1048 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Sometimes we all wonder if we are alone in the world, a fairly common question every human being asks, at least once in a lifetime. The answer is still out of our reach, perhaps.

Some people do not need exact answers or scientific proofs; they believe heavenly forces care about us.

There are people who believe in God, others who believe in abstract energies permeating this world, gods and spirits and inexplicable powers of nature.

There are, of course, those who rely solely on their tangible, earthly experience and those who trust only science.

Well, there is no straightforward answer to the question about our grounds of existence or even our current state of being.

Perhaps the truth could be found in any of the paths; you are free to choose whatever suits your personality, attitudes and conceptions, of course.

It seems, however, that there has to be something, whatever that something might be. The greatest scientists of our age and of ages before were not that eager to reject the possibility of a higher force.

Let us talk about one of the manifestations of such beliefs, angels. Some people actually think of angels in completely abstract terms, and describe them simply as cosmic energy.

Angels are spirits created by God, according to Christianity. Angels appear in different religious systems and we are familiar with Abrahamic religions’ concepts of angels.

Angels are beings of light, good and obedient to laws of Heaven, but according to their own free will.

They are powerful and beings higher than humans. Angels are ethereal and not physically limited the way we humans are.

Guardian Angels

Who are guardian angels? Do I have one, you may ask.

Each person has a guardian angel, a heavenly guide accompanying you throughout this lifetime, even if you cannot see or talk to such a being.

Guardian angels are angels assigned to human beings upon their birth, their spiritual birth (baptism) and/or have already been assigned to you long before you came to this life.

These are no specific angels, in terms of their orders and ranks; guardian angels could come from any order.

If you are specifically interested into angelic orders and specific angels, we warmly suggest you look into angelology. Guardian angels are sort of personal angels.

They may come and go, but there would always be angels watching over you and caring about you, spreading the blessing from Heaven over your life.

No, they would not make you fortunate in a way you magically avoid all negative things, all sorrow and misery. They do not cause any evil, but they also do not stop it from happening.

Guardian angels help us use our own strength, our own potentials and capacity to overcome evil. Angels encourage us to be better than we are, but not in a cruel, insensitive manner.

Although angels are not touched by passions and desire the way we are, they know human souls. Their essence is closer to our soul than to our body; thus, angels know how to guide us.

Angelic Messages

Angelic guidance is not an order or a set of rules; it is a guidebook, full of wonderful messages.

Some of angelic messages are simply signs of good and blissful will of Heaven or acknowledgments of our good deeds.

Other times, angelic messages have deeper meanings and far more intimate ones. Such are complex messages like angelic numbers.

Messages from angels are not meant to tell you what exactly you should do. Angelic messages are directions and advices.

Guardian angels want you to realize how powerful and good you are. They would not blame you or punish you for mistakes; they will simply make you see it yourself.

On the other side, they will unconditionally support your path of rightness, to call it so.

Angel Numbers and Their Meanings

Angel numbers are by far some of the most interesting angelic messages, because they could have many layers. Angel numbers are powerful and meaningful.

How to know if you have received an angel number, considering that numbers are all around us?

Well, angel numbers are not different in appearance, but they usually repeat and occur frequently, and in unexpected moments.

Angel numbers do not have to be only spectacular, striking numbers such as eye-catching same digits, for instance. It could be any numbers.

You will register it as an angelic message easily; you will keep seeing it all over the place or your inner voice would tell you it has to be something in it.

Angel Number 1048

Angel number 1048 is a four-digit number that has more layers to be analyzed.

As all of the multi-digit angel numbers, this one tells much about the personality of the receiver.

Guardian angels send us such numbers in order to remind us who we are, with all our good and bad sides.

They want us to realize how great we could be and to see what is there to be improved.

Angel Number 1048 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1048 is composed from four digits, numbers 1, 0, 4 and 8, but there are ‘hidden’ numbers we will find on its other levels.

This number could be observed as a pair of numbers, 10 and 48.

By summing their digits (a common practice in numerology), we will get numbers 1 and 3. Finally, the sum of four basic digits equals 4.

Let us see what each of these numbers mean and what the message behind them is.

Number 1 stands for a start, a new beginning or beginnings overall. This number represents courage, bravery, nobility, a call, a mission, motivation, drive, ambition, fame and success.

Negatively, number 1 overemphasizes Ego and represents arrogance, aggression, intolerance, imposition and else.

Number 0 is the ultimate source of everything, appoint at which everything begins and where all fades away, the infinity, the incomprehensible, alpha and omega. This number has a great potential and it amplifies the vibe of other numbers.

Number 4 represents organization, order, stability, tradition, roots, patriotism, duty, loyalty, preservation.

Eight is another number associated with stability, primarily with material stability, constructiveness, wealth, provision, steadiness, building, security, integrity and pragmatism.

Number 3 represents playfulness, curiosity, youthful spirit, travel, communication and friendliness, endless optimism, manifestation. All these numbers form a specific message.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1048

We have numbers 1 and 4 emphasized, meaning that traditional values are something you hold on, but it could also refer to a self-established set of values and rules for life.

Material stability is very important to you and you know how to achieve it.

Family and home are an institution you invest into, gladly and willingly; you enjoy being the provider and the authority.

However, you have that child inside and you should nurture it; do not let your generally serious approach to life take over to the point you lose the childish, the youthful in you. You seek pleasure in life and are capable of providing for it.

Moreover, you would provide it to your closest ones. However, you tend to be a bit too orderly at times and dominant.

While you are perfectly capable of everything you want to and living according to certain systems of value that appear written in the stone, in your case, you seem to remain closed for others’ opinion.

The tiny curious voice inside whispers to your ear and confuses you; that child within.

Do not reject it, dare to try something different, listen to other people and their experiences.

Angel Number 1048 and Love

In love life, you probably know what you want; you have clear expectations and you do not easily make compromises.

This is overall a good thing, but, as mentioned above, you have that little adventurer inside that tempts you, making you wonder – is this really something you want?

Well, you should always listen to that voice, but be fair to it; do not go to the other extreme and simply go wild.

At the end of the day, it does not really suit you and you know that.

What your guardians would love you to do is only to pay attention to the child inside; sometimes children are far wiser than many adult people are.

So, if you start reconsidering your decision of starting a romantic relationship, give yourself time and patience as you usually do, but do not ignore the question.