Dreams About Friends – Interpretation and Meaning

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No people are the whole of themselves; their friends are what makes the rest of them. Out of friendship we mine our courage, our motivation and our desire to live, to be happy and to share all that we have seen and experienced with another.

Friendship is an essential spice of our lives; without friends, we are lost.

There are people who love solitude, who would rather spend days and nights wandering alone, enjoying this world alone, but the truth is, they do have friends. Even if a friend is not a human, it is still a friend.

However, when talking about friends and friendships we usually think of our human friends, people who can get along with us and who would gladly share both our burdens and joys and vice versa.

Friendships are precious to us, even if we often take them for granted. All friendship are built out of love for another person, out of need for socializing, sharing, mutual support and understanding.

Friendship motifs are seen in all cultures around the world; the difference is seen only in particular traditional patterns, practices, rituals and habits.

Friends are one of the most important aspects of people’s life, besides their closest ones, such as their family members, children and partners. Actually, it often happens that a person would seek an advice or help from friends, rather than from someone whom he or she is blood-bound with.

Friends are our people of choice and therefore, the time spent in their company is joyful, fulfilling and relaxing.

Sometimes, the times are hard, but our friends are those who make even such times easier.

Friends would always make us feel free and relaxed about who we really are; one does not need to fake it before friends. In our friends’ company, we could be what we are, no matter if it is good or bad or both.

Before your friends you do not have to fake you are doing well; a friends would understand your weaknesses and will not judge you.

A friend would also share happy times with you; he or she will feel great about your successes and accomplishments, as if he or she was the one who made it. You will feel the same about them, as well.

Dreams about friends

All of that make dreams about friends a source of great inspiration. Dreams about friends and friendships are precious guidelines for our lives. Just as in reality friends are a kind of mirror to us, in dreams they could help you understand ourselves even better.

Dreams about friends are, of course, common dreams, because our friends are ever present in our lives, as long as we are friends with them and even beyond.

Dreams about friends come in various forms, could be both positive and negative, could be relaxing, disturbing, joyful and scary. All dreams featuring people could make us reconsider our decisions, plans, our actions and our behavior.

When dreaming about people who mean a lot to us in reality, we could see how well we do in reality, what are our flaws and what are our qualities.

Such dreams help us build better foundations for our social life or to improve relations we already have with certain people. These dreams are precious in terms of knowing yourself better.

Dreams about friends can reveal parts of our personality of which we are unaware. Dreams featuring our friends could mean many things and could be particularly disturbing.

All these dreams have a lot to do with our emotional and mental state.

Sometimes these dreams are about our past, which we are unwilling to let go of, sometimes these are dreams about the deepest and the most intimate emotions, sometimes they are about loss and sometimes about gaining. It all depends on a dream.

Dreams about a friend from the past

Dreams about friends from your past could mean you are unwilling to accept your reality.

This dream means you still grieve over something; usually, it is an unresolved relation or arguments with someone and you find it hard to leave it in the past and move on. This dream means your past keeps interfering with your present life and it bothers you all the time.

The dream reflects the frustration you feel about it, no matter if you are meeting a friend, not an enemy, from the past.

Letting go is the toughest thing to do, for all of us. However, if you dream about a childhood friends, from the days when you both were young, it means you are unwilling to take up responsibility and act as an adult.

Long story short, you do not want to grow up; you would like if things could be the way they were, that you could just spend days and days playing with friends, not knowing about cruelty of life any adult faces eventually.

Dreams about your current friends

Dreams about our current friends, especially best friends, reveal a lot about our personality and the stage of our emotional development. Such dreams help us understand what kind of approach we have with people around us.

They are guidelines to help us find out if there are some things we should change, improve or work on.

It depends on how you dream about your friends and what were you doing in the dream. Do they appear happy or sad? Is there anything wrong with your relationship in a dream or with your friend in general?

Let us discover the deeper meaning.

Dreams about sad friends

If you dream about your friends being sad and unhappy, it means you should reconsider your attitude towards your friends, in the first place. Maybe you are too busy with your work and you neglect your friends.

Deep inside, you feel guilty about it, even if you are unaware of that.

Try to balance things in your life and make some space for relaxing spare time with those who care about you.

This dream could also mean that your friends actually are sad and in need of your help. This dream could as well reflect your feeling of loneliness and unhappiness.

Perhaps you are very reserved person and you find it difficult to open up your mind and speak frankly about what is bothering you. You should always have in mind that friends are not only for fun.

Those are the ones who would gladly share your sorrows and failures, just as they stay by your side in your joys and successes.

Dreams about happy friends

If you dream about happy friends, you could relax; it is a positive dream, of course. Only if you feel extremely disturbed by this dream and it provokes confusing mixture of emotions.

You should ask yourself about whether your friendships are true and honest.

In all other cases, dreams about happy friends or having fun with your friends imply there will be fun in your waking life.

This is a dream about happy news, hope for bright future, coziness, socializing and feelings of being supported and loved by others.

Dreams about traveling with friends

Dreams about traveling with friends are fairly common and these are good and positive dreams. Such a dream symbolizes mutual understanding, respect, support and love. You have friends in your life on which you can rely without any second thoughts.

They are with you on your lifelong journey and they are likely to stay by your side until the very end of it.

You feel the same for them. Traveling with friends is a dream full of excitement and joy. It is an extremely positive dream. It means you are not alone and that, whatever happens, you will have someone by your side.

Your friends are true and they will go with you through all of transformations you will experience throughout your lifetime. Your true friends literally travel with you up and down the roads of your destiny, as well as you travel with them.

This dream is very optimistic and fortunate.

Dreams about making new friends

Dreams about making new friends are always interesting. Such dreams could reflect your desire to have children, for instance.

You feel as if you are about to step into a new phase of life; it does not mean you are about to break relationships with your current friends or so, but that you feel as if there should be something more.

Dreams about making new friends are usually reflections of an inner need for a change or for an addition in life.

On the other hand, this dream could reflect your need dramatically to change something.

Maybe you feel as if your current friends are kind of fake, meaning they are not your real friends; a person should really listen to his or hers intuition when it comes to maintaining relationships with other people.

Maybe you feel as if you should leave the toxic environment and start completely fresh, especially when it comes to social life.

Dreams about friends dying

Dreams about friends or a friend dying are always quite scary, terrifying and often make us wake up in sweat and thank god it was only a dream. However, such dreams could have totally different meanings.

Obviously, if you are worried about your friend’s well being in reality and you have a proper reason for feeling that way, it could reflect in your dreams.

It is the way of your mind to somehow release negative emotions and help you cope with the situation.

On the other hand, if everything is okay in your waking life, considering your good friend, this scary dream has a positive meaning.

Some interpreters would even say you have prolonged your friend’s life, by dreaming he or she was dying.

This dream is a positive omen for your friends’ well being, if that is the case. If you have no reasons to be scared in reality, then it is a fortunate sign for your friend and your friendship with them.