Libra in 8th House – Meaning and Info

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Among the 12 houses, number 8 is considered one of the most intense. Your affairs? “Inheritances and shared resources, addictions, the occult, death and life changes”, explains astrologer Bárbara Christian. According to the professional, it is the house associated with the sign of scorpion.

“It brings everything in an intense and emotional way. For example, is seen in a mystical way, as a tool for personal transformation”.

As for death, it does not speak properly about how the individual will die, but rather about how he deals with losses throughout life. How do I know the sign of my house 8? The sun sign is not always the same present in the eighth house.

Libra – Meaning and Info

The sign of Libra is the seventh of the Zodiac, and lives up to its symbol. More than a judgment, the balance brings with it the idea of ​​balance, measurement and neutralization of opposing forces. In this article, we are going to talk about the pound characteristics.

The sign of Libra is ruled by Venus. That is why he was presented with the gifts of kindness and conciliation. Librans can really compromise their personality and work hard to keep the peace.

Libra can be the best of the best as a partner. Libra is the typical sign of marriage, however, know very well what you want. Librans demand maturity from their partners. Say yes to a Libran and happiness will be with you. The connection with your partner can be considered mystical.

Libra is a devoted lover, tolerant of his partner’s mistakes and is always looking for a relationship where there is reciprocity and respect. Of the main characteristics of Libra, balance is the keyword. No violence or cruelty. Libra people are always looking to keep all aspects of their lives in perfect harmony and balance.

Do you want to drive a Libra crazy? Generate conflicts. They are terrified. They do the impossible and the possible for peace, and when they realize they are not succeeding, they oscillate between kindness and rudeness.

Libras always try to understand the other person’s point of view. He is always requested by his friends and loves a good conversation.

Exudes charm and elegance. The downside is that Libras can be superficial, light and too shy. You can be indecisive and change your mind every three days. Librans are always ready for any party. They love beauty, luxury and good taste. Libra people are also loyal and are very interested in the lives of others.

They never create embarrassing situations. If that happens, Librans are the first to try to reconcile. Those with Ascendant in Libra usually have a very charismatic personality and attentive to the needs of others. They are usually caring people who like to help others and gather friends.

His sense of justice is also very much in touch. People with a Libra ascendant can be a little narcissistic and their romanticized outlook on life is often more striking than that of people with the sun in the sign of Libra.

Taking into account the period in which you were born (September 23 to October 22) and following the principle that every sign compensates for the qualities that the sign that precedes it lacks, we have already seen that, while Virgo has a deep need to Completing the multitude of tasks that lie ahead, and that so much work has him very busy, without time to socialize or socialize, on the other hand for Libra the situation is very different.

For those born in this sign, the work has already been done, it is time to relax, to enjoy the fruit of the work done, to socialize, to look for a partner, a partner for life.

You Libra, you like to live in peace and harmony, you love social gatherings and being the center of attention, your charm is evident, you have grace and style, you flee from altercations and arguments and you are capable of giving in even if you are not in agreement to avoid confrontations.

In addition, they are a sign that takes great care of its presentation and its personal image. They spend their lives thinking about different possibilities and often get stuck in indecision and have a hard time making a clear decision and facing commitment, although they use their mind to resolve conflicts.

One of their greatest needs is to establish harmonious and balanced relationships (let’s not forget that Libra is represented by the scale) and they stand out in groups for being very diplomatic, and have the ability to bring enemies together to reconcile them.

Beautiful and intelligent people attract you because you think that with someone like this you can achieve the environment of peace and harmony that you seek so much, you have a great need to be loved and to be liked by people.

8th House – Meaning and Info

The subject of signs has become very popular today and this is a great universe to be explored. Among signs, ascendants, planets, rulers, elements, much can be discovered about a person. One such indicator of the zodiac is the houses.

What we call the Astral Chart is the record of how the sky was at the moment you were born. It is divided into 12 pieces and each piece is a house that represents a different sector of your life.

Today, we are going to explain a little more about house 8 and everything that surrounds it. Are you interested in knowing more about the subject? So keep following us!

The key word for understanding this astrological house is regeneration. It deals with issues related to change, rebirth, death, mysticism, the occult and sexual impulses.

Those who have more tense planets located in House 8 tend to have much more resistance to undergo a transformation.

The natural sign of this house is Scorpio – which explains its impulsive and intense characteristics.

That is exactly why House 8 on your map represents aspects of love, faith, leadership, strategies and mysticism in life.

In this way, your performance in these different areas will be based on how House 8 is filled on your map – with positive or negative aspects.

For a more precise analysis of each aspect within your astrological houses, the ideal is that you make a specific reading for your Astrological Chart – after all, the position of the signs in each of the houses brings different characteristics that relate and form different personalities and behaviors in a person.

Even so, we can understand, in a general way, what happens with certain moments of your life taking into account the isolated houses.

A House 8 without blockages will provide you with transformation, evolution and personal growth.

However, when loading negative aspects into House 8 of your map, some problems linked once again to typical Scorpio characteristics may be present.

Therefore, grudge, manipulation, material obsession and a malicious attitude can be part of your personality.

The negative attitude and stubbornness characteristic of the home can make personal transformation more difficult and cause an aversion to change.

Always remembering that the characteristics of the houses will act in conjunction with all the other elements that make up your Astral Chart and that in this way, the negative sides can be balanced with other aspects.

Libra in 8th House – Meaning and Info

It indicates the death not only of the subject but also of those who are part of the natural environment (grandfather, uncles, and relatives), the mental attitude towards it and everything that is connected to this phenomenon: inheritance, wills, assets.

Opposite House II which represents money and personal earnings, House VIII expresses the fortune acquired passively through pensions, bequests, and marital assets. It indicates the physiological or accidental means of one’s own end.

Death must not be understood only in a physical sense but also in the meaning of uprooting from environmental and traditional ties, the possibility of crisis, destruction and regeneration that accompanies spiritual resurrections, in analogy with Scorpio, which is co-significant of the House.

It therefore also represents the degree of alienation of the individual towards the pre-existing world and at the same time the attraction and curiosity towards other worlds and other aspects of consciousness detached from traditional thought and the natural environment (magic, parapsychology, mediumship, contacts with other worlds).

Houses VI and XII are complementary to establish the degree of health, chronic diseases that can lead to death and the extent to which the subject contributes to physical and mental wear and collaborates in his own death (suicide belongs to House XII).

Psychologically it corresponds to moral strength in the face of the ineluctable (one’s own death and that of others) and the ability to recover, to metamorphose and to deepen the spiritual personality.

The mental attitude towards sexuality is also indicated by this occult House which marks the limits between the two worlds: physical and spiritual and therefore indicates all material, psychological and spiritual transitions.

House of metamorphosis-gestation, at the same time destructive and creative, represents the Astral Plane and being connected to the spiritual and vital planes it also expresses mediumship since the medium is three quarters on the plane of life and one fourth on the astral plane.

Politically it indicates the tendencies towards revolution and the destruction of what is linked to the pre-existing tradition.

Meanings of the House: death, accidents, serious illnesses, injuries, operations, fetus, fear, destiny, wills, great changes, losses, inheritance from spouse and partners or from the dead, duties and rights, professions related to death (also medicine), heritage, partner’s power, great dangers, occult things, adaptation to universal life, parapsychology, black magic, the other world, secret powers.

Many planets in the House: great deeds and crises. Stellium of beneficial planets: courage, great fortune in war, prizes, legacies, medals, gifts, awards.


House 8 can also be related to strong affective bonds, and intense friendships – again characteristics strongly linked with the ruling sign, Scorpio.

It is through this house that you can better understand the most intimate side of a person.

Another striking positive aspect of the house is its relationship with mysticism. A strong sign in the house can provide strong relationships with faith, religion and other forms of belief.