1040 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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From the oldest accountable times, until modern day, people have been talking about mysterious energies permeating this universe, wondering about higher spheres, higher conscience and higher existence.

If we look closer into it, it seems as if only terms have changed, while the mysteries remained, despite all our scientific progress and reign of the ratio.

It is good to believe that there is something more than this earthly life.

Well, from any perspective, there is definitely more than we could ever experience and comprehend in one lifetime.

There is so much to ask and question, so much to fathom and reach. Where do angels stand in all these wonders of the universe?

Angels are believed to be spirits of Heaven, of higher realms, created by the divine source of energy, God, if you like. Angels are energy themselves and some people like to think about them in completely abstract terms, as manifestations of cosmic energy.

In art, literature, religious depictions, angels are often represented as beautiful human beings, winged, with certain attributes.

There have been different orders of angels, but their essence is the same.

For example, you have certainly learned about archangels, seraphim and cherubim, those splendid angelic orders.

Some angels appear in religious texts and stories by name; however, there were myriads of angelic spirits. Angels are without Ego limitations, which are reserved for us.

Angels are ethereal, although somewhat limited by time and space. Their form is subtle, immaterial and thus changeable; if they choose to show to humans, they would take up a shape we could fathom, while their true splendor is beyond our comprehension. However, angels would rarely walk amongst human beings.

Guardian Angels

We are specifically interested into guardian angels and guidance they offer to human individuals.

Guardian angels are godly and good spirits; they follow heavenly path out of their own will. They are created by God, but free to choose whatever they like.

Angels of Heaven are what we are interested into; there have been rebellious angels, we are sure you know about them.

Guardian angels, heavenly guides and guardians of the humankind come from all angelic orders and they are no different from other angels.

They only have a specific task, being assigned to a human individual even before the person was born, according to certain sources. Guardian angels love us and take care about us.

They communicate with us on regular bases, although most people are unaware of such a process.

Angels remain in realms beyond our reach, most of the time, sending us signs of their presence, messages from the Heaven above. They do not affect your life directly; they do not come to earth and whisper directly into your ear.

Angels make you use your potentials, they help you realize how much goodness and light lies within your own self, thus making you take the best out of what Heaven have granted you.

We all could be good, happy, fulfilled and we could make others feel the same way, if only we knew what we were capable of.

Guardian angels are there to show us signs of our own inner splendor.

Sometimes, they would simply send us a blessing, assign of love and encouragement, if we feel lost, abandoned and alone in this world, as if all our ships have sunk.

Guardian angels return hope into our lives and bless our happy moments with joy and laughter.

Angelic Messages

Guardian angels guide and support us by send various types of messages.

What we usually notice are certain signs, good omens, such as a ray of light, a bird, a butterfly, an animal, an image, even a person coming seemingly out of nowhere, offering us an advice that resounds in our mind and eventually proves a word of wisdom and blessing.

Sometimes angels just want to assure us of their love, because we tend to lose it, lost in the material world. Angels are always there, caring about you.

At times, angelic messages become particularly powerful and complex.

Such are angel numbers, a subject we will discuss later on. Such messages tell much about the personality of the receiver.

Complex and coded messages, so to say, tell much about the current situation you are in. Pay close attention to every segment of such a message.

Of course, no angelic message is ever meant to harm you. Even if you ignore it, Heaven would not hold anything against you; your guardian angels will only be a bit sad about it.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

However, it would be great if you could interpret angelic messages and make the best out of it. Angel numbers are powerful messages because numbers themselves are cosmic energy.

We could express pretty much anything by using numbers. They resonate with cosmic vibrations and special combination of numbers would make special energetic flow.

Single-digit numbers are quite direct and their energy strong. Complex numbers, such as four-digit 1040 here have a deeper and layered meaning.

These numbers often serve as a mirror; they are meant to show you who you are at the moment.

Such angelic messages are precious, because they help you see all of your weaknesses and high quality values.

Multi digit numbers are best analyzed in segments, systematically, which we will do with angel number 1040.

First, how to know if that was an angel number at all? Well, angels could choose any number they like, but always very carefully and on purpose.

Such numbers would typically reappear in your life over a period, until you realize you notice it all around.

Angel Number 1040

Angel number 1040 is a very powerful message, telling much about the person you are.

This number particularly tells much about your potentials. It consists of four digits and could be analyzed on more levels.

We shall analyze it in detail and then combine the separate meanings into a meaningful message.

Let us see what angel number 1040 was about.

Angel Number 1040 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1040 consist of digits 1, 0, 4 and 0. With zero being doubled, this is a number of opportunities, for the greatest part. Each number plays a specific role in here.

Four-digits are often observed as a combo of two numbers; here, 10 and 40.

Obviously, this leads us to numbers 1 and 4, again. Finally, the base of this number is 5, since the sum of all digits equals five exactly.

To start with number one. One represents ambition, motivation, drive, courage, success, glory, fresh start, new beginnings, strength of will, self-leadership, self-confidence, great independence and optimism.

An auspicious number that makes one a respectful, admirable and inspirational personality, if its vibrations were not corrupted.

If so, number 1 could turn into the opposite, the lack of will, weakness of character, arrogance, narcissism and egocentrism, aggression and intolerance.

Zero is a powerful number. Zero represents the source of all energy, of all potentials. It represents everything, and nothing, alpha and omega, endlessness, cycling, infinity. Zero is universal energy, divine energy.

Zero reinforces all numbers it stands along and emphasizes their potentials.

Number 4 stands for organization, order, strictness, seriousness, patriotism and tradition, firmness, honesty, dignity, realistic values and constructiveness.

Self-control, loyalty, honor and discipline are bound within it. Finally, number 5 represents originality, uniqueness and the unconventional.

Five is the number of experience, of life lessons, of learning through experience, of inventiveness and sensuality, courage and vitality, companionship, expansion, vision and the visionary. It seeks for pleasure and is magnetic, very optimistic.

On a negative side, all these numbers could present with an almost opposite vibration.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1040

Clearly, angel number 1040 represents amazing potential regarding the self and regarding certain systems of values, well-established.

In fact, since the visionary number was the base of this message, this means that you have potentials actually to re-establish systems of value, even on a bigger scale, starting from your own, intimate ones.

You probably have an inner need to do that, but that would not be an easy task, since, in such a process, tradition and progressive ideas clash.

However, you have a tremendously strong personality, even if you doubt yourself at times (who does not?).

This angelic number suggests that you were on a verge of change, a big one, and that you have needed potential to bring things into a new order.

You are about to establish something of your own tradition, if we could say so.

You are capable of overcoming the clash between the old and the new, without spoiling the heritage, without preventing growth.

You should apply this wonderful ability on a personal level, first, and see where would it lead you. Angel number 1040 is definitely a number of opportunities.

Angel Number 1040 and Love

Speaking about love, we could not say angel number 1040 sends any particular ‘romantic’ message, to say.

It deals more with matters of values and vision, but does not specifically deal with those associated with love life.

However, it does tell about your standards and high moral principles.

You need a person who would match them and such one would eventually appear.

In the sense of its vibration, angel number 1040 definitely opens up opportunities for a stable, fulfilling, noble and beautiful connection with a romantic partner, current or a potential one.

This number suggests you know what you are looking for. It encourages you not to give up searching for the love of your life.

In addition, it would make you think if the current relationship fulfills your needs.

Angel number 1040 indicates tendency towards traditional family values, but not without certain freedoms and flexibility.

This is a wonderful vibration overall, because it makes you a person who likes order, who respects family and tradition, but who is open to adaptation. However, there is a piece of warning in here.

It could happen that you were too authoritative, within the family or in a romantic relationship. You think that you know what the best is for everyone.

Although you do it out of a good and noble intention, sometimes your touch is a bit too dominant.