1047 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Heavenly spirits watch over our world and help us throughout our difficult times.

These spirits are called angels, and angels are said to be beings of light, ethereal, created by the Most Divine, God, but not creators themselves.

Angels occur in different traditions. We are mostly familiar with angels in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

These angels are not exactly the same, but they share certain characteristics; each of these great religious systems has their own angelology, the study of angels, their ranks and orders, their characteristics, activity, specific roles and else.

Angels are splendid and pure, egoless beings that have free will, in some of the sources. They have several orders and they follow the laws of Heaven.

Angels are godly creations, sometime understood as abstract concept, not beautiful human-form beings with wings.

Some people simply take angels as energy of Heaven, while others love to think of them in a form closer to our capacity of comprehension.

Thus, in art and literature, angels are often portrayed as adorable, beautiful winged figures.

Some angels appear particularly majestic and we know them by their ranks, their names and their specific roles.

You are probably familiar with terms of archangels, seraphim and cherubim, although there are other ones.

The very term angel means ‘a messenger’ and it comes from the Greek translation of the original Hebrew word for a messenger.

Guardian Angels

All angels are messengers, indeed. However, people have their personal angels, so to say, guardian angels.

According to Christian tradition, it is said that each person has a guardian angel, assigned upon the baptism, that is, the spiritual birth, the birth in faith.

Some sources say that an angel was assigned to you before you were born.

There could be more than one guardian angel, according to some. Angels could also come and go, depending on the assistance needed.

In any case, angels listen to human hearts; their essence is closer to our heart and our soul, more than to our body and senses.

Angels communicate with us, although we are usually unaware of the interaction.

Some people do not believe in angels; they do not believe in any supreme power or energy higher than what they could see or touch by their own hands.

Angels are not here to blame one, if he or she does not believe.

Heaven, it has been said, cares about all people. Angels know no evil; they are good and pure. They see it, but they do not prevent it.

Their mission is different. Guardian angels help us overcome difficulties in our lives and encourage us to grow and develop our good qualities.

Angels actually help us recognize our own quality, our capacity and potential and this lead us over the path of goodness.

Guardian angels would not prevent you from making bad decisions, but if you listen to their subtle messages, you may avoid making them in the first place.

Angelic Messages

Guardian angels send us messages through different channels, depending on the purpose of the message.

They do not talk to us directly, although they listen to our prayers, directed towards Heaven and God.

Even if you pray to no one, it does not mean angels cannot register the wish of your heart. Angels could make you believe.

Above all else, angels would make you believe in yourself, in the purest, godly way.

Guardian angels awake the good in us, for there is much good in each human being. Angels believe in us more than even we believe in ourselves, so to say.

For this reason, they sometimes send us signs of their presence, of heavenly blessings.

You probably know that moment when you see something (a symbol, an animal already associated with sacredness, an image or whatever of the sort) and somehow you just feel there has to be something more to it; you feel blessed.

We would do much better if only we trust our inner voices and voices of angels more.

However, angelic messages could be more complex, more powerful in their vibration and far more meaningful.

Symbols, letters, words, sentences, numbers and numerical sequences could carry very interesting messages.

Well, they do so in our everyday life; when sent by angels, they have even more power.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are one of the most interesting types of angelic messages. Angel numbers have great energetic potential, in the first place, especially if single-digit ones.

Numbers are energy of cosmos; a single-digit number resonates with powerful, concentrated and very straightforward energy (and meaning).

Complex numbers, multi-digit ones, carry complex messages that have to be decoded, in order to reach their full meaning.

Such numbers usually reflect the personality of the receiver and, as such, help the one discover more about their own personality, traits, attitudes and the overall interaction with the world.

If you wonder how to recognize an angel number, it is not very difficult, if you only pay a little attention.

Angel numbers may look as any other numbers, but they usually appear repeatedly.

That said, a number you start seeing all around and cannot stop thinking about is probably an angel number.

It does not have to be a dramatic and striking same digits number or any number that appears kind of special; it could be literally any number, such as the one we are going to interpret in the following paragraphs.

Angel Number 1047

Angel number 1047 does not look special, you would say.

If you like medieval history, you could search for this year and see about the events that took place at the time; maybe the number already speaks to you.

Anyway, this is a complex number with more levels of energy and meaning, carefully intertwined and especially selected by your good celestial guardians.

Let us analyze it step by step and see into its power and meaning.

As we have mentioned, such complex numbers usually tell much about the receiver’s personality.

By sending you such a reflective numbers, your guardian angels emphasize your traits and help you realize where you stand at the moment.

Sometimes they just want to assure you everything is fine, by giving you this numerical mirror; other times, they want to point out things you should consider improving. You will know it.

Angel Number 1047 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1047 consists of four powerful digits, numbers 1, 0, 4 and 7.

We could also see it as a pair of numbers 10 and 47. Once we sum the digits of these two numbers, we get numbers 1 and 2.

The practice is to sum digits, until you get a single-digit number. On a base level, the sum of all digits of this angel number equals 3.

Let us see into energies and meaning of these numbers. Angel number 1 is a powerful one.

It represents new beginnings or beginnings, a goal, ambition, courage and motivation, leadership and authority, self-confidence, glory and success. In general, it reflects one’s sense of self.

On a good side, it represents bravery, optimism, noble character, but on a bad side, arrogance, narcissism, egocentrism, aggressiveness, lack of strong will.

Zero is the God source number, because it represents infinity, endless energies of the universe, all opportunities, all potentials. This number has a powerful vibe and it reinforces other numbers.

Number 4 represents organization, discipline, order, loyalty, honor, traditional values, system of values and principles. It could keep you well grou8nded, but also to lead to restrictiveness.

Number 7 has always been associated with spiritual energy, with philosophy, knowledge, search for wisdom, higher wisdom, isolation, perfectionism, spiritual journey, inner journey, finally, with revelation and enlightenment.

Number 2, which we also have here, represents balance, sharing, relations, diplomacy, compromise, harmony.

Number 3 represents youthfulness, enthusiasm, communication and playfulness, eagerness to experience the world, travel, communication, exchange, endless curiosity and positive, joyful attitude.

The more the digits, the more complex the angelic message is going to be!

Let us see into this one. It tells much about you as a person.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1047

Angel number 1047 is complex and it tells about the richness of your personality, which is a great thing, though it could leave you with the feeling of being stretched between many different paths and opportunities.

Per se, it is not a negative thing, although it may make you feel a bit confused; guardian angels send you this number actually to help you accept this inner versatility.

You have a strong sense of self, but it often wanders between your different interests.

You have a good sense for order and you are mature, while, at the same time, you have the enthusiasm of a child and are full of optimism.

You value relations and partnerships and enjoy social exchange, while you also have time dedicated to your inner, spiritual world.

Angel Number 1047 and Love

Because of your overall complexity, it seems as if you are not quite sure what you want from love life.

You are not sure what kind of people actually fit your own temperament and character; do not give up on the search.

It is very likely you will wander around, before you find a person who would perfectly fit you or you would make a compromise, which is also an option. It depends on your priorities.

However, be observant and do not play with other’s hearts only because you are unsure of your own needs and desires.