What Does the Number 7 Mean in the Bible and Prophetically

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The number 7 is assigned in numerology to the planet Neptune, the color violet and the amethyst.

Symbolically, the Neptune is connected to the moon, so also sevens and twos are equally connected.

Sevens are great thinkers who can go a long way. From almost every source they relate their knowledge.

Since sevens are extremely learned and intellectual and question everything scientifically, it is out of the question for them to accept something as given without having analyzed it in detail.

Only when they themselves have come to a conclusion, they are satisfied. Suggestions from others are very reserved and behavioral. They do not like to undermine their own authority.

For 7, injustice is a point that can be very annoying. If they still have a billing open with someone, then they should rather refrain from enforcement, because it could come back worse and hurt the sevens even more, as this has tried to hit his counterpart.

What Does 7 Mean in the Bible?

Seven is the number of perfection, usually with a spiritual emphasis. In Hebrews, the word “seven” is “chevah” that comes from the root “Sabah”, which means full or satisfied, having enough.

Therefore, the meaning of the word “seven” is called by this root, because, on the 7 day, God rested from the work of Creation. It was full and complete, good and perfect.

Seven times God made the comment about his works: “It’s good”. He was satisfied and then he rested. The seven, therefore, seals with perfection and fullness that in relation to which it is used.

The wisdom of the book of Proverbs is personified and always speaks of Christ. “Wisdom built her house, shewed her seven pillars” (9: 1). It is not only the seven columns that are configured in the eternal Rock, in it there are also seven eyes, according to Zechariah 3: 9. ” There are seven men of God, so called in the Old Testament: Moses, David, Samuel, Shemaiah, Elisha, Elijah, Iganda. And one in the New Testament, Timothy, completing eight.

The numbers that appear in the Bible have a symbolic or spiritual meaning. As we explained in the article Numbers in the Bible, symbolic meaning, it is very important that we understand that the Bible has collected an ancient and curious human form of communicating the messages: the numerical.

Since ancient times man has tried to communicate messages through numbers. The Bible, in its permanent attempt to reach man, has also picked up this curious form of communication and has made it a frequent use because by summarizing a message into a number, it is practical.

Thus, the numbers in the bible have a symbolic and concrete meaning. Through them God has communicated a Message to his people.

Each numerical quantity that appears registered in the Bible is there with the purpose of transmitting a specific Message to us. The case of number 7 is of great importance because, among other things, it represents something that all humans can aspire to: eternity.

As the Word itself explains, the seven-headed dragon is Satan (Revelation 20: 2). What must be noted here is that Satan also possesses the number 7 as one of his attributes. So the number 7 is not a number of perfection (Satan is not perfect, only God is perfect), nor is it the number that expresses God.

Although the chandelier of the tabernacle has seven lamps (Exodus 25: 31-37); seven are the days of the Hebrew week (Leviticus 23: 3); seven are the churches (Revelation 1:20); the seals (Revelation 5: 1); the trumpets (Revelation 8: 2); the cups of wrath (Revelation 16: 1); etc., etc., etc., all this is due to the fact that in reality the number 7 is the expression of everything supernatural, spiritual, invisible, intangible and eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18).

That is why Satan, being a spiritual being and despite being opposed to the Word of God and to the church of Jesus Christ, also possesses 7 as one of his attributes. And all because Satan, Divine creation, has a well-defined purpose within the plan of salvation.

But in short, God, who is Infinite, cannot be expressed in a finite number, yet everything spiritual, be it spiritual beings like angels (including Satan and his soldiers); or Heaven, or whatever is intangible or immaterial, but which undoubtedly exists in the eternal and spiritual world, has as an attribute the number 7.

We already said that the number 7 alludes to the created things of celestial essence, therefore eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18). But there is something else, every 7 days the ancients closed by a rite the weekly cycle, that is they completed it, so in effect, the number 7 also symbolizes what has been completed, as we see in the passage of Genesis in the one that God COMPLETED HIS WORK.

Meaning and Symbolism

Seven is the number word for the number 7. It is a natural, odd, and positive number. Seven comes after the Six and the Eight. In the Middle Ages, the seven in the Christian number symbolism for grace, for peace and quiet, as it is composed of the number three (Trinity) and the four (world, four elements, four cardinal directions). It is the addition of three and four – of mind and soul.

The seven is also often preferred. For example, experiments in behavioral science have shown that the seven are often referred to as favorite numbers. And even if asked for any number between one and nine, the number seven is called above average. The same applies to the question of the favorite color on blue, so this phenomenon is also called Blue-Seven phenomenon. Why the seven is so popular, this is the depth of psychology. Babylon 3 + 4 = life three = germ cell of all life – family: father, mother and child

Embraces both dimensions, encompassing the whole mystery of existence. Under the leadership of Theseus seven heroes went against Thebes. Rome was built on seven hills. On the 7th day God rested after creating the world. 7 fat years followed in Egypt 7 lean years. In the Revelation of John 7 is a key number: 7 communities, 7 trumpets, Book with 7 seals

The 7 males and the 7 females were the animals of each species that Noah was to place in his ark. The number 7 has a magical meaning everywhere: the Japanese discovered the 7 gods of happiness, Rome stood on 7 hills, the ancients enumerated the 7 wonders of the world, crossing the 7 seas, 7 underwater leagues, Boeing 747, Agent 007, 7-UP, the order of the chemical elements; the 7 dwarves, the 7 winds; the white ray breaks down into 7 colors; The 7 plagues; The seven colors of the rainbow, the cat has 7 lives; The 7 heaven; The 7 musical notes; Blocked to 7 keys; Ball 7; The man of 7 instruments.

In China the soul needs 7 units of time to stay free of the body. In Germany, if you want to bake a good cake, you need 7 ingredients. For the Egyptians, the 7 is the symbol of eternal life. It does not have multiple or divisors. Therefore it is pure and essential.

According to Japanese and Tibetan tradition, 7 days lasts the intermediate state between life and death. For Hippocrates, the 7 gives life and movement. For Hindus there are 7 subtle centers or 7 chakras. In the Koran, seven esoteric senses are spoken. The four periods of the lunar cycle are 7 days

Number 7 in Love

As we showed at the beginning, the number 7 does not represent perfection neither to God, but to the celestial.

Perhaps because it is thought represents God, but, we insist, in itself a finite number cannot be in any way the essence of God, much less represent it. If you think about it this would be even offensive to our Lord. Not even an infinite number can represent God.

He is the creator of all things and there is no number or name (every name can be reduced to a number) that expresses or defines it because His Essence or Name is unattainable (Exodus 3:14).

Facts about Number 7

Embraces both dimensions, encompassing the whole mystery of existence. Under the leadership of Theseus seven heroes went against Thebes. Rome was built on seven hills. On the 7th day God rested after creating the world. 7 fat years followed in Egypt 7 lean years. In the Revelation of John 7 is a key number: 7 communities, 7 trumpets, Book with 7 seals

Also in mathematics, the seven has a special position, the seven can be formed neither as a product nor as a factor of the numbers 1 to 10, neither by dividing or multiplying the first tooth numbers can be won seven: Classical astrology is based on the seven moving celestial bodies that can be seen with the naked eye.

In Babylon, the number seven was considered an unlucky number. In the Babylonian culture, the seven had a special position.

And then there is the folk-like conception of the seven senses (seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, orientation and balance). And one should always have his belongings together. In the middle Ages, the number seven stood for grace, peace and quiet.


Physical work is far from a 7. Also the sevens domesticity is as important as the sixes and he is just as practical as the foursome. Philosophically and spiritually, sevens feel understood.

Sevens are often religious and often have a penchant for metaphysics. Nature and animals have a very high priority in a seven.

Seven likes to retire to quiet corners to meditate there. Large crowds of people are usually shunned, as they might quickly get out of rhythm from the noise and confusion.

Sevens should always rely on his gut feeling and act on what his intuition tells him. Superficial people and those who want to foolishly deceive him recognize the sevens immediately.

A seven is ideal for a profession as a scientist or teacher, but also a lawyer, analyst, inventor or writer and horticulturist are very good at sevens.