen so because you were not dedicated enough and you did not work as hard as it was required.

On the other hand, if someone set you up or if you did it all fine, but still they did not let you graduate, it definitely means someone is working behind your back.

This dream possibly reflects an unfair situation from your real life. If you failed, but felt relieved, it means a stressful and difficult situation in life is going to be resolved one way or another.

The thing is that you do not actually care how it is going to end; you just want to see it over.

If you passed the exam and got high grades, the dream, is definitely a positive one and it suggests your hard work is going not only to be what you wished for, but also admired by other people.

Dreams about graduation ceremony

Dreams about graduation ceremony reflect the latter idea, if you are amongst the graduated ones.

In that case, the dream means your work is going to be noticed, acknowledged and rewarded.

It means there bright future for you, because others have realized your talents. If you were enjoying it, having good time with your professors and your colleagues from faculty, the dream is a positive one, although it, at the same time, represents an ending to an important phase in a person’s life.

If you were watching a graduation ceremony, the dream reflects your unfulfilled dreams. It may even suggest you are jealous about others’ success.

You should stop being envious of others and feeling sorry for yourself, because the dream suggests it is something you could do for yourself.

The dream could be a sign of hope, a positive motivation. It says that it is never too late to improve your knowledge and skills.

Being present at the graduating ceremony of a loved person is also a positive dream. You have been by that person’s side for long and you are just happy to see he or she succeeds.

The dream reflects your care and love for the person and it definitely means you are proud of him or her.

This especially applies if you dream about attending a graduation ceremony of your children, brother or sister, best friend, your partner.

Dreams about diploma

Dreams about seeing any diploma is a dream that tells about accomplishments in life in general.

If you see framed diplomas, hanged upon the wall, but none of it is your own, it means you are at crossroads in your life, especially if you cannot see what they are about.

This dream means you are thinking about which road to choose. You have many interests but are still undecided about which one should you invest the most of your time and effort into.

If you clearly see what a diploma was granted for, the dream means you are definitely thinking about the subject yourself. It could be a sign that indicates the choice for the future.

If you are looking at your own diplomas, it means you are in a phase in which you are re considering all of the accomplishments you have made so far.

You wonder if they are good enough. You are thinking about what is next, now when you definitely fulfilled at least some of your plans and dreams.