1107 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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There are some outer forces of the Universe which always protect our lives; these are our guardian angels. They make sure we are alright and nothing bad happens to us.

People are not aware of their existence in general. It is essential to be aware that we are not the only existing creatures and that there are many different entities and beings which exist beyond our physical senses.

Some people are gifted and able to directly see evidence of their existence, but all of us can come into contact with our guardian angels and it only takes strong desire and conscious effort.

We can either say our desire out loud, or we can think of it in silence of our minds; the results will be the same.

For most people, it is not easy to believe in something they have never physically seen or experienced.

Our guardian angels are invisible but are always in our vicinity, ready to offer their help and support.

They do not usually appear uninvited because they respect our free will and act only when we call them unless we are in some kind of imminent jeopardy.

We all have a guardian angel, and sometimes more than one. They are our guides through life and accompany us on our journey towards happiness and success.

The angels always guide us to do the things that are for our highest good, and that is the easiest way to recognize them.

They would never make us do something bad for us, or harm someone else.

You will recognize false guidance of some ill-wishing other dimensional beings by the feelings you have when receiving the urge to do something; you might feel frightened, angry, sad, worried, stressed, or anxious.

The angels would never make you feel this way. This is why it is important to contact your guardian angels when you are in a state of peace and calm, and not when you are upset.

The Universe, alongside with our guardian angels will orchestrate series of events to guide us to the right places and help us experience the right experiences.

We often receive a sudden urge to do something or make some changes in our life, convinced that it was completely our idea.

The angels help us to gain new, healthier habits, and make changes that will be beneficial for our lives. They make us aware of how detrimental some of our behaviors are.

When asking your angels to help you, you should be absolutely aware of what you want and have a strong desire to receive their help and guidance.

If you are confused and don’t know your desires, you might get exactly what you are thinking of. You need to trust that the angels will help you, even though you are unable to see them.

The angels contact us through various signs and symbols. They can give us signs through gut feelings, visions, dream symbols, coincidences, sudden thoughts, etc.

They can communicate with us through numbers, people, animals, the social media, or some other means.

You need to be receptive and above all open to their guidance and trust your intuition. You need to trust your inner guidance because it is the easiest way the angels can contact you.

They are very persistent when they want your attention and you should not ignore their signs because you will miss out on their guidance.

When the angels want to seize our attention, they will put us in various situations to make us see or experience what we need, to get their message and guidance.

Your eyes will suddenly be drawn to a certain number, or you will encounter someone saying exactly what you need to hear in that moment. Do not ignore these signs, especially if they keep repeating.

Sometimes we experience physical or bodily sensations when we are contacted by our guardian angels; our ear might start ringing or we might feel a sudden discomfort in our stomach.

Their signs can be a warning, or they can be an encouragement, and it is up to us to figure out what they are trying to tell us.

The angels often keep bringing our attention to certain numbers; numbers are their often used sign because of the specific meaning of each number which can be used as their message.

These signs need to be repeated often because it is easy to dismiss them as coincidence.

So, if you keep seeing a repetitive pattern of numbers, especially the angel number 1107, this is the place to be.

Number 1107 – What Does It Mean?

The number 1107 combines the energy of the numbers 1, 11, 0, 7 and the number 9 as the sum of the digits. These are all powerful numbers.

The number 1 is a number with powerful qualities.

It symbolizes beginnings, ambition, leadership, success, progress, achievements, initiative, independence, individuality, uniqueness, egotism, self-centeredness, selfishness, self-absorption, generosity, kindness, authority, opportunities, motivation, moving forward, etc.

Because the number 1 appears twice this amplifies its influence.

The number 0 also adds to this, because 0 amplifies the influence of the numbers it stands beside.

The number 11 is the Master Number and is related to one’s soul’s purpose and mission in life. It indicates discovering the soul’s purpose and going after its fulfilment.

The number 0 is the number which indicates endings that are replaced by new beginnings. It is the number of endless cycles, infinity, eternity, opportunities, chances, spirituality, God, the infinite wisdom, Universe, creation, etc.

The number 7 is the number representing intuition, healing abilities, wisdom, introspection, higher knowledge, spiritual gifts and powers, etc.

The number 9 is a number of spirituality, God, Universe, spiritual teachings, spiritual journey, spiritual knowledge, religion, humanity, humanitarianism, helping others, selflessness, higher state of consciousness, feeling one with the world and everyone, etc.

As a combination of all these meanings and energies, the number 1107 is a number of heightened spirituality and connection with the Universal truth.

A person who resonates with this number receives divine guidance with ease, has a strong intuition and is very spiritual in general.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

The angel number 1107 is a call from the Universe and your guardian angels, asking you to look within yourself and realize whether you are aware of your soul’s purpose or not.

If you are still don’t know what it is, the angel number 1107 is an encouragement to start looking for your purpose in this lifetime and put in the action to fulfil your soul’s mission.

If you are already aware of your purpose and you haven’t started pursuing it yet, the 1107 angel number is asking you to stop wasting your time and begin doing it.

This angel number often is an indication that our soul’s purpose and mission is somehow related to our spirituality and helping others.

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Love and Angel Number 1107

The angel number 1107 is not especially related to love matters. It resonates more with universal love than with love between two individuals.

When you begin seeing this angel number, it is usually a sign to put in the effort and action to connect yourself and your being with the universal love which connects all living creatures.

This angel number is a reminder to become aware of how connected everything is in this Universe and truly feel as a part of it in your own uniqueness.

Seeing Angel Number 1107

When your guardian angels start showing you the angel number 1107, this often a sign of spiritual awakening you are undergoing, or you are about to undergo.

This angel number is a calling to begin using all of your individuality and strength, your special psychic gifts, and powers, all in the purpose of serving humanity in some way.

When this angel number begins to appear, it is usually a sign from the Universe and your guardian angel telling you to start following your soul’s path and begin developing your spirituality and spiritual powers.

You need to become enlightened yourself to be able to enlighten others and give them the right advice on the path they should take.

Because, the angel number 1107 is a number of initiatives, leadership and teaching, transferring your knowledge onto others; it is also the number of helping others by supporting their actions, giving them advice or serving them in some other way.

The angel number 1107 calls you to use your intuitive powers and your gift of healing to help those around you. It is an encouragement to embrace these gifts and recognize their existence.

Maybe you were not aware of having them before this number started appearing in your life.

The angels and the Universe are saying to you to become aware of your role in this life as people’s teacher and helper.

For this to happen, you should go through your own process of self-development and realization of your worth and abilities.

This might be a difficult journey requiring some wounds and hurts, leaving the past behind and moving on towards the unknown, but it will all be worth in the end.

This angel number does not promise you instant success on your spiritual journey. The angels are asking you to arm yourself with patience and perseverance. You might experience disappointments and people leaving your life.

Sometimes you will remove them from your life and sometimes they will disappear from your life, due to a higher cause; the people who will leave your life during this process are the ones preventing you from reaching your purpose, and the Universe will remove them from your life because they have served their purpose.

Even though this process might in some cases be very painful, in the end you will realize the cause of all that you have experienced.

When you are completely healed from the past and your wounds, you will become receiving spiritual downloads which will help yourself on your future life journey, but also help you in your mission of serving and helping others.

Do not be afraid of the unknown during this process, and trust that God and your guardian angel are watching you and protecting you.

Remain strong and confident during challenging times and trust that only good will come out of your efforts and all the experiences life will put you through.

Everything has a reason, and sometimes these reasons are not visible, but the angels ask you to maintain your optimism and faith.

You will be presented with some opportunities during this process and be careful not to miss them.

These opportunities will prove to be very beneficial for the overall success of your actions. You will get the rewards for your efforts; the angels are reassuring you of that.

If you are worried or doubt your current situation or the decisions you need to make, just call on your angels and ask them to help you. They will be more than happy to answer your calls.

The angel number 1107 is a sign of new things coming into your life, even when that means leaving something behind.

So, if you are currently struggling and experiencing breakups, endings, or similar situations in your life, know that the angel number 1107 is a comforting sign from your guardian angels, that your worries and struggles are over and will soon be replaced with success of your actions.