Gemini in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

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The “generalized astrological profiles” are always to be considered in a broad sense, as they do not take into account the many nuances that a “Birth Horoscope” can give, because only this is calculated on the basis of place, day, month, year and time of birth, so it is personalized.

However, I believe that a good approximation can be obtained even just by knowing the position of the Sun of the person concerned (position which generally coincides with the Sign to which he belongs) and his Ascendant.

Gemini – Meaning and Info

If you know the Sign and the Ascendant, it will be helpful if you read both profiles relating to both of these Signs, because you will probably find correspondence in both.

In relation to the Evolutionary Levels of human beings and, consequently, to the evolution of Astrology, the general profiles of all 12 Zodiac Signs are treated here in a Classical and an Esoteric view.

From the ironic sympathy that he will show with his talkativeness and the constant movement (he is not really capable of standing still!).

It is rare to find a Gemini who does not have a brilliant intelligence, who does not have at least two activities and other multiple interests and who is unable to even superficially support any kind of conversation.

He is a master in knowing how to sell well and in making even what he knows little flourish. He is very curious and also a bit gossipy and he loves to learn about things precisely because he finds them interesting.

He has the ability to be able to be told and share your feelings, but if you try to satisfy your curiosity about him, especially about his inner life or his emotions, he will shift attention to other topics with the same skill he used with you to make you spill the beans. If you want to fascinate him, use words, not feelings.

He does not know them, it is extremely difficult for him to understand them, and he has little contact with the emotional part of him (like all air signs in general).

It will be difficult to hear him talk about his emotional stories, he will often joke or make a witty or ironic joke and keep everything hidden.

Not that he is not romantic, he is, but his romanticism will be both sparkling and sophisticated: do not dream of receiving love cards from him full of poetry and pathos, rather expect an invitation on a terrace by the sea at the moonlight (if you own it), but with a good bottle of champagne and the bike waiting for you outside to take you home!

He tends not to be jealous, he expects that you are not either and that you leave him all that air, or the freedom he needs to live (and … … don’t think about the emotional part of him).

You need to give him time, communication, understanding and perhaps then, the Gemini man will be able to take root a little more firmly in a relationship and learn introspection.

He will learn to become more aware of his own feelings and emotions, which he often neglects or even removes, and will stop condemning the emotional needs of others as possessive and suffocating. What to say about the accusation that they often hear, of being liars?

Here too there is a myth to dispel (a bit like we did with the sign of Scorpio): Gemini, like all air signs, are idealistic and have a high code of ethics in relationships, they do not lie and do not even lose their natural integrity they possess in dealing with others, it would be more correct to say that they evade questions, only when they have no other way and because they cannot read emotional language.

The man of Gemini, but generally belonging to this sign, needs to face the multiple personalities that he feels. It is ruled by Mercury, remember? The element Mercury has the physical property of acquiring the shape of the container that contains it.

You have often read that Gemini has the best deal with other air signs, and indeed it is true, probably more for friendships, but it is also true that they often tend to bond with water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) with whom they apparently don’t have much in common.

2nd House – Meaning and Info

House 2 is associated with the sign of Earth, Taurus, and the planet Venus. It is traditionally described as the House of “values, possessions, money and resources”.

Although this description refers, almost instantly, to material goods, House 2 is also linked to the development of the “I”.

It is in this House where we realize that we have a different body. Besides ego consciousness (in House 1), we now find that ego has a physical form, a body (ego-body or ego-physical).

This sense of unique identity evolves in the 3rd House, where, in addition to the ego and the physical body, we acquire awareness of our mind (ego-mind).

As we become aware of this individuality, the limits of our ego continue to expand. The notion of our uniqueness allows us to continue to develop our own identity.

In House 2, we realize that we are beings that exist beyond the mother figure. That when it is not present, we continue to exist, being.

But this discovery of our individuality is a terrifying phase that marks early childhood. We are vulnerable, limited.

After all, the mother (the center of the world of all babies), can disappear. Our safe haven, our source of food and emotional warmth, can no longer be there all the time.

The awareness of this fact, of the existence of two separate and independent entities (mother-baby axis), is a dramatic moment for all human beings. How to guarantee our safety?

The “ME” understands that it needs to guard against external threats. Right now, we focus on our body, our physical existence, its safety.

Over time, we realize that we have other abilities, such as walking, saying words, doing things alone. Our identity continues to develop, to gain substance, as we become more independent, better able to shape the world according to our will and interests.

House 2 describes what we have or want to have. But also, the resources or attributes that, when developed, will give us a feeling of substance, value, recognition and security. For most people, this means money and material goods.

In the positive sense, having a comfortable income level allows us to do more. Investing in developing our capabilities, improving skills, having access to new opportunities, in short, having the financial means to do things that we would not otherwise have the opportunity to achieve.

On the downside, an excessive focus on the materialistic side of life can lead to despair, frustration, a lack of self-esteem, and low self-perception. The life we ​​idealize for ourselves does not happen.

House 2 symbolizes our need for security. This may come from financial income, but it is not just that. Like other aspects of the personality, the notion of security also varies from person to person. Gemini or Mercury in the second House, for example, values ​​knowledge.

Pisces or Neptune in the 2nd House, spirituality or religion. Mars in the second House reveals a tendency toward impulsive purchases and the need to build a fortress.

In the birth chart, the signs and planets present in House 2 are like lanterns that point to the qualities and talents that we must develop to fulfill our safety plan. Inherently, what we achieve is reflected in the quality of our self-assessment.

If we achieve our goals, regardless of what it takes to feel safe and healthy, the better our evaluation of ourselves will be. Certainly we will be better when we create the conditions that allow us to live a comfortable life, without worry.

House 2 also shows our relationship with material goods. Do we make compulsive purchases? Do we buy more than necessary because we need the pantry to be always full? Are we disconnected from money and live with little? Do we save? Do we waste it? Are we generous in sharing our assets?

For example, Mars or Aries in the 2nd House indicates both an eagerness to accumulate money (to build a fortress) and a propensity to spend it impulsively. Venus in the Second House, on the other hand, sees financial ability as a way to increase her capacity for seduction.

The signs and planets positioned in the 2nd House encourage us to develop a sense of what we are worth (our sense of identity), they help us to understand what we need to feel safe and, consequently, the level of our material ambition.

In Astrology, the interpretation of this House is fundamental since our whole life is based on these criteria.

Gemini in 2nd House – Meaning and Info

As long as they don’t feel suffocated. A flirtation with a Gemini can be very interesting and fascinating and perhaps it is precisely in flirting that he is most able to express the eternal butterfly (the eternal teenager) in him.

If with your Gemini you intend to build something more concrete, be careful, however … and keep in mind that some Gemini never grow up, both in the best and worst sense of the word and certainly need a lot of patience (that of mothers … .. but only patience!) and a lot, a lot of rope.

Little advice for those who know a little about astrology: based on my personal experience (I live surrounded by Gemini), if your love belongs to this Sign, and you are interested in knowing it from an emotional point of view, evaluate the Ascendant well, the aspects of the Moon, Venus, the VII and V house (also the Masters of the houses) and the aspects in the birth chart.


Even a look at Mars doesn’t hurt. In reality, it is a principle that is valid a little for all the Signs, but especially for Gemini.

They are born transformists, so they acquire a lot from the Signs occupied by the planets and the aspects that form in their birth chart. An example: a Gemini with an Aries ascendant will be very Aries and not very Gemini, then if he has Mars or Venus in a Fire Sign, you understand that the fire characteristics will be very accentuated, dispersing the typical flickering of Gemini.

In short, look for some indication in the theme, which “stop” the character of the Twin, if you want to build something, otherwise it is easy for you to find yourself in front of the eternal adolescent.