What Does the Number 4 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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Each and every number has its meaning and symbolism in the Bible and throughout history. The fate number 4 represents the square and thus the wholeness.

In this life number are represented the 4 elements, the 4 directions and also the 4 seasons.

People with this fatal number are considered very earthy or down to earth.

Their character is characterized by a high work ethic and great commitment, which makes them the pillars of society.

Besides these basic characteristics, we can find many other interesting information about the number 4.

So, if you are interested in them, let’s dig into it.

What Does 4 Mean in the Bible?

This number can stand for something that completely fulfills its purpose. Example: The “four winds of the earth” are destructive forces that come from all directions across the earth.-Revelation 7: 1, 21:16, Isaiah 11:12. The Book of Numbers depicts the journey of the Israelites after their departure from the Sinai to the East Bank. Essential textual complexes are the story of the scouts (13 + 14), the narrative circle around Balaam (22-24), and the establishment of Joshua as the successor of Moses (27, 12-23), cf. Deut 31). The most important single text is the so-called Aaronic Blessing Num 6,24-26).

Chapters 1 + 2 begin with an enumeration of the Israelites and the division of their camp rules and wanderings, hence the scientific name of the book. Cape. 3 + 4 describe the pattern and service of the Levites.

These are considered to be subordinate to the Aaronids, they are assigned to the service of God as a substitute for the original human birth intended for God (see also chapters 8 + 18). This shows a greater separation between priests and people than is otherwise reported. Cape. 5 lists instructions for a judgment of God on suspected adultery; This text has a very bad impact in the Christian persecution of women who were called witches. Cape. 6 is about the Nasiraat, a (temporary) vow to consecrate oneself fully to God, cf. Simson Ri. 13.5.

In Chap. 7, the 12 tribal princes offer sacrifices for the dedication of the altar, chap. 8 then describes the consecration of the Levites. 9,1-14 is an addendum to the instructions to Passover, cf. Ex 12. Num. 9: 15-23 describe the cloud column and the firelight as signs for the Israelites. In 10: 1-10 the trumpets that blow for collecting prepare to leave Sinai.

The special feature of the depiction of the desert migration Ch. 10-21 is that here various internal conflicts of the wandering Israelites are described. These show that the claims to authority of Moses and Aaron were not undisputed, as there were probably power struggles within the Levites (“Rotte Korach”: the Korachites were after 2:19, 20:19 a guild guild at the temple, see Ps 44-49 ). It can be assumed that this reflects conflicts from the time when exiled-post-exilic Israel had to rethink its internal constitution and its access to God. Compare also the negative role of Aaron in Ex 32.

The story of the seer Balaam Kap. 22-24 was probably included as a unit in the context. It shows how the seer Balaam, ordered by the Moabite King Balak, is unable to curse Israel. YHWH makes the curse a blessing for him, without Balaam initially knowing what is happening to him (his donkey, however, notices the angel of YHWH as motif 1: 3). The prophecies themselves are partly vaticinia ex eventu, they “prophesy” a thing that has long been fulfilled.

They want to make the history of Israel understandable at God’s bidding. In later Judaism, especially the third and fourth blessings were considered messianic prophecies. The star rising from Jacob (24:17) probably stands behind the magician legend in Matthew 2: 1-12.

In Deir Alla in present-day Jordan, an inscription was found in 1967, on which a seer Balaam ben Beor is mentioned.

This text also includes textual stitching to the four Balaam oracles in Chap. 23 + 24 on; It dates from before 700 BC.

The biblical account certainly points to this famous seer in order to increase the authority of the Prophet.

But this also makes it clear that the biblical narrative must be younger than the inscription.

In later Judaism, especially the third and fourth blessings of Balaam (24.5-9; 16-24) were seen as Messianic prophecy, which further strengthened the Greek translation (LXX). The star named in 24:17 is the background for the magician narrative in Mt 2,1ff.

With the texts Num. 31 + 32 already begins the subject of land taking, the redemption of the last part of the promises given in the Genesis. For the historical problem of the land-acquisition narratives refer to the topic chapter “Exodus and country name of Israel”.

Meaning and Symbolism

The number 4 is in numerology related to the planet Uranus. In the occult number theory, this planet has a relationship to the sun and thus to the number 1. The Uranus is a very special and extraordinary planet altogether. While most planets usually spin around an axis that is nearly perpendicular to the ecliptic, Uranus is such that it rotates around an axis that is almost parallel to the ecliptic.

Although only the south pole of the planet is illuminated by the sun. Nevertheless, the equator of Uranus is hotter than its poles – even hotter than the South Pole. Exactly this also applies to the “four”. Because he also tends to lean to very idiosyncratic views. “Four” have the desire to revolutionize. This can be both positive and negative. So it may be that “four” are active as a humanities scholar or technician, or are also active in the social or religious field.

But they can also commit themselves to anarchy or try to fight against any authority by vehemently advocating their extreme individualism. But even extreme individualists are often also positive, such as artists who have quite strange views.

Neither himself nor his fellow man makes it easy for the “four”. For while it can quickly become a problem within human society, it can sometimes happen that it is characterized by a sometimes humorous quick-wittedness.

Overall, “four” are quite practical, trustworthy and reliable. They are considered very down to earth and never stray with their eyes in the clouds. A “four” may not necessarily be marked by many-sided talent.

However, he is a stable citizen who is willing to work hard. In his views and in dealing with money he is quite conservative. But if the “four” does not like another’s approach, he can be stubborn like a donkey.

Number 4 in Love

Number 4 is the neutral, meditative state of being where you are in the moment. To make genuine choices it is necessary that you can be present in the moment. That liberates you from the past and makes you open to the possibilities that life offers you.

Every time you wake up in the reality of a moment you cut through the illusion and the miracle that is decided in that moment unfolds. If you are completely present in the moment you can really receive and respond with your whole being. Your programmed reactions fall away.

Even though it sometimes feels insecure, it is a chance to free yourself. It only works if you take responsibility for everything you are and do.

Only then do you really have a free choice. With your soul as a strong point of reference you feel the power to take on all the challenges that life offers you.

Facts about Number 4

Numerology uses the symbolic language of numbers. This is based on the principle that every number, every date and every name can be represented by a numerological basic number of 1-9.

Above all, the birth number plays a very important role, because with it the fate number, also called life number, can be determined.

This number can help you to understand yourself better in order to be able to take your destiny into your own hands. Anyone who knows his destiny number is able to bring out his strengths more clearly and make more conscious decisions in life.

The fate number 4 represents the square and thus the wholeness. In this life number are represented both the 4 elements, the 4 directions and also the 4 seasons. People with this fatal number are considered very earthy and down to earth.

Their character is characterized by a high work ethic and great commitment, which makes them the pillars of society.

In addition to the fate number, a complete numerological interpretation naturally also includes the name number.

The number 4 also causes their wearers to show more mistrust than many of their fellow human beings.


Number 4 is about making choices. Think of four points in the space that you connect with each other to create a cross.

More than once in your life you come to a crossroads where you have to make a choice. Life gives you the chance to think about the direction you want to go. Problems are often a signal that change is needed.

Number 4 asks you to make a true choice that is in accordance with your soul’s desire. Honest to yourself. Do you dare to step out of your habit and take a new path? Allow uncertainty and doubt? Love shows you the direct path that lets your light shine.

Love goes hand in hand with truth. These two aspects of number 4 dare to take the dark muddy road and also look for the sunny beach. Love and truth embrace problems because they point the way to freedom. In times of trouble you have to be honest with yourself.

Sometimes we do not want to bear the consequences of a choice and we postpone the choice or try to forget it. But that does not work, at a certain point a similar situation will arise and the choice must be made.