Saturn in Cancer

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Astrology studies the influence of cosmos, all known heavenly bodies and planets over overall natural world, all events that have ever took place, all living beings, including individual humans. Astrology has all features a science should have, but it is today considered a pseudo science and is not an official discipline.

Nevertheless, it is an amazing and definitely very old approach to understanding the place we live in and ourselves.

The basic idea of astrology is that stars and constellations that make general image of the sky we can see from our home, in a specific way, affect everything that is happening at home. Astrology literally translates to the ‘science of stars’. What interests us the most is horoscope.

Horoscope is a precious element of astrology. We usually think of personal horoscope that is based upon a person’s natal report, natal chart.

Horoscopes are not reserved solely for individual human beings, but they could be delivered for all living things, even for objects or large entities, such as whole countries and nations. In past, astrology was one of the most common consulting institutions, to say so.

A king or a military leader would consult their astrologer, before everyone else, to tell them if odds are in favor with their rule or campaign.

Western astrology is quite ancient and its roots seize back into far past. It is about three millennia old and it still lives on. Of course, it has changed over time, but the basic principles are the same.

However, today anyone can get his or her birth chart done and his or her horoscope carefully interpreted and analyzed. Horoscope is a very useful guideline on how to live your life.

Do not take it as a set of rules written in stone, because it is not like that. Natal astrology reveals to you what potentials and capacities you have; it is up to you to use these information the best way you can.

Your horoscope could direct you towards favorable paths and help you make the best of your weaknesses, as well.

Position of planets and all aspects in your natal chart determine you as a person and explain the course of your destiny. It tells you about who you are and who you might become in future. It needs a lot of practice, but also talent and love carefully to interpret a natal chart.

A real astrologer creates a piece of art by delivering your birth chart report, a personalized horoscope, to you.

Saturn and Horoscope

Each astrological planet plays an important role in ‘creation’ of a birth chart. This chart is done according to your date and time, as well as place of birth. It represents all the planets and their position in that particular frozen moment in time.

Astrological planets are planets of our Solar system. Western astrology is based upon the journey of the Sun through the signs of zodiac.

The Sun and the Moon are also considered planets, in astrology. There are five personal planets, two social planets and three transpersonal planets.

Personal planets are responsible for your personality traits and character, social planets are related to our position as individuals in a larger society, while transparental are related to spirituality and what is beyond ourselves.

We focus on one particular social planet and that is Saturn. Saturn is a planet with not so good reputation in overall astrology. It is thought that Saturn brings evil and misfortune, but that is, of course, not the whole truth.

If aspects in personal horoscope are at good odds with Saturn, it could definitely show its bright side, which there is.

Saturn has its qualities and, although closely related to misfortune, Saturn help us always find a fortunate element in a general misfortunate situation. Saturn is the planet that teaches us life lessons.

As a social planet, it is different from Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion; Saturn is the planet of withdrawal, associated with restrictions and limitations.

Lessons of Saturn are difficult to deal with, because they often come in form and through channels, we cannot understand. Ways of Saturn are commonly unpleasant, seen as vicious and cruel, so we deny them, before even trying to understand what they are about.

Some of us never get such lessons. Saturn is, however, associated with several extremely good concepts.

These are focus, concentration, persistence, ambition, self-consciousness, diligence, discipline, responsibility, seriousness. Saturn helps us grow mentally and mature. Saturn promotes serious thinking and helps us realize where our limits lie. It constantly challenges us, until we realize the point.

As we have mentioned, some of us never realize and then blame Saturn for all misfortunes that come upon their way.

Saturn in Cancer – General Info

When in particular place in an individual’s birth chart, Saturn shows its qualities in a specific way. It is very important to learn how to channel its energy, especially if it sits in a non-favorable place.

When Saturn is in Cancer, it is in the place of its expulsion. Saturn in Cancer indicates great emotional instability and insecurity, usually related to past.

Saturn suppresses emotional side of this person and makes him or her unable to express and channel their emotions.

It can dramatically affect ones personality, especially in terms of self-esteem and confidence. It often leads to emotional closing and isolation, especially if Saturn is in bad aspects with the Moon that rules the sign of Cancer.

These people hide their true emotions and they are extremely reserved. Emotionally very fragile and vulnerable, they retreat, run away and step back in front of potentially emotionally harmful situations, as well as they would hide when they are indeed hurt.

They tend to feel as victims even if from an objective and reasonable point of view they are not.

Saturn in Cancer makes one appear distinctively cold and insensitive, although that is not what lies beneath their surface. Saturn Cancer people are commonly deeply attached to their family, very responsible and caring towards their loved ones.

However, they have really hard times expressing their emotions, even in the circle of their closest ones.

Saturn Cancer are introverted and reserved. They need ages until the open up to someone. They hardly express their emotions even in a very intimate relationship with someone. Relations within home are cold, stiff, with many unspoken words and unresolved issues.

It is definitely a downside, because it often happens that some small inconvenience turn into something really problematic, because Saturn Cancer cannot process it right way and keeps it to him or herself.

It takes favorable aspects in order that Saturn in Cancer shows its good side, but it is, of course, possible. If that is the case, such a combination indicates accentuated clues towards establishing close, normally emotional and stable family relations, in the first place.

There is present need for expressing feelings openly and unconditionally.

Good Traits

Saturn in Cancer could be seen in good light, but only if conditioned by other favorable aspects, especially the one related to Saturn and the Moon, which rules Cancer. With good aspects, there are no emotional restrictions, but a steady and stable road to balance, in emotional sense and especially related to family life.

People with Saturn in Cancer are devoted to their family and they need to feel safe and secure in their cozy home surroundings.

Saturn in Cancer could make them emotionally open and affectionate, just as it could make them distant and cold. Saturn Cancer people generally care much for their kin; only with good aspects, they have not difficulty in expressing it.

Home and family are a sanctuary for Saturn Cancer. In favorable horoscope conditions everything is balanced and fine; family relations warm, stable, full of mutual trust, reliance and confidence. Saturn Cancer are caring and loyal people in a romantic love, as well.

Saturn Cancer could have a very cozy and pleasant life, with steady income, no major financial trouble and they could feel emotionally complete and fulfilled. They are capable of finding a deeper level of understanding with their lover.

Since Saturn in Cancer is associated with waters in organism, good aspects bring healthy skin, diet and digestion.

Bad Traits

Well, it is pretty obvious how bad Saturn in Cancer could be. Saturn in Cancer could make one emotionally closed and completely isolated, which leads to loneliness and constantly being misunderstood.

People with Saturn in Cancer cannot find a proper channel for their incredibly strong emotions and they feel deeply insecure and frustrated, while on the outside they just appear insensitive and repulsive.

Saturn in Cancer brings instability in family matters, relations are complicated, corrupted or broken. There is a lot of misunderstanding that comes from too many problems Saturn Cancer does not want to talk about or, more likely, does not know how to say it.

These Saturn Cancers feel vulnerable and so they keep distance from others.

They are lonely, because they do not share the emotion of love and do not express their care for others, especially their closest ones. Bad aspects of Saturn in Cancer also bring financial disaster and instability, also in the sphere of family life.

It often happens that frustrations of a person with Saturn in Cancer originate from their young days.

It happens if a person was neglected on the side of someone close in the past. If they did not receive an expected amount of love and care, usually in their family circle or even in love life. They cannot process this problem and leave it.

Although typically unconscious of such a problem, they become indifferent and cold towards people they actually care for.

Saturn in Cancer plays with your deepest frustrations and emotions. It is always related to deep inner suffering, through which a person goes on their own, because no one could understand them.

The task of Saturn is to show them how difficult it is to go through everything alone.

However, with bad aspects, people fail to understand it as a lesson and simply feel alone and miserable.

Saturn in Cancer Man

Men with Saturn in Cancer breathe love and they need it to feel good about themselves. They are oriented towards married and situated life in a cozy home. He is not emotionally open until he realizes he has found the right person to open up and this is usually his future wife. He does not demonstrate his emotions pompously.

He is attached to his family and would do anything for them. Saturn Cancer is especially responsible in family matters and he is rational about money. He is quiet and appears calm. He is guided by traditional values and is strict about it. He tends to focus on past and the bonds that keep him in the past.

Saturn Cancer men usually dream of having a child of their own and this idea sets in their mind in their young years. He is, indeed, a good father.

Saturn Cancer man wants to make his dear ones feel loved and taken care for.

He needs affirmative response to his expression of love, because it is something he really struggles with.

Saturn in Cancer Woman

Women with Saturn in Cancer are thoughtful and protective of their family, even if aspects are bad, so they cannot show their care to others properly. Saturn Cancer women are always there for people they care for.

Just as their male counterparts are predisposed to be caring and good fathers, Saturn Cancer women are great mothers.

These ladies are emotionally fragile and shy. They find it hard to express their true emotions and one has to be really careful and patient with them. They need time to open to a person, even in a romantic relationship. They dream of a happy married life and family.

Saturn Cancer women are prone to taking the responsibility which is not theirs to take, especially if it comes to their closest relatives and even more, if their children are in question.

They often carry a burden from past or something that is also not theirs to worry about.


Having Saturn in Cancer is definitely not an easy astrological ‘gift’ to deal with. It has many downsides, because this is definitely not much favorable position for Saturn.

Emotional richness and depth typical for the sign of Cancer are suffocated by Saturn’s energy.

This leads to emotional closure and isolation, especially in the area of family life. They constantly feel as something is expected from them.

The task of Saturn is to use one’s inner suffering to show them all the possible troubles and difficulties one faces when going through life alone, closed and isolated. In this regard, its lesson is positive, but hard to deal with.

It should help one develops the sense of the importance of devotion and commitment to people who care about them.

They should realize their dear ones love them, without asking anything in return.