1046 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angels are spiritual beings occurring in different traditions and belief systems, varying in characteristics and roles they play.

In general, people talk about angels we know from Abrahamic religions.

Angelology is a special field of study, interested into nature and orders of angels, and different religions have their own angelology.

However, when we talk about guardian angels in modern day, we usually refer to an amalgam of various traditions and beliefs. What can we say about angels?

They are immaterial spirits, beings of light, spirits capable of taking forms they like, but rarely appearing before humans in their full splendor.

Angels are pure and they have free will; God created them, but they are not creators. They are beings higher than humans are.

Angels have different roles, but one of their main tasks is guidance of the humankind.

In other words, they watch over our world and help us achieve the bliss, the enlightenment and generally help us throughout our days in this earthly life.

There are several orders of angels, while some of the highest angels we know by their names.

Guardian Angels

Guardian angels are our pure and good guides and guardians from Heaven.

These spirits are not different from other angels; they are angles with the guardianship office.

While in a wider perspective we could probably talk about angels as guardians of the overall human world, guardian angels are considered personal heavenly guardians.

In that sense, each human being has an angel assigned to him or her, to guide, protect, direct and support them throughout the earthly lifetime.

Angels are not supposed to save us from negative experiences in this life; if it were so, their guidance would not have much point.

Our world is as it is; angels help us see the light in it, for there always has to be a way.

Guardian angels are assigned to an individual upon the baptism, Christian sources say.

Some say that each human being has an angel determined to become his or her guardian angel, even before the person was born.

Modern spiritualists often ‘combine’ the traditional belief in angels with certain alternative paths, which is just amazing.

Guardian angels watch over you and make sure you find your path towards light. They do that in a very subtle manner, for their wish is that you actually find the right path on your own.

Angels are here to offer a little help; however, in times you feel lost and abandoned, they will find a way to assure you that Heaven cares about you and loves you.

Angelic Messages

How do angels communicate with us, if they do?

They certainly do, although many people are completely unaware of this interaction, because angels typically use hidden channels to send us heavenly messages. They are messengers; the term angel translates to ‘a messenger’.

Angels always communicate with us, but they would not interfere with our activities directly.

There is no need for such activity. Angels rarely walk amongst human beings; perhaps they did it more often far back into biblical times, we cannot tell for certain. Instead of coming down to our earthly realm, they work through various mediums and send us messages of guidance and protection.

By sending us messages, angels want us to realize how much is in our own power.

Sometimes angels only want to send us a sign of hope and encouragement, so that we never forget someone up there cares about us, even if we feel as if nothing good has left for us in this life.

Angels give us hope to move own, to start anew, if needed, or simply to follow our path of goodness, one we already thread on. Messages could come in different forms.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

One of the common forms of angelic messages is numerical. Angel numbers are a specific type of angelic messages.

Numbers are extremely powerful, since each number resonates with special cosmic energies.

In that sense, any angel number, that is, a number sent to you by your guardian angel, possesses special vibration, but also a specific meaning.

How would you recognize an angel number? Since it could be any number, many people wonder how they will know if it was angelic.

Angel numbers usually appear in repetitive pattern; over an extended period, you would likely see the same number consistently occurring all over the place, in unusual situations, in dreams and so on.

Angel Number 1046

Unless you were a medieval history fanatic, angel number 1046 probably does not appear particularly attention catching to you.

However, if it keeps appearing in your life, there has to be something more to it.

First, it is a complex, four-digit number, meaning that its meaning is complex and layered. Your angel guardians have chosen these digits on purpose.

Angel Number 1046 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1046 is best analyzed in segments, since it is complex and has more than one level. It consists of numbers 1, 0, 4 and 6.

On another level, we observe it as numbers 10 and 46, that is, 1 and 1, since the final sum of digits taken separately equals 1, in both numbers.

Finally, the sum of all digits equals 2. Summing up digits to a final one-digit number is a common practice in here.

We can easily see that number 1 has significant power here. Number 1 represents beginnings, creation, motivation, pioneering, ambition, goals, achievement, and success.

It has a tremendous impact on one’s self-confidence and the sense of self. It could give you incredible drive, make you a trueborn leader or initiator, or someone very individualistic and inspiring.

On a negative side, as expected, number 1 resonates with arrogance, forcefulness, unbearable narcissism and all else that is, in fact, a consequence of low self-esteem and such.

Number 0 is alpha and omega, many would agree; it is the number of infinity, of endless opportunity, of all and of nothing. It energizes other numbers it occurs with.

Number 4 represents stability, tradition, patriotism, system of values, morality, honor and dignity, principles, responsibility, preservation, discipline and order.

Number 6 represents selflessness and harmony, peace, peacefulness, compassion, family and home, unconditional love. Typically, numbers 4 and 6 together create strong bonds between family and tradition, between an individual and his or her origins.

Number 2, the base of this message, represents balance, stability, diplomacy, relations and relationships, companionship, sharing, love, kindness and grace. It stands for honesty, trust and collaboration.

Together, these numbers compose quite an interesting image; they greatly reflect who you are as a person and point out things you should possibly work on.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1046

Overall, this is a well-balanced angel number. It tells a lot of you as a person of well-established principles, attitude and system of values.

You value your home and family, your roots and origins and those are probably cornerstones of your overall identity. You are convinced in their value, which puts you at a slight risk of disappointment.

Now, that does not mean you should stop believing into such values and give up on them, on the contrary.

However, you should probably open yourself towards the world around a bit more.

You have an extremely strong personality and are probably not a type of person to change opinions that easily, let alone convictions.

Although you have a good sense of proper collaboration and a talent for a diplomatic approach, they are shaded by your exclusiveness.

You could even be convinced that your traditions are the best, which could lead you to a dangerous ground and also make you miss out so many beautiful things in life, simply because you categorical refuse even to consider them.

Angel Number 1046 and Love

While your loyalty and dedication to a romantic partner and/or your family and loved ones should never be questioned, which is a very good thing, let us talk about a bit wider perspective.

You are extremely exclusive when it comes to choosing a partner and are probably not very tolerant in a relationship.

On one side and if not in extremes, it is a good thing, because clearly you know what you want.

On a negative side, it means you are easy on rejecting people and pushing them away, without giving them a chance to open up to you.

Sometimes, in order truly to meet someone, you have to give them more time or a second chance.

Otherwise, you are likely to pass by some truly wonderful people simply because they do not fulfill your standards on the first look.