1130 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Spirits of Heaven, angels, have been a subject of many beliefs and religious tales.

Angels are ethereal beings, created by God, beautiful, pure and powerful. Angels themselves do not have the power of creation, but they act as heralds of Heaven, messengers of the divine source. The term angel means exactly that, a messenger.

Their essence is purely spiritual; angels are not limited by limb and flesh the way humans are, although they could use physical form, if they like.

If they materialize in front of us, angels would use a shape appropriate to our senses, to the capacity of our mortal senses and mind, for angelic splendor is something we cannot fathom.

People often represent angels as beautiful beings in human shape, winged, surrounded by light, noble faces, perfect form, as we imagine it.

We imagine angels as beings that look similarly to us, only more beautiful, perfect, although it has never been said that angels were created after the shape of God, as it was said for us, human beings.

Nevertheless, it is perfectly fine that we imagine them the way we do.

Some people, however, do not think about angels as beings, but as energy, unfathomable, powerful and blissful energy of cosmos.

Regardless of your personal point of view, angels remain energetic (beings), dwelling in realms higher than our own.

Guardian Angels

According to angelology, the study of angels, there are several orders of angels.

You have certainly heard about seraphim and cherubim, about archangels and about specific angels we know by their names.

Guardian angels are not an order, but an angelic office. That means that a guardian angel could be any of them. There are myriads of angels!

Guardian angels are personal guardians, spirits of Heaven watching over individual human souls. They are assigned to each human being and they follow us throughout the lifetime.

Guardian angels communicate with us all the time, even if we are mostly unaware of such an interaction. We have grown very distant from heavenly forces, some would say.

Be it true or false, or somewhere in between, guardian angels remain by our side. It is not theirs to judge us, theirs is to help us find our path towards the light, to find the light within.

Guardian angel will send you signs, to assure you of the angelic guidance, of heavenly guidance and the love of God. Guardian angels do not punish us or get angry with us.

Angelic Messages

Guardian angels communicate with humans in their own way. They use different channels, those we could comprehend.

If they wanted to tell us something important, they would find a way to catch our attention.

Angelic messages come in different forms. Angels know how to get in touch with us and some human individuals know how to establish the connection with angels.

Meditation, calming down, relaxation, pleasant environment, pure thoughts, prayers, maybe singing, are all ways in which you could talk with angels.

However, it is not exclusive and necessary, because guardian angels would send you messages even if you do nothing of it.

Even if you do not believe in them, angels would try to contact you and restore your faith.

Angelic messages are harmless and guiding; those are messages of love and support, of guidance, sometimes of warning or pure bliss.

These messages could be signs, phenomena, images, even living beings, numbers, letters and so many more.

Whatever catches your attention, appearing unusual, though pleasant to sense could be a sign from an angel.

Messages angels send us often serve as encouragement, as a sign of hope and as guidance.

Sometimes messages are reflective and helping us to realize who we are in our space and time, in the current situation.

Angel numbers are a particularly interesting type of angelic messages, because they have both powerful vibration and strong meaning.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Angel numbers are numbers sent to you by your guardian angels.

You will know that an angel number was in question, if you keep seeing it all around, if the number appears in your dreams, but not necessarily in dreams, at your working place, on the street, in the house or elsewhere.

If it keeps occurring over and over again, it must be a sign.

Angel Number 1130

Angel numbers are loaded with cosmic energy and specific meaning.

Numbers are already full of energy and each number has a specific vibration, special frequency. Numbers are energy; they are also highly symbolic.

Angels choose numbers on purpose.

Therefore, if you receive a number that does not look anything special, be sure there is a meaningful message behind it.

Take number 1130. This is a four-digit number, a complex one. Such numbers are usually like a mirror to us.

This numbers, being sent by angels, is a reflection of you, at this moment, in these particular circumstances.

We have to analyze it systematically, because it has many levels of meaning, being a multi-digit one.

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Angel Number 1130 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1130 consists of four digits, but three numbers, 1, 3 and 0.

However, on another level, we have numbers 2 and 3, again, if we observe it as a pair of numbers 11 and 30, a common practice of interpreting four-digit angel numbers.

Summing to one digit is also a general principle in here. The sum of all four digits equals 5.

Number 1, emphasized, represents raw energy, action, start, beginning, goals, positivity, creating your own reality, ambition, fame, self-confidence, self-leadership. It is greatly associated with the self and with personal goals.

Number 3 represents the child within, youthfulness, curiosity, imagination, adventurousness, communication, friendliness, travel.

Number 0 represents wholeness and nothingness, alpha and omega, no beginning and no end, as it encompasses all beginnings and all endings. It is the number of the ultimate source, of all opportunities and possibilities. It amplifies the energy of numbers it appears with.

Number 2 represents unity, balance, relationships, partnerships, diplomacy, harmony, tolerance.

Number 5 stands for freedom, the individualistic, unconventional, unique, creative, passion, experience, life choices, optimism, learning through experiences, openness.

Together, these numbers make you a particularly interesting personality, very driven, unique, and ready to pursue the wildest dreams.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1130

Angel number 1130 tells about a visionary, someone who is ready to pursue his or her most fantastical dreams and goals.

You are someone who does not care about what the majority thinks, you have our ideas and you would go against the mediocre.

Having a lot of self-confidence, rich imagination, enthusiasm of the young, oriented towards progress, you could achieve amazing things in life.

People with this angel number are eloquent and know how to present their ideas to the world; you know how to approach people.

However, your ideas may be too fantastical to most of people, but it is highly unlikely that a person with so much drive and enthusiasm would give up on them.

Your guardian angels want you to pursue your goals, but they come with advice.

You should probably become just a bit more realistic and, very likely, more patient. You are passionate, but it is likely that you would quickly change your initial focus, because you are restless and versatile.

You feel as if there is so much to be expressed and done that it often leaves you torn between options. It would be good to slow down a bit and turn to others for advices.

You have the sense of diplomacy and of maintaining good relations with people in general.

They like you for your versatility, enthusiasm, originality; many of them admire you sincerely!

However, while you readily share experiences, it is very, very likely that you do not actually listen to what others have to say. You follow your visions, but you cannot know everything; your experience could not encompass it all.

Angel Number 1130 and Love

People of such high personal drive and vision are likely to take the love of others for granted, not because they do not believe in the power of love, but because they are young at heart; they think they know everything and that there is nothing they need and nothing they should rely on.

They could be ambitious, focused on their dreams, they could achieve amazing things in practice, but they often forget about love of the people around.

It is an odd, but not uncommon phenomenon. It often takes a personal failure or something else to turn you to people beside you, like your family and close friends.

Guardian angels send you this message to remind you to value their love before something like that happens.

When it comes to romantic love, it is the same; do not sacrifice it for your goals.

Yes, follow your dreams! However, do not shut down the voice from within telling you that you need someone in your life.