Dreams About Cancer – Interpretation and Meaning

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Dreams about being ill are particularly disturbing and scary to any dreamer. The experience of having such dreams is unpleasant, regardless of if you dream about you being sick or someone else is being sick.

The dream could be terrifying if an illness you dream of is incurable or terminal. Dreams about cancer fall under category of extremely frightening dreams. If you have been ill recently, it is not so strange for certain types of illness to occur in your dream. The same is if you are feeling sick at the moment.

It is also common for people who are diagnosed with serious diseases, such as cancer, to have such dreams.

If someone you care for (your family member, a good friend, a partner etc.) is diagnosed, it is quite natural for you to have dream about such health issues, because you worry about that person’s well-being both consciously and sub-consciously.

Dreams about cancer reflect concerns related to a dreamer’s own health or physical and mental well-being of someone he or she cares for. No matter the true reason, such dreams are distressing.

When dreams about cancer occur in people who are not ill or who do not have anyone in their surroundings who is sick, the experience is very unpleasant and it makes those dreamers wonder why such dreams would appear in the first place.

Dreams about cancer appear to healthy people who are dissatisfied with other areas of their life. If you dream about serious illnesses and you are generally a very healthy person, you should really ask yourself about what bothers you in other areas of your life.

Dreams about terminal, chronic and serious health conditions could be a reflection of a disease a dreamer or someone he or she cares for fights in reality, because such health issues are very likely to completely consume people’s minds and emotions o they cannot think about other things in life.

IT is a normal phenomenon to dream about such things, but it is scary. It means you have surrendered to the disease on an emotional level. In people who are healthy, these dreams are reflections of particularly frustrating feelings and situations in reality.

Dreams about cancer symbolize damage, conflict, serious problems in reality. They could also appear as warning signs. Sometimes our instincts and intuition are so strong that our sub-conscious mind could suggest we are sick, before we actually feel any symptoms.

However, that is not necessarily the case, of course. It also happens that we are completely unaware of what constantly make us feel stressed and exhausted in reality and it does not need to have anything related to our or someone else’s health.

Dreams about cancer

Dreams about cancer are generally negative and the energy they carry is negative. On the other hand, such scary and unpleasant dreams could be a good and very useful channel to filtrate all the negative energy, thoughts and emotions we have piled up in our waking life.

Disturbing dreams about serious, life threatening situations, such as, in some cases, having a cancer, are there to remind us of how important is to value every step on the road.

Many people take their life and their physical health for granted, until it gets damaged, sick or hurt.

For many people, dreams about serious illnesses are constant reminders of their fragility and weakness.

Of course, there are many situations that remind us of finality of life on a daily basis, but for those more fearful ones, such reminders commonly occur in their dreams. A perfectly healthy person, who is overly protective of their loved ones or is anxious and insecure about themselves in general, could have dreams about cancer more often.

Such dream is a reflection of low self-esteem, discourage, fearfulness and over-alertness. Some people find it hard to relax in life, even if everything is fine and there is no reason to actually worry about.

Dreams about cancer could be a bad omen, meaning you could fall sick in reality or even be diagnosed with serious disease. It could also mean someone else could get seriously or terminally ill, but that does not need to be the case.

Do not worry in advance, but if your guts tell you to see the doctor or you feel someone you love should see one, then do that and advise these people to do so. You cannot lose anything; it is always better to clear things up, so you do not have to be concerned anymore.

Of course, that does not mean you should get obsessed with such things, if there are no other signs, except for your disturbing dreams.

There are various types of cancer related dreams and we will try to help you understand the most common ones. If everything is fine with your health on the health of those you care for, you should focus on other aspects of your life.

Dreams about serious diseases are also a dream projection of your regret and feeling wrong for not paying enough attention to people around you or things you love to do, but you have neglected. It could be a reminder to make you realize life is made of small pleasures.

Such dreams suggest you should probably spend more time with people you love, doing things you like, for no one knows what comes next.

Dreams about being diagnosed with cancer

If you dream about you went to the doctor’s office and they have read you results of testing in which they confirm you have cancer, such dream could represent the realization of your worst fears in reality, but that does not necessarily have to do anything with your health.

Such a dream symbolizes particularly unpleasant surprise (e.g. losing a job all of a sudden, a partner leaving you for no obvious reason, discovery of an unpleasant and shocking truth about someone or something etc.).

In some cases, such a dream could be an early, sub-conscious sign you are sick. Of course, it does not have to be a serious disease, such as cancer, but you should check it out.

Dreams about having cancer

If you dream you are already suffering from cancer, that means either you are actually sick in reality (from any disease, even flu or such) or you are physically and mentally completely drained and exhausted.

Such dreams could be a natural reflection of an actual illness, but also a reflection of overreactions related to symptoms you have and that are not serious in medical terms. I

t is common that dreams about having cancer occur in people who are hypochondriac. Such dreams also indicate you feel fragile, unsuitable, weak, insecure and helpless in reality.

Dreams about having cancer are also a way for your mind to somehow express frustrations you suppress in reality. This dream means you are falling apart from the inside.

You are unable to speak your mind, because you are afraid to. You just pile up stresses and let others control your decisions and actions. You might have found yourself stuck in a situation that makes you feel desperate and depressed, but you still do not leave it.

Dreams about someone else is having cancer

Dreams about someone else’s having cancer are usually a reflection of a dreamers care and love for the person he or she dreams of is fallen sick. It means you care about someone very much and you want to protect that person from any harm.

If the person is in trouble in reality and you cannot help them, such a dream is a channel to let go off such frustrations. You feel helpless about helping someone else.

Such dreams do not have to be negative; they usually reflect an overprotective, very compassionate personality.

On the other hand, such dream occurs to remind you to resolve conflict you have with someone, because that is what keeps both you and that person restless and frustrated.

Dreams about dying or recovering from cancer

Such dreams usually have straightforward meanings, if they are not related to an actual illness. If they are, they do not predict things, but more likely reflect your emotions and fears about an illness.

In the first case, if you dream about dying from cancer, it means a phase of your life comes to an end; it ‘dies’.

If you are dreaming about recovering and being cured, it means you will most definitely overcome difficulties and challenges you are facing right now.

Such dream is a dream of encouragement and enlightenment.