1039 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Spiritual people believe that no human being goes through this life alone, meaning that there were certain forces higher than us, humans, watching over our every step, but with a kind heart, with love and care, not in order to control us or put us under their will.

These forces could be angels and, especially, guardian angels.

We could trace the belief into angelic beings throughout antiquity and religious sources.

Guarding spirits have always been a common motif in literature, art, in myths and legends and in religious systems. However, angels appear to be very specific.

They are spiritual beings created by god, higher than humans are and more powerful. Angels dwell in realms higher than ours, but their task is to watch over our world.

Angels are immaterial, but they could take a shape they like.

They are not bound by Ego, as we are, or by limits of space and time, the way we, humans are limited.

However, even angels have certain boundaries. They have free will and they serve the law of Heaven, gladly, willfully and with love for the Creator. These were sublime angels of the heavenly host.

Some angels have rebelled against Heaven and you probably know the story of their fall.

Heavenly angels have hierarchy and we know some of them by their names and specific characteristics.

Guardian angels, however, could be any heavenly angels, the order and the ranks are not important. Guardian angels are angels with a specific task.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are assigned to each person, even before he or she was born, according to some sources.

It is believed that each individual has a personal guardian angel or more of them.

Angels could also come and go, depending on their needed assistance. In any case, guardian angels are always somewhere around and they watch over us.

People communicate with guardian angels in many ways, though mostly unaware of this connection.

Occupied by modern instant lifestyle, people do not stop to think about angels or higher forces, drowned in the material world. However, guardian would always find a way to contact us.

On the other side, there were people who call for their angels, address them and are very open to listening to their guidance, the guidance of Heaven.

What is more, angels listen to us, even if we do not speak to angels directly.

Guardian angels would not directly affect your life, but indirectly, through different mediums and channels.

Angelic Messages

Messages from angels are precious, but it would not actually harm you if you overlook them, because angels do nothing that could cause us any pain.

However, it would be a pity to ignore an angelic message, such a precious heavenly guidance, meant to help you realize what your true potentials were and how strong you are.

Guardian angels send us messages that tell us much about ourselves, about who we are, about what we can do, reminding us of our strengths and our weaknesses, offering us protection and guidance.

Angels also send us message of heavenly bliss, when we need a little help from the above, in order to open our eyes again and regain hope in good things.

Angels use various types of mediums, depending on a message they want to send.

Those could be various symbols or omens, smells, sounds, lights, but also letters, sentences, numbers.

We are focusing on the latter, angel numbers. This type of messages is powerful and very meaningful.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Numbers are cosmic energy themselves, besides tons of symbolic meanings they carry.

Carefully chosen by guardian angels, numerical sequences are enlightening, encouraging, offering us much better understanding of who we are, where we stand at the moment and even what to do.

Some numbers are quite direct; single-digits have very distinct message and vibration.

Multi digit numbers are complex, of course, which makes a message complex.

Such numbers could have more layers, which is the case with four digit ones, like number 1039 we have here.

These numbers are a reflection of you and your current life situation. It could be of much use to understand this mirror image.

Angel Number 1039

Angel number 1039 consists of four numbers, 1, 0, 3 and 9, on its basic, visible level.

On the next one, we have two numbers, 10 and 39. Since the practice is to sum up the digits in order to get the core meaning, this process leaves us with number 1 and 3, on the second level.

On the base level, the sum of all four digits equals 4.

Angel Number 1039 Composition Meaning

Let us begin with the number one, repeated two times.

Number 1 represents the self and the ambition to be the first and the best, to be victorious and successful.

This number stands for power, authority, leadership, optimism, goals, motivation and everything that drives one from the new beginning towards the golden result.

Number zero energizes numbers it stands along, because it represents the infinite energy, fullness and emptiness, wholeness and nothingness; in short, everything and nothing, meaning it stands for all the possibilities, all the opportunities.

Number 3 is the number of communication, manifestation, enthusiasm, exploring, adventure, joy, laughter, youthfulness and incredible optimism and imagination.

Number 9 is deeply spiritual and very humanitarian. Its energy is associated with higher wisdom and higher truths, with self-sacrifice, humanitarian attitude, compassion, forgiveness, duty, generosity, positive example, divine wisdom; number of spiritual awakening.

Number 4 is the strictest in this combo, standing for tradition, order, responsibility, seriousness, organization.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1039

Angel number 1039 tells about ones’ insatiable desire to experience the world, materially and spiritually.

You are a person with a strong integrity and the sense of self-importance, although you have great tendencies towards altruism and philanthropy.

We could say you were a visionary; one who would like to do something great for others, in practice.

Although you have a strong Ego, you are very likely not a type of person to ask for acknowledgements and praises; you really enjoy what you do for others, asking nothing in return.

Besides, you are well grounded and have a well-established set of values.

Now, this could be a bit problematic at times, since your enthusiastic, restless and visionary self tends to break away from traditional values.

If this leads you into confusing, you should focus on finding a great medium in which you could express both your inventiveness and your bonds with established values.

All this could serve your general humanitarianism and good will.

We could say this angel number has overall a very complex, but a very positive vibe.

One particular thing is always a risk with individuals of such a great inner depth and willingness to help people on a big plan; they often forget about the closest environment, taking it for granted.

Can’t you see what this combination lacks? Sincere and deep, warm contacts with people from your closest surrounding; friends, family, lover etc.

Sometimes people of such a personality profile tend to forget about the needs of their closest ones, because no one could care about everyone and all their focus is somewhere out there. The key is balancing, as always.

The world would wait for you, take care about those in your own little world, build relationships and keep them up.

Angel Number 1039 and Love

In this regard, angel number 1039 advises you should pay more attention to your romantic partner, your spouse or maybe someone you fancy or a person you know was interested in you and the feelings are mutual.

He or she would think you are not, if you do not act a bit more, well, interested.

Surely, your goodhearted attitude towards people and love for humanity were admirable and very appealing.

However, spare a little more of those tons of living energy on people near you.

Never take family love for granted nor the love of your partner.

Maybe your partner would grow tired of you not being by their side, occupied by your fantastic, but distancing activities.

Be kind and caring towards loved ones just the same as you are towards people in general, if not more.