Honey – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

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Did you know that honey has been known and worshiped since ancient times, and people have been using it for centuries?

Honey has been used in various ways since the ancient past. We cannot even count how many usages it has from the delicious mixture with wine for pouring wedges on sacred buildings, for embalming, as a sweetener, as a means of payment.

In the past, honey, the wonderful nectar of Gods, was used for making mortar, as a drink, and it has its usages for medicinal and cosmetic means (even till this day, products based on honey are used and recognized in cosmetology and medicine).

In fact, in the broader symbolism, the honey has been the symbol of perfection; it is an essential element in many religious rituals and folk traditions.

It has been associated with heavenly bliss and the Divine, and the association with the Divine made it a symbol of immortality.

Also, honey was a symbol of wealth and sweetness.

It is also a somewhat common motive in a dream symbolism – what it means when you dream about the honey? Does it show the similar perfection and the connection to the Divine?

Read here and find out your answer.

Meaning and Symbolism

Unfortunately, we must say right in the beginning that the dream about the honey can, in certain versions, symbolizes a loss.

If you are making the honey, putting it into the bowls, etc., it can suggest a small loss, but if you eat it, it can be the symbol of business success.

In a version of a dream where you smear honey on your face and then eat it, it can be a bad sign, meaning that you are surrounded by bad people.

If in a version of a dream about the honey, you see honey, but the small amount and it is dripping on something can be the symbol of a small loss; the dream interpretation shows that it is possible that you will invest money in a business that you will evaluate as promising, but you will soon realize that there is no great benefit from it. You will try to get out as soon as possible and get back what you can get back.

The hardships of losing will be the complaints of close people who will remind you that they warned you about this.

A version of the dream about the honey revolves around the person who has given you the honey, and such a dream suggests that you are able to make your own dreams come true.

But not only that, such a dream shows that you are quite able to make others happy, helping them to achieve their own ambitions.

If you are the one who is giving someone else honey, in that case, the dream shows that it is quite possible that you will sacrifice for others. It shows your altruistic and loving nature and ability to sacrifice when it is necessary.

One interesting thing is that such dreams often appear in the lives of the people who are parents, particularly in the case of those parents who gave up personal pleasures because of the benefit of their children.

Maybe because of a better-paid job, you will change your place of residence, or you will accept a job that does not suit you but brings more income and helps your family. This dream shows a sacrifice that you are more than willing to take since it will bring so much good into the lives of your family.

To have a dream in which someone is licking honey from your fingers or hands or some other part of the body, such a dream indicates that you are not completely honest with your emotional partner. You may not be able to surrender completely to him/her because you are disappointed in love because of some bad experiences from the past.

Do not think that your lover doesn’t notice it. He or she cares about you and wants to give you a chance. So why do not you use it?

Decoding Dream about Honey

To dream of eating honey symbolizes success at work, in the majority of its version.

Such a dream shows that you are the individual who, when motivated, does not find it difficult to stay overtime, to sacrifice a social life, and to dedicate himself completely to work.

It is about dedication and that you value honesty with your superiors and as soon as you recognize it.

Such a dream can even suggest that the person who dreams can easily see himself spending working life in the company in question and giving his best to it.

If in a dream you are spreading honey on a piece of bread and eat it, it implies that you are surrounded by bad people; that does not want you any good, but you are not able to see it. You are probably the initiator of all gatherings in society, and as soon as you see that one of your friends is in a bad mood, you do your best to bring a smile to his face.

However, when that is the case with you, rarely does anyone remember to ask you what is wrong with you, let alone help you.

This dream has one addition – if you eat the piece of bread with the honey on it, in that case, such a dream shows that you are surrounded by bad people and that you are aware of the negative impact they have on you, but you are ignoring all the signs that are coming up.

When in a version of a dream someone else is enjoying eating honey, such a dream is a manifestation of envy for someone’s professional success.

Probably one of your acquaintances, when no one had high hopes, will prove that he can achieve a lot. Instead of him, that is.

It serves as an example that it is possible to achieve everything you want. It will be easier for you to envy that person.

In a version of a dream where you are buying honey, such a dream symbolizes that you will be able to overcome financial problems with the help of family members.

It is possible that you have run out of sources of income and are now facing difficulties. You worry about going through a difficult period until everything returns to normal.

However, your loved ones will help you overcome this by reducing unnecessary expenses and saving until living conditions improve.

Selling honey in a dream is a sign that you need to work harder on yourself in order to be more successful. You believe that you have reached your maximum, but that is not true.

If you upgrade your knowledge and skills and become more efficient over time, your efforts will be valued more, and thus you will have much more self-confidence.

And this dream is often associated with emotional life – for example, taking honey from someone’s hands in a dream shows that you are probably in a relationship with a person who is still carrying some “emotional baggage” and that you have a problem in dealing with it.

The message behind this Dream and Advice

The majority of the dreams have the main motive, honey, showing that the person who has such a dream is a very hardworking and persistent person, and more importantly, has the motivation to be even better at everything they do.

Sometimes such a dream shows a competitive spirit that is a driving power for the person who has this dream.

These people should never doubt will they will succeed in what they have set to do in life, work, whatever.

Also, people who often had these dreams must look at themselves honestly, along with the people who are close by.

In the case when someone is spreading the honey on you, such a dream means that you will meet a person who will simply delight you with his charisma and way of thinking.

It will convince you that there are still good and honest people who put the interest of the community before personal interests. You will try to spend as much time with him as possible, that is.

Because you think you can learn a lot from that person and you should, it will come as a blessing.

Sometimes this dream can show that you are not satisfied with certain segments of your life but that you are not trying hard enough to change what you do not like.

Maybe the job you are doing does not bring you moral or financial security, so you are frustrated and tense. In that case, try to find something better or at least try to turn what you enjoy into your own business. It’s not as hard as you think.

You are probably the initiator of all gatherings in society, and as soon as you see that one of your friends is in a bad mood, you do your best to bring a smile to his face.

However, when that is the case with you, rarely does anyone remember to ask you what is wrong with you, let alone help you.

Often times the dreams about the honey are related to trust issues – they mean that you should trust yourself more than what others are trying to impose on you. You are old and mature enough to be able to distinguish well-intentioned advice from manipulation, so you must not allow others to impose their ideas, attitudes, and beliefs on you, but try to keep your opinion and fight for it.