Dreams About Breaking Up – Meaning and Symbolism

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Relationships are a common dream subject, especially when something is wrong in the relationship.

People often dream about their partners and these dreams are often reflecting the current state of their relationship or they can reveal some fears and worries they have regarding their partnership.

Dreams can reveal the person’s true feelings about some situation very accurately.

Sometimes they can reveal some feelings to the dreamer, they weren’t aware of having. They are a powerful tool that everyone should use to better understand their motivation and feelings about certain people and situations.

People who are in relationships dream about their partners all the time, and that isn’t a big deal. These dreams could reflect something that happened in their life or some imaginary situation they could experience with their partners.

Out of all relationship dream scenarios, the one with a break up is probably one of the most disturbing ones.

Whether there is a reason for the person to have such a dream or not, this dream usually stirs a lot of emotions and anxiety.

The reasons are simple: for people who don’t have a reason to doubt their partners and expect something like that happening, the dream could be disturbing because they might consider it as some sort of premonition of what is going to happen and it won’t be easy for most of them to shake of the negative feeling; for people who have a reason to doubt their partnership and expect the possibility of a break up, this dream is also disturbing because they could consider it as a confirmation of their fears, doubts, and worries.

Honestly speaking, these dreams are very disturbing and in some cases they could be a reason to worry.

Sometimes our intuition and subconscious mind can be more powerful than our reasonable thinking and observing process. Our subconscious picks up tiny details and we might not consciously be aware of that.

By putting all the pieces together, it could come to reasonably unexplainable conclusions which in the end might prove to be the truth. That means that in some cases dreams about break ups can be premonitions of this scenario actually happening in the person’s life.

Dreams about break ups could reflect our desire to end a relationship that isn’t fulfilling and is not serving our highest good. They could be a reflection of our thoughts and even our plans to break up with our current partner.

In some cases, a break up dream could indicate that you intuitively feel that your partner might be leaving you, even though everything in the relationship looks good on the outside.

These dreams might often be a sign that something is missing in your relationship with your partner and that deep down you are not satisfied with it. Maybe you are not consciously aware of that fact, but your subconscious is possibly sending you this dream to make you realize that.

If you care about your partner, think of a way to save your relationship. Try discovering what makes you dissatisfied and speak about it openly to your partner.

Break up dreams often reveal that there are issues in the relationship that need to be worked on.

The feelings we had during the dream can reveal a lot about the issues we have.

If you didn’t feel any emotions during the break up in the dream, that dream is a serious sign that you need to end something in your life, which doesn’t necessarily have to be your relationship.

Sometimes break ups in our dreams aren’t related to our love life and have some other meaning for our lives. Sometimes dreams about break ups signify that we need to give up on something, regardless of how important or hard that might be for us.

In some cases the scenario of a break up is just a way of our subconscious to let us know that we need to work on some issues with someone, whether it is our partner, or someone else in our lives.

It is important to consider this dream seriously and look for the potential issues that need dealing with.

Sometimes dreams about break ups follow arguments and disagreements with your partner or spouse.

Maybe you two have been quarreling a lot lately and that transferred into your dreams as a potential cause for a break up. Maybe you have even mentioned a possibility of a break up and now your subconscious is rewinding that story in your dream as well.

Dreams about breaking up often reveal our insecurities and lack of confidence. Maybe you don’t feel good enough to be with your partner and you are constantly under a pressure that your partner is going to leave you.

If you realize that that is the case, you should stop doing that immediately because you will most likely attract that scenario in your life.

Lack of self-love and confidence is easy to notice, and your partner might stop respecting you because of that.

Start building your confidence and faith in your value and stop expecting your partner to break up with you or you might end up experiencing that in your reality not just in your dreams, and you won’t have to wait long for that to happen.

Dreams about Breaking up – Meaning and Symbolism

Dreaming of breaking up with your partner or spouse – If you dreamed of telling your partner or spouse that you want to break up with them, that could indicate the need to give up on something, regardless of how tough that might be for you; that can be some habit you have that isn’t good for you, or something else you love doing but you know that it is not good for you, for example, eating too much.

Sometimes this dream reveals your actual desire to break up with your partner because you are not satisfied with the relationship or you don’t love them anymore.

Dreaming that you didn’t break up with your partner (although you did in reality) – If you dreamed of still being in a relationship with your ex, although you have officially split, that dream often reveals your refusing to accept the fact that you two are not together anymore.

If you realize that is true, consider this dream a sign from your subconscious to confront that fact and finally accept that it is over between you two.

In some cases, this dream doesn’t have to mean refusing to accept that the relationship is over, but it could indicate that there are still some unresolved issues or unspoken words between the two of you and because of that you feel that the relationship between you two isn’t over yet.

Dreaming that your partner is breaking up with you – If you dreamed of your partner breaking up with you, that dream might be a good sign. It often indicates the increase in the level of commitment between you two. It is often a sign of moving to the next level in your relationship, whether it is moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, etc.

This dream could symbolize the end of a previous phase in your relationship and moving on to the next one, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but quite the opposite.

Sometimes this dream is a sign of leaving something in the past to make space for something new. This is often a sign of relationship growth.

Dreaming of your spouse breaking up with you – If you dreamed of your spouse telling you that they want to divorce you, that dream usually doesn’t mean that you will divorce in real life. It usually reveals some issues you and your spouse need to work on.

These are most likely some problems regarding your family that both of you have been postponing to handle and ignoring.

That could be a sign of issues related to your parents or your spouse’s parents that are causing problems between you two.

Dreaming of feeling very sad while breaking up with your partner – If you dreamed of breaking up with your partner and feeling sad because of it, that dream often reveals a tough period you have gone through with your partner lately. Probably there were a lot of quarrels and disagreements between you two and the dream was caused by these events.

The fact that you were very sad while breaking up with them is a strong indication of your feelings for them, and reveals your desire to make up with them and settle all your differences.

Although you fear that the relationship between you two might soon be over, your love and deep feelings are a reason to try to resolve your issues and work on your relationship.

This dream is a sign from your subconscious to fight for your relationship and don’t let insignificant matters ruin it.

Dreaming of feeling happy because you are breaking up with your partner – If you dreamed of feeling very happy because of your break up with your partner, that dream often reveals your true desire to end that relationship. Because you think about it so much that your thoughts reflect into your dreams, it is likely that you will experience the break up in reality as well.

This dream often reveals your dissatisfaction with the relationship and your partner, and your subconscious just presented that dissatisfaction in a form of a break up dream.

If you recognize yourself in this description, consider this dream as an encouragement from your subconscious to openly talk with your partner and tell them how you feel.

Maybe there is a possibility to fix your relationship and stay together. If not, it is better for the both to end it, and find peace and satisfaction with someone else.

This dream doesn’t necessarily have to mean that you are fed up with your partner and want them out of your life. That could be a sign that you need some freedom in the relationship.

Maybe you have been spending too much time with your partner, and now you want some time for yourself and the things that interest you.

Dreaming of breaking up a relationship with a close friend – In some cases, we might dream about ending or breaking up a relationship with a close friend. Such a dream also reveals potential issues you have with your friend.

Maybe you are not satisfied with the quality of your friendship or how your friend has been treating you and you feel the need to end your friendship.

If you realize that you do think about ending the friendship in real life as well, it is wise to talk to your friend about your true feelings and try to save the friendship if possible. At least you will know that you have tried.

Dreaming of breaking up with someone you quarreled with – If you dreamed of breaking up with someone close you recently had a big argument with, that dream usually reveals your desires to fix things with this person.

Dreaming of breaking up with an ex-partner – If you dreamed of breaking up with your ex, that dream usually indicates that you still haven’t forgotten some bad things that happened between you two.

It is possibly that you still feel hurt and feel resentment towards them, and your subconscious is revealing these negative feelings through a dream where you are breaking up with them again.

Dreaming of breaking up with someone you recently started dating – If you dreamed of breaking up with someone you just started dating not long ago, that dream often reveals your feelings of insecurity about the relationship and its future.

Maybe things between you two aren’t unfolding as you have imagined and you begin thinking about breaking up, or fearing that your partner will break up with you.