Dreams About Maggots – Interpretation and Meaning

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Most people are scared and disgusted by the thought of seeing maggots. Maggots are larvae which turn into flies. Flies lay hundreds of 500 to 2,000 eggs during their life span of around one month. The maggots hatch from the eggs and after some time they turn into flies.

Maggots are disgusting not only because of their revolting appearance, but also because they live in filthy and infested places, rotten flesh or food, feces, etc.

Dreams about maggots are not as rare. Such dreams usually leave us with an unpleasant feeling of disgust throughout the day, but there are people who are not at all bothered by them.

Depending on the feelings you had during your dream, as well as the other circumstances present in the dream, your dream could have both, a good or bad meaning.

Maggots are often a symbol for something negative, usually feelings of disgust, repulsiveness, hate, fear, etc. towards something or someone. They could also symbolize negative life circumstances you are going through. They often happen during times of stress in life, especially regarding private matters or work.

Dreams about maggots may reveal a spiritual transformation you are currently undergoing. Maybe it is a reminder not to make the same mistakes again and instead, learn from them. This dream could also reveal harboring some negativity and repressing feelings and emotions.

Maybe you are holding on to some negative experiences or emotions from the past.

In some cases, dreams about maggots symbolize something or someone having a negative influence on you. Maybe some things in your life aren’t going as planned and you feel desperate.

Your dream about maggots could also be a sign of stress and anxiety. Maybe you can’t get rid of negative emotions and thought patterns, which seems to attract more similar circumstances and cause you to feel even worse in your life.

This dream could also symbolize your harmful and destructive attitude and actions and is asking you to consider changing something in your life because if you continue this way, you will attract some major disaster in your life, as well as a real reason to be negative and depressed about.

Dreams about maggots could sometimes be a reflection of everyday events, such as seeing maggots on TV or in your garden, in which case, they usually have no particular significance.

Dreams About Maggots – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreaming about maggots – If you saw maggots in your dream, such dream is not the best of signs. It could be a sign of disaster, loss, damage and in some cases death. Sometimes such dream foretells your death or the death of someone close.

This dream could also reveal hidden and repressed emotions and thoughts about yourself and the future.

It’s important to realize your emotions and try to deal with them because they might become a destructive influence on your life, attracting negativity of all kinds.

Dreaming about seeing maggots in your food – If you saw maggots crawling in your food, such dream isn’t a good sign, and indicates someone doing things behind your back. You might have some rivals or enemies jealous at you, not hesitating to harm you or ruin your reputation.

Someone might be spreading rumors about you and you are not able to prevent that.

Dreaming about maggots eating carcass – If you saw maggots eating flesh from a carcass, no need to worry because your dream is a good sign. Such dream might indicate the ending of a bad phase in life, and some fortunate new beginnings soon.

Dreaming about maggots in rotten food – If you dreamed about maggots in rotten food such dream isn’t a good sign. This dream often symbolizes some repressed emotional issues you have, and you need to confront as soon as possible.

Dreaming about maggots crawling in rotten flesh – If you dreamed about maggots crawling in rotten flesh, such dream is a bad sign. It could symbolize illness, accidents, injuries, problems with your health and sometimes it could symbolize death.

If you keep dreaming these dreams, consider them as a serious warning about your health.

Dreaming about having maggots inside your body – If you dreamed about maggots crawling inside your body, such dream is not a good sign. It reveals being burdened by something, which you cannot stand any longer. Maybe you have some problems you don’t know how to handle, and they’ve been weighing you down.

This dream might be suggesting you share these burdens with someone you trust and ask for help.

In some cases, a dream about maggots inside your body could symbolize your tendency to isolate from others. Maybe you are shy and keep away from close relationships. You might be a person focused more on your career and not on your personal life.

This dream might be asking you to address the issues with intimacy you have and open yourself to others.

Dreaming about maggots crawling all over you – If you dreamed about maggots crawling all over your body, such dream could be a sign of your desire to gain wealth and financial abundance and accomplishing your desires.

If, in your dream you were taking maggots off your body that is not a good sign, indicating you won’t succeed in achieving your desires.

Dreaming about maggots inside your skin – If you dreamed about maggots crawling inside your skin such dream usually isn’t a good sign. This dream could symbolize your negative attitude towards life. You are probably a pessimistic and depressive person who tends to isolate yourself from others.

Sometimes this dream indicates being in a state of depression and isolation because of some recent events which have completely changed you.

Dreaming about you eating maggots – If you dreamed you were eating maggots, such dream usually isn’t a good sign. It might indicate your desire to confront some issues bothering you for some time.

This dream could also represent business success or the success of your current projects. It could also be a sign of getting rid of the negativity from your life.

Dreaming about maggots on dead people – If you saw maggots crawling on dead people such dream is usually a bad sign. This dream often reveals your subconscious fear of dying. This dream could also be a result of anxiety and stress you are undergoing.

You might have repressed emotions and unresolved past issues which are a burden to you.

This dream asks you to confront these issues because they are blocking your progress and moving towards your goals and desires.

Dreaming about walking over maggots – If you had a dream about walking over maggots such dream is a bad sign. This dream might indicate having some repressed emotions and even resentment towards someone. You might realize that fact, but the dreams reveal this issue as something you have to deal with immediately because it is blocking your progress and keeping you in a constant state of negativity.

In some cases, this dream symbolizes your determination and persistence to overcome all challenges.

Dreaming about maggots sucking on you – If you dreamed about maggots sucking your body, such dream could symbolize some annoying person from your surroundings. That might also be someone jealous at you and trying everything to ruin you somehow.

You should confront this person and try to block these attempts.

Dreaming about maggots on your head – If you dreamed of having maggots on your head, such dream usually reveals some problems you have and cannot easily deal with. This dream often points out to unresolved emotional trauma causing your anxiousness and stress.

This dream is asking you to confront the issues you have and deal with them, so you can free yourself.

Dreaming about maggots on your eyes – If you dreamed about maggots crawling on and around your eyes, such dream is a warning to confront some issues you have been postponing for some time. Maybe you choose to ignore some important but unpleasant issue and that is haunting you through your dreams.

The dream is asking you to finish with it and free yourself from the pressure you have imposed on yourself.