1132 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

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Do you believe in angels? Angels are wonderful heavenly beings, ethereal beings created by the highest source of all energy, God, it has been told.

The belief in angels is old and it has gone through various adaptations over time.

However, people still believe in angels, pure ethereal spirits that watch over the human world; messengers of Heaven.

The term angels means ‘a messenger’, as the original Hebrew terms says, translated into Greek as angelos, the meaning the same.

Heralds of good news from Heaven, messengers of divine love, angels are beings egoless, selfless and ultimately good.

They follow heavenly laws and care about us. They are energetic beings and some people think of them as of pure energy.

However, as we love to indulge our senses, we imagine angels in human shape. Angels can take any form they like, because they are not limited by limb and flesh as we are.

Original brightness of an angel is not something that human sense could ever comprehend and sense with senses and conscious we have; if they appear in front of us, they would do so in an appropriate form and splendor.

We often imagine angels as beautiful human beings with wings, even though it has never been said that they were made after the shape of God, as it was said for humans.

Nevertheless, we paint angels as beautiful, noble, innocent, mighty, perfect. You are certainly familiar with portrayals of mighty angel warriors or with sweet, gentle cherubim.

If you think of angels as energy, it is also fine, because they are, indeed, energetic and ethereal and they act on levels of existence and conscience beyond our own. However, angels communicate with us.

What is more, we have personal angels and they are known as guardian angels. Let us tell you more about them.

Guardian Angels

Personal angels or guardian angels are angels assigned to each human being, to be their light and guidance from Heaven.

These are not specific angels, in terms of orders and ranks, but they do have a specific call, guardianship of an individual human soul.

Guardian angels remain by our side throughout the whole of our lifetime. They love us and take care about us.

Guardian angels do not affect your decisions and actions directly; they do not step in to resolve our problems or to prevent something negative.

They do not save us from evil in a way most people would imagine; they help us recognize evil ourselves and try to avoid it or defeat it on our own. They help us overcome obstacles in life using our own light.

If angels would do things in our place, their guardianship and guidance would be pointless. We would never learn to value ourselves if it were so.

Angelic guidance is subtle, though powerful. They send us messages and signs, in order to help us find, restore and strengthen our faith.

Angels want us to believe in our own goodness, our own strength and quality.

They are kind and loving spirits and they would never harm us, in any way. Angels will not judge you and punish you for your mistakes, but, through their messages and signs, they would help us realize the damage we made on our own.

They would not leave us in the dust of our own failures, but help us get ourselves back together.

Angelic Messages

Angels do not communicate with us only when we are in need for help, but also in good times.

They send us blessings from heaven, they rejoice when we feel happy and content; our happiness is what guardian angels wish for.

They teach us to be good towards ourselves and those around, to at the world with a heart full of compassion, but not to surrender to all the trouble and negativity there are.

How do they communicate with us? Angels use various channels. They could send us numbers, letters, symbols or whatever else.

Signs of angelic presence could be unusual phenomena, such as flickering lights or pleasant smells, or sudden changes in room temperature.

Do not let such phenomena scare you! Angels just want to tell you they are here.

Some of the messages are loaded with meanings and thus extremely useful, guiding.

Complex messages, such as multi-digit numbers require further analyzes and using numerology.

Such messages tell not only about the angelic presence and guidance, but also about the receiver as a person, about the current moment he or she finds themselves in and else.

Angel Numbers and Their Meaning

Now, you may wonder about how to know if the number you have received was an angel number and about what kind of numbers are angelic, in the first place.

Well, any number could be angelic, if angels choose to send it. It does not have to be a particularly eye-catching number, but angels would make sure it becomes.

Angel numbers usually appear in unusual places, repeatedly and consistently, over a period.

Meanings of angel number vary greatly and it depends on what kind of numbers was sent (one-digit or multi-digit, for instance), to whom and else.

Numbers are packed with energy of cosmos, if we could dare to say so. They are the energy, plus they have strong and meaningful symbolism.

Angel numbers sent to you are more than that; all of that, but on a personal level.

Angel Number 1132

Angel number 1132 does not look particularly striking, right? However, your guardian angels certainly had a good reason to send it. This is a four-digit one, in the first place.

As such, this number is loaded with meanings and it has more than one layer.

Such numbers usually tell about the person to whom they were sent. They work as a reflection, in order to help you better to see your positive, but also your negative sides.

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Angel Number 1132 Composition Meaning

Angel number 1132 is composed of four digits, though three numbers, 1, 3 and 2, since numbers 1 is repeated and, thus, emphasized.

On the second level, this number could be seen as a pair of numbers, 11 and 32.

These numbers lead to 2 and 5, since summing to one digit is regular practice. The sum of all digits is 7, another important numbers for our analysis.

Number 1 represents beginnings, creation, activity, force and energy, leadership, goals, glory, ambition, happiness and fulfillment.

On its negative side, as all energy could manifest the other way around, number 1 represents arrogance, forcefulness and aggression, but also weak will and lack of motivation.

In general, emphasized number 1 tells about a person of strong character.

Number 3 represents communication, travel, curiosity, adventurousness, youthful spirit, imagination, manifestation, joy, pleasure and playfulness, laughter.

Number 2 represents bonds, relationships, companionship, diplomacy, harmony. It is also repeated here.

Number 5 represents individualism, passion, the unconventional, visionary, cleverness, experience, life lessons and choices.

Finally, number 7 is the most spiritual out of these, to say. It is the number of spiritual journey, enlightenment, mysticism, learning, wisdom, higher knowledge, philosophy, searching for answers, searching for purpose, inner wisdom, spiritual acceptance, being ahead of the time.

Clearly, these numbers form a fantastic pattern.

Meaning and Symbolism of Angel Number 1132

Guardian angels have sent you this number as a mirror.

A person with this number must be someone self-confident and proud, a person with a vision, someone who dreams a lot, but also moves towards their goals.

These people are unique and their ideas are unique. They have the enthusiasm of an explorer, they have imagination of a child, they have determination of a leader.

On bottom, they are spiritual, wise, educated; they strive for knowledge beyond the conventional. All this drives them towards their goals.

They are likely versatile and not knowing what they actually want, but they feel the inner need to find something, as they know something deeper and higher is yet to be discovered. In short, they search for purpose.

That is amazing, because it opens the mind towards many, many experiences and opportunities. On the other hand, the journey itself could be the destination.

Angels want to tell you that, because they do not want you to get disappointed, but happy upon such a fantastic realization. Apart from all this, there is a strong association with other people.

Number 2 is seen on two levels. It speaks a lot about you as a person.

Besides all the individualism, focus on self, which are obvious, you are someone who cares about relationships and bonds.

You have a good sense for diplomatic relations, you know how to behave with people and you know how to communicate. Your style is well polished, relaxed and non-pressing.

Angel Number 1132 and Love

When it comes to relationships in general, we have already seen that you are a person who nurtures good relations; it could apply to all sorts of relationships, from partnership to a romantic connection.

You value your loved one’s personality and opinions. You are playful, passionate and loving person. A strong character, but not aggressive, domineering or else.

You are probably not that easy catch, because you move a lot, both physically and mentally; you are an explorer on a mission.

Slow down a bit and enjoy time with someone you love and who loves you, the world will wait. There will always be something to learn.

Maybe your partner or someone you have feelings for would gladly join your search so you can journey through life together.