3535 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Angel numbers are specific numerical messages sent to humans by their guardian angels.

According to generalized belief in guardian angels, each human being has heavenly guardians; according to some beliefs, usually at least two of them.

Some people love to think they have one specific guardian angel, which in turn gives them hope, assurance, make them feel safe, and protected by a specific friendly spirit who accompanies them throughout their life.

Belief in guardian angels could be found in numerous religious systems, all around the world. They do not necessarily have to be called ‘angels’, but an idea of some supernatural, friendly and protective spirits that overlook our earthly lives is to be found around the globe.

Angels are regarded as celestial beings, spirits of Heaven, sometimes as completely abstract entities, and other times as embodied ones.

Angelology is a branch of theology that studies about angels, their office and nature, their hierarchy and else related. It is a vast and complex field of study.

Angels are frequently mentioned in the Judaism, in Islam, in Christianity.

They are to be found in Zoroastrianism, Kabbalah, in Sikhism, in Neo-Platonism and in all sorts of major and minor philosophical, spiritual and religious concepts.

On Angels’ Nature

While many times you will hear that angels do not have free will and that all they do is to obey God and do exclusively what they were ordered to, the idea is more complex.

In general, people use to say so, since guardian angels, as ultimately friendly and protective heavenly spirits are angels who have never sinned and who praise and love God.

They are, in most of the concepts, God’s messengers, beings that guide and protect people on behalf of the Deity. While the Bible never mentions angels as holy, meaning without any capability of sin and disobedience, they do not sin. At, least, not all of them do.

You are probably familiar with the story of the most beautiful and, alas, the most sinful of angels, not known anymore by his angelic name.

The story of the fall from Heaven indicates angels do have free will. They can choose to stray from God, but, as we learn, many of them choose not to.

The question of free will and that ancient rebellion has been a subject of debate ever since; was it right or not?

It is, however, not our subject here. Guardian angels are, by common conviction, those of the Heavenly Host.

Angelic Messages

These guardian angels would rarely take up a human form and talk to people directly. There have been many explanations on why is that so.

We have become estranged from those celestial spirits and from the light of Heavens with the loss of Paradise.

In some very ancient times, angels and humans communicated much more directly. Our grandparents in Paradise at least used to talk with angels.

There are other probable reasons why angels do not appear materialized in our lives that are not necessarily associated with our estrangement. Angels speak to us in secret codes and hidden messages, because they do not want to interfere with our own actions directly.

They do not affect us directly, because their intention is to make us realize the best way. They want to help us to discover and use our own potentials.

They want us to do that on our own, with, perhaps just a little bit of celestial help. The whole point of angelic guidance is not to act on humans’ behalf, but to make humans find light within their hearts, learn about themselves, value their own qualities and use them to do good. They, in fact, want humans to realize their connection with the divine.

Commonly, the other type of spirits is being mentioned besides guardian ones and those are demons or fallen angels. Unlike heavenly sinless and pure heavenly guardians, those others tempt us into sin.

Tormented by their own disposition, their fall, their punishment, they see to overtake human hearts. This is also a subject that requires thorough analyses and discussion.

Guardian angels are, in a way, seen as our protectors from the fallen angelic influence. They seek to help us stay on our course that would eventually lead to Paradise regained.

However, belief in guardian angels is not necessarily associated with the traditional biblical sources or any actual religious system. One may simply believe there was a loving and caring spirit that guides and protects.

What Are Angel Numbers?

Since guardian angels do not choose to come to us in material form, although we have frequently been depicting them as beings in human form that surpass human beings themselves in beauty and wisdom and purity, they have to find some other way to communicate with us.

The term ‘angel’ has a meaning of ‘a messenger’ and it is regarded as those spirits’ office rather than their nature. Their nature is ‘spirit’.

Angel numbers are one specific type of angelic messages sent to humans. This interesting spiritual path or belief represents an interesting combination of numerology and, to say, angelology. Numbers have been regarded powerful since ancient days.

In numerology, numbers are considered the tiniest particles of which all things were consistent. Numbers hold cosmic vibrations within or they represent the vibrations themselves.

Angels, spiritual beings, can use such abstract, powerful vibrations in order to send us messages of guidance, of love, support, of warning and whatever else they might see fitting to an individual’s life.

The most important thing to know about it is that angelic messages, be it angel numbers or something else, are harmless. These are all messages of good will and good intentions.

Angel numbers are usually easily distinguished from other numbers by their repetitive sequences or repetitive occurrence. The more ‘symmetrical’ the number appears, it would catch our attention more easily.

For example, if one keeps seeing a four-digit number with two repeating digits, such as in our today’s example, it would very likely grab one’s attention.

Angel Number 3535 – Interesting Information

Angel number 3535 is interesting to observe from the point of numerology. Consisted of two digits, 3 and 5, both of very powerful positive vibrations, this number hides within another digit; that is number seven.

Now, it is very interesting, since number 7 gives this angel number a specific spiritual dimension. In this regard, it makes for more than just a message. It tells about you as a person.

Number 3 is associated with youthfulness, lively spirit, free will, liberated mind, freethinking, imagination and fantasy perhaps.

Number 5 resonates with the energy of creativity, artistic genius, individuality, uniqueness, positivity, friendliness and openness, amongst other things. This combination means you have it both within; the message comes to remind you of it.

Number 7 gives it specifically a spiritual dimension, as number 7 has always been associated with spiritual powers, enlightenment,  individualism as well, introverted nature, solitude, isolation. This number suggests you are a person with a great spiritual depth.

The undertone of a message here suggests you should nurture it, but be cautious about getting lost within it.

Meaning and Symbolism

Angel number 3535 comes as a message of positivity and joy one can find within their hearts or rather a message of overcoming negativity in your life.

Although we have frequently being taught that such a change comes exclusively from within, it is not always the case. Sometimes, the course of action is the other way around.

By changing things on the outside, one can really change what he or she feels on the inside.

This angel number, consisted of very optimistic vibrations of numbers 3 and 5, both lively and full of creative potentials, wants to inspire you to take up the situation into your hands and make a change.

It is unlikely that a message of the sort would come to you without a reason. Maybe you have been feeling very gloomy lately or you are slowly sinking into a gloomy mood.

Sometimes only a few minor changes could brighten up you day and make you feel much better. In addition, such an action could easily break a negative circle and direct you towards new, positive way of thinking.

Change some basic things, for example, surround yourself with colors that inspire joy in you, do something nice without any specific reason except to treat yourself.

People often neglect themselves spiritually, focusing on success and achievement, being very hard one themselves if they fail.

Yes, you will fail sometimes and other times you will miss out good opportunities or wrongly evaluate a situation or whatever else you might take up as a reason to blame yourself. We easily blame ourselves, but seem to be hard on forgiving.

Number 3535 in Love

What can angel number 3535 tell about your love situation? This number could have different meanings, depending on an individual’s case, but we are sure you will find yourself within one of its meanings.

On one side, this angel number suggests you should be more creative and free spirited, in order to impress a person you are in love with.

Just be yourself! This angel number inspires youthful spirit, individualism, gives courage and overall emits positive vibrations.

On the other side, it suggest you fell in love or that you are going to fall in love with someone who is a person of a uniquely positive attitude towards life, someone lively and adventurous, probably of artistic sensibilities.

The core message is, however, the same – be who you are. Let your lively spirit burns with the flame of love.

Facts About Number 3535

Angel number 3535 is a four-digit number consisted of digits 3 and 5. It is a double digits number, since it consists of repeating number 35.

Number 35 gives another digit, if we observe it from the point of numerology and it the number 8. Summing up the digits 3 and 5, you get 8.

Number eight is also important to this combination, since it represents stability, materiality, abundance, safety and security, amongst other things.

It balances the energies of all other digits we could find within 3535 that of 3, 5 and 7.


Angel number 3535 usually comes in times one needs motivation to take up the positive attitude towards life.

Since it occurs in gloomy, sad times, it is commonly misinterpreted as a number of negative energies, while, in fact, its core message is exactly the opposite.

Number 35353 does not bring negativity, but occurs in negative situation in order to help you see the light and change your situation for better, sometimes through very little, but precious outer changes.